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Slayer Espresso Vs. Synesso - Which Should You Pick?

To Make Good Espresso Shots, You Need Patience, Practice, And A Top-Notch Coffee Maker. Read On Our In-Depth Review Of Two Of The Best Coffee Machine Brands In The Market.

Espresso is the god of all coffee drinks. Not only does it offer the perfect caffeine kick, but it also forms the base for other coffee drinks such as latte, iced coffee, mochas, and cappuccino.

Add an exquisite espresso drink to your restaurant or café menu, and you’ll have customers who keep coming back for more… day after day.

So it’s no wonder that espresso machines are known as café workhorses. The right coffee maker can hog up all the limelight at your bar.

But without a dedicated espresso machine, your café might lack variety and probably the right kind of customers as well.

If you want your patrons to have the premium barista experience at your coffee bar, all you have to do is choose the right coffee maker. With a perfect premium coffee machine, you’ll not only save more than $1100 annually but make a profitable investment that can last for a decade or longer if you care for it.

We present to you two of the biggest brands that are known the world over for making rich and flavorful espresso – the Slayer and the Synesso Espresso.

They’re premium brands that manufacture professional-quality coffee makers.

We pinned these two exceptional coffee machine brands against each other, and here are the results.

Slayer Espresso vs. Synesso

We picked two of the best coffee machines from each brand to find out which one’s perfect for your needs. Not only did we scrutinize these espresso makers against our standards, but we also made coffee several times over to see which one we like best.

Disclaimer: We have no regrets about drinking ungodly amounts of espresso over the last week or so!

1. Slayer Espresso Single Group Espresso Machine

slayer espresso vs synesso

Are you looking for an espresso machine that stands out from other regular coffee makers? This Slayer Espresso One Group Coffee Machine is the perfect fit for you.

Let’s start with how good this machine looks in any setting. The sturdy legs, the shiny chrome finishing, and wooden actuators make it challenging to take your eyes off this espresso machine.

And true to its name, this good-looking coffee maker makes it extremely easy for you to brew all kinds of espresso drinks- one at a time.

What’s more, the unique needle valve within the espresso allows you to increase or reduce the flow of water to the espresso grounds. This way, you can maximize the rich flavors within each shot.

If you’re worried that an accidental bump might send your espresso machine to the ground, we are here to tell you that you Slayer Espresso isn’t going to budge once it’s set in place. That’s all thanks to the non-slip feet.

Also, the angled mirror by the drip tray lets baristas see the action happen in real-time as the espresso drips into the cup down below. It’s called the ‘shot mirror,’ and it’s a fantastic addition to the coffee experience. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Lastly, this Slayer model also has a PID system that maintains the temperature evenly, so your friends, family, and customers get delicious espresso every time they order.


  • Wood handles and actuators
  • Touchscreen display
  • Adjustable brew temperature
  • Shot mirror
  • Non-slip feet
  • PID temperature control system


  • None at all!


2. Slayer Espresso 3-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

slayer espresso vs synesso

If you already own a café or restaurant that runs at full capacity, and you want an espresso machine that can handle the pressure, this is the one for you.

In addition to pleasing your espresso-obsessed customers, this is also pretty handy with the cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos!

It lets you make three servings at a time, so rest assured that this machine is the perfect workhorse for your café, serving hordes of customers simultaneously.

The push-button actuation feature of the Slayer EP is programmable for quick and simple operation, so you get the best espresso in town every day.

The Slayer EP 3-Group can be programmed with four different espresso drink profiles in each group head. This unique design is crafted explicitly for easy operation, so all baristas have to do is turn the paddle to extract the perfect espresso.

Moreover, the drip tray of the Slayer EP provides an adequate workspace for several people to work comfortably.

But don’t think this large workspace may compromise the quality of your drink. That’s because no matter how many people work on Slayer Steam EP, they’ll have complete control over each boiler’s temperatures – backed with a PID temperature control system.

With most espresso machines, you may face a problem with wires and hoses as they continuously move here and there. With Slayer Steam SP, you can easily tuck wires and hoses in its wing channels and continue to work safely.


  • Four volume settings on each group
  • Brew tank with PID temperature control
  • Push-button actuation
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Password protected


  • The brew can be a little strong


3. Synesso MVP Hydra 3-Group Espresso Machine

Synesso MVP Hydra 3-Group Espresso Machine

The MVP Hydra 3-Group Espresso Machine is the best model for seasoned espresso experts, coffee lovers, and busy coffee shops.

Hydra 3 was designed to help coffee experts make perfect espresso for anyone at any time of the day. Just save up to 6 pre-settings and get the perfect brew from each group.

Not just that, but you can also control the program pressure on each extraction stage. That’s because Synesso MVP Hydra offers a unique bypass system with four programmable pressure options.

So, instead of focusing only on pre-infusion, you can change the settings to full pressure or ramp down. Additionally, you can also switch between brew functions such as fully-manual mode(M), manual program mode(MP), or volumetric mode(VP).

Not every day do you get to see such control on brew functions.

It provides a clear timer display on every group head. This means you can see a magnificent display on Hydra 3-Group that shows the timing and pressure for each espresso shot.

