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The 7 Best Professional Espresso Machines for Home You Can Buy


Best Professional Espresso Machine for Home

Coffee is something to look forward to when one wakes up. It’s what makes the morning fresh and keeps you energetic for the rest of the day, which is exactly why making coffee should not seem like a task but instead should feel easy and interesting.

For that experience, the most reliable thing to do is invest in an espresso machine. An espresso machine makes any coffee-making procedure easier than you had ever anticipated.

It also allows you to try different brews and comes with so many features that will leave you surprised that a mere coffee that you thought nothing of can taste so flavorful.

Additionally, with the technology that we are exposed to today, from milk steaming to tampers and dual boilers, it becomes unimaginable to ever use something manual to make delectable coffee.

Now that we discussed why espresso machines are the way to go, here we have a list of seven machines that will make you fall in love with your everyday morning coffee. They’re exquisite, top-notch, and hassle-free, making every possible effort to get you hooked.

1. Lelit Bianca

Lelit Bianca PID V2 Dual Boiler Home Espresso Machine w/ Manual Brew Pressure Profiling

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To be a coffee lover is one thing but for someone who is a home barista star, is quite another. Lelit Bianca is exactly the thing you need if you fall in the latter category. It is a machine that is Italian-designed and has all the features which make your experience of having a hot cup of coffee worthwhile.

There are several reasons why this machine is the best in line. Firstly, its standing point is how reasonable it is and provides great value for money. Secondly, it has excellent flow control, which not many machines on the market offer.

To further elaborate, this means that we can control the rate at which water flows during the infusion and extraction process and balance the flavors in our coffee as per our needs.

Another feature that makes it excellent is that it has a bottomless walnut portafilter and double spouted walnut portafilter, which implies that you get to see the beauty of the extraction process right in front of your eyes and cherish the prepared coffee.

In its essence, a portafilter helps hold the ground coffee. You get to diagnose the kind of grind and distribution process happening inside the machine, which will slowly and gradually help you improve your espresso techniques.

Alongside all the above-mentioned goodness, it also comes with a steel and aluminum tamper, which ensures that your coffee grounds are evenly spread and make all the loose coffee grounds into a thick layer, enabling you to get the best espresso shot you’ve ever had.

This machine also has single, double, and triple baskets to hold your coffee, which means that you can make any coffee you need to without the need to change the grind size, making the model more accessible and easier to use than many others.

Moving on, a wand that has a 2-hole and 4-hole steam tip has been graciously provided, which steams more milk without any hassle and maintains volume and power, making sure that you’re not compromising on the quality of the coffee.

For someone who is a clean freak and likes their kitchen countertop to be spotless, this machine comes equipped with a microfiber towel to keep your surroundings clean. Quite often, many baristas use this towel, so it is the ultimate product to clean the kitchen that you have crafted with so much love.

With ergonomic features like a drip tray drain attachment and a backflush bank, there can be no going wrong with this powerhouse of a machine.

It also comes with a group head brush, which is the main thing responsible for a flavorful cup of coffee, as fancy as it may sound. It basically brings the water from the espresso machine to the filter, from where coffee is filtered and then poured into the cup.

Unlike many machines, it comes with an built-in water softener, which is extremely important as it can affect the taste of your coffee. This is because when water is heated, it becomes harder, which creates limescale, making your coffee bitter and the need for a water softener eventually increases.

A flow control paddle, built-in shot timer, group head brush, and steam pressure gauge are some more features associated with this model. Moreover, who knows coffee better than the Italians? Lelit Bianca has been produced and built in Italy by the hands of skilled people, which makes it a renowned product in the market.

2. Rocket Appartamento

Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine

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Have you ever heard of the saying that the best things in life come in small packages? Well, the Rocket Appartamento Espresso machine is a concise example of the phrase. It is one of the finest machines, with its uniqueness lying in the fact that it is a heat exchanger espresso machine.

When we say heat exchanger, what it really means is that this machine keeps the water inside the boiler at high temperature to produce enough steam and the whole process helps in brewing coffee with milk.

This machine is amazing if you love to have drinks that have a milk quotient, and for those of you who don’t grind beans on a regular basis, this model is your best bet.  It is known to give consistent results in every function that it performs.

Alongside, it comes with a single and double spouted portafilter, to adjust the grinding procedure according to your needs and give you the best-tasting espresso.

Having a double spouted portafilter also ensures that you get an even tamp, which will guarantee that your coffee is of superior quality and quite irresistible for everyone who sips it.

It also comes with a rocket tamper so that your coffee grounds are tamped into the basket of the espresso machine evenly. Some might even call a tamper an art piece because it allows your coffee to taste better, and what’s noteworthy is that you don’t have to invest in a tamper separately with Rocket Appartamento.

The variant boasts of a single and double basket to fit all your espresso needs. You can use a single basket for lesser grams of coffee, which is something between 7-12 grams, or you can use a double one for greater quantity which makes it perfect for any quantity of espresso shots that you may require.

An in-built basket keeps your single and double baskets clean since it allows backflushing and keeps the ground screen and diffuser without any coffee grounds sticking, making sure that your espresso is as fresh as you need it to be able to get through the day.

Another thing that makes this machine an amazing espresso maker is the fact that it has a boiler pressure gauge which can adjust the pressure, which directly makes it responsible for controlling the temperature. All this is done by using a pressure stat, thus making our job easier and consequently, our coffee experience smoother than ever.

This machine comes with a lot more than already mentioned and is a compact package within itself: no-burn stainless steel hot water and steam wands are incorporated, to heat and froth milk to perfection, automatic pre-infusion to make sure that the water evenly reaches the coffee grounds and the extraction process goes on without a hassle.

Last but not the least, it has a vibratory pump which allows you to have the best-tasting espresso shot and spares you with the hassle of excessive plumbing costs.

All this being said, Rocket Appartamento is an excellent espresso machine, as can be inferred from its ergonomic features. It is the way to go if you want to have a relaxed morning with coffee that makes you swoon.

3. La Pavoni Esperto Abile

La Pavoni Esperto Abile 16 Cup Manual/Lever Espresso Machine ESPAB-16

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This machine is the one for espresso lovers if you want to get your hands on a domestic-level piece of equipment. Even by its mere name, it sounds so attractive, right? Well, this is one of those machines which is not only attractive but useful too.

One of the best qualities about Abile is its excellent design and coating. The boiler and header of this machine are nickel-plated and made from solid brass, which is quite stunning. A Stradivari design base gives it a premium and luxury feel at a cheaper cost than most other models.

This machine has a plethora of special features. Whether it be the two steam wands, group temperature indicator, or a brewing pressure profiler, you name it, and Abile has it delivered, right at your kitchen counter.

To discuss some of these features, we first have the brewing pressure profiler. Now, as we are all aware, this is an amazing and rare quality to hold in an espresso machine because this implies that the pressure can be varied at which it pumps water through the extraction process. Some coffee experts would even say that pressure profiling is a feature that makes any coffee shot a hit.

If you’re someone like us who loves their coffee perfectly roasted, then this machine is what you need because it comes with a thermal temperature strip telling you when the coffee has reached an appropriate temperature, which is just what you need for a classic, old-school brew.

With its amazing temperature strip, it also has an internal reset switch in case things go downhill and overheating takes place. All of this is meant for your ultimate comfort, which the machine dutifully pledges to deliver, as it can be seen.

It also comes with two steam wands, each of them with its own set of unique qualities. One of them is used to power steam, while the other one is used for frothing coffee, giving a foamy cup of milk-based deliciousness.  

To top it all, it also has an added feature of Fascino filter holder, which allows you to get the perfect cream for an appetizing shot of espresso, which leaves you craving for more.

Last but not least, this model also comes with a range of competizione filters which bring out the best flavors in your coffee with their shape and performance. These filters come in several sizes of 9, 16, and even 20 to fit all your needs.