Also, this coffee maker features a cool-touch steam wand. If you’re working day in and day out with Hydra 3, you don’t have to worry about workplace injuries. Since the steam wands remain cool forever, touch it as much as you want!

Lastly, it’s made from polished stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting. So rest assured that this espresso maker will serve your fine establishment for ages.


  • Four programmable pressure profile settings
  • Adjustable brew settings
  • Comprehensive display timer
  • Cool touch steam wand
  • Six programmable positions per group


  • None


4. Synesso S200 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Synesso S200 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Synesso S200 made Synesso’s long promise of user-friendliness stand true. It’s a low profile espresso machine with ambidextrous steam actuators, adjustable drip tray, and several other barista-friendly qualities.

Each group head has a paddle that provides access to two programmable volumetric drink profiles. This feature makes the coffee-making process a lot easier since S200 can easily remember how to make perfect espresso shots for each drink.

The steam actuator is different from other espresso coffee makers, mainly because it can calmly initiate the steam and is ambidextrous as well. All you need to do is move the lever back and forth to manage steam and lower the risk of a wrist injury.

So, if you’re left-handed, the S200 is the perfect coffee machine to test your hand at.

Also, the coffee maker features a multi-boiler system that lets you steam and brew at the same time. Gone are the days when you’ve to wait for ages for a drink. The S200 is here to ensure that your customers are always served faster.

Interestingly enough, this one also comes with PID temperature control (seems like all our favorite machines do!). So you don’t have to worry about coffee that tastes burnt, use this system to make precise temperature adjustments for brewing coffee.

All in all, pick this small power-packed coffee machine if you’re looking for something you can always count on.


  • Two programmable volumetric profiles per group
  • Shift-style paddles
  • Multiple boilers
  • Ambidextrous steam actuator
  • Cool touch steam wand


  • Strong steam pressure


What To Look For When Buying A Premium Coffee Maker?

Make sure you take into account the following factors when purchasing a premium coffee maker for your café:

Automatic Or Semi-Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker

Professional coffee machines of the old days used to be steam-powered. You can ask any coffee shop owner about it, and they’ll tell you exactly how laborious it was to manually operate the heavy levers just to get a fresh cup for a customer.

However, modern espresso coffee makers have made it easier than ever with their unique automatic and semi-automatic features.

If you are in the market for a professional-grade coffee maker, we suggest getting an automatic coffee machine, like most café owners do. You’ll love how quick, efficient, and easy to use these machines are.

The best part is that you don’t have to grind beans or be worried about burning the coffee or extracting too little or too much.

Also, automatic espresso coffee machines eliminate the need for training. That’s because learning how to use these premium machines is easy, even for people who lack previous barista experience.

Otherwise, if you have got a small café that serves less than 100 cups of coffee per day, and you value adjusting the extraction manually, then go for a semi-automatic coffee maker.

Whatever you decide, know that you’ll need a premium coffee maker that best suits your needs.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance

With all high-end and high-efficiency equipment, maintenance is a core issue. You’ll have to pay special attention to cleaning the espresso coffee maker and adding it’s maintenance to your regular routine.

However, the good news here is that cleaning these machines is a breeze. Pretty much all automatic espresso makers available in the market are created to set you free from daily menial tasks.

In fact, many automatic espresso machines clean on their own, but they may need to be descaled frequently. After all, you won’t have to worry about removable group heads, which means you can easily rely on the coffee maker’s self-cleaning capability.

However, you can also choose those automatic commercial espresso coffee makers that include detachable parts.

It gives you enough leeway to perform a manual deep clean every day, but you’ll have to train the café staff to take the kit apart and put it back together properly.

Get The Perfect Espresso Shots

espresso shot from slayer espresso vs. synesso machines

Did you know that Latté, Americano, Macchiato, and Cappuccino are all hot, caffeinated drinks built on an espresso? And if you get the right espresso for your café, you can pull consistent quality espresso shots off them rather spectacularly for your customers.

After all, espresso flavors mean everything; it’s the only thing customers care about.

For them, right espresso shots are more than just drink but a blend of sensations with distinctive aromas, taste, acidity, and a combination of bitterness and sweetness that’s hard to beat.

Whatever espresso machine you choose, look at your café menu first to see which coffee drinks are going to be on offer.


All in all, whether you choose Slayer Espresso or Synesso, you’re getting a premium espresso machine designed by some of the smartest, most dedicated people in the industry. And it shows in the way these machines are designed.

If you’re looking for complete control in flavor profiling, the Slayer Espresso machines will serve you well, thanks to an innovative needle valve tech that produces sweeter, more viscous drinks.

However, if you prefer user-friendliness, reliability, and unmatchable thermal stability, you should opt for Synesso.

Not to mention, machines from both these brands work very well in commercial kitchens.

As your one-stop-store for all things coffee, Café Last is here to provide all the info you need to make your espresso better and your life simple.

We help thousands of people ensure that they make the right espresso machine purchase, and we are here to help you do the same. Let us know what else you’d want to see in our coffee guides, and we’ll make sure to include it! 

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