With so many qualities, you can’t really resist this machine which is exactly why it’s the appropriate investment to get your hands on as soon as possible.

4. Rocket R58 Cinquantotto 

Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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Suppose you’re on the search for something to make your kitchen counter look vintage and aesthetic, along with innovative technology to make you boggle your eyes out with its ease. In that case, you should check out the Rocket R58 Cinquantotto.

This is a classic machine with a dual boiler and has several features to make your mornings a little less dull and a lot more caffeinated. One of its top-notch features is that it is a traditional, Italian hand-built design, which is hard to miss on its own because Italians really know how to make artwork with modern homes.

It also has a single and a double spouted commercial-grade portafilter to hold your coffee grounds perfectly and grind your beverage the way you want. It ensures that you get an even tamp across your coffee grounds, leaving no loosely packed granules and thus eventually delivering the best coffee that you’ve tasted in a long time.

The rocket tamper which comes with this machine is extremely convenient and allows you to experience a smoother extraction process. It is also a known fact that many people spend thousands investing in a rocket tamper because of its exquisite quality, unique shape, and excellent performance.

This new and cutting-edge espresso machine also has a feature with an interactive detachable touch screen to adjust the temperature according to one’s own needs so that the coffee tastes not too hot or too cold and the steam produced is appropriate.

The screen also has a shot-timer and an auto-on timer, all of which are huge step-ups from previous machines and equip the users with such convenience, which will leave them astounded.

Another thing which is supremely attractive about this machine is its variety of single or double baskets, so you can either make yourself just one shot of espresso or share a cup with a friend or colleague as well. Having more baskets just means having more espresso shots; who can ever say no to more coffee?

Moreover, this machine also has a cleaning brush installed inside it, making it very easy to clean and make your countertops look new. The brush feature that comes with this machine is also quite unique to this price range. It keeps all the passages and baskets spick and span, ensuring that cleanliness is the priority for this variant.

Another thing that we personally love about Rocket R58 is the fact that it comes with a rotary pump, meaning you can get more consistent pressure in the machine and can do all this while experiencing serenity and peace, as rotary pumps are also considerably quieter than other pumps.

It is eventually your own choice to plumb this machine inside the reservoir directly, or use it as it is, but the idea of having an unlimited water supply connected to the espresso machine certainly does sound more desirable.

With all these qualities, this machine is a dream of a barista who wants to make sure that their coffee rocks any customers day, which this machine pledges to do with its touch screen, rotary pumps, dual boilers, and rocket tamper, and it goes without saying that you need to get it right away!

5. La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi

La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine

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Coffee is a must-have for many of us, but who wants to invest in an espresso machine which does not deliver quality and is a scam? Therefore, La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi has been introduced because it is known to stand the test of time and works better than most variants with a slew of innovations.

This machine is a dual boiler, which is always better since you can use one as a brew boiler and the other like a steam boiler, making your coffee flavorful as ever and your work easier than before.

Not only that, but it also comes with double-spouted and single-spouted commercial portafilters, which are attractive and ergonomic simultaneously because of the excellent grinding adjustments you can make on them. They are also proven to deliver an even tamper as the process of your coffee making proceeds.  

Talking about tampers, this machine comes with an in-built plastic tamper, which makes it great because your coffee will be devoured within seconds. Basically, the tamper will pack the grounds into the espresso machine, which, when applied with pressure, will make it ready to extract flavor from the coffee beans because of the resistance of a well-packed coffee ground set previously.

It also comes with a blind basket, or as one would call it, a backflush, which is essential to maintain cleanliness. This blind basket allows the machine to be kept neatly and makes sure there are no grounds sticking in the diffuser or in the baskets.

We all know how important clean espresso machines are, and the fact that this brand encourages freshness just signifies that it is the definite answer for all your coffee wishes.

This machine also has several other features, one of them being that it has a vibratory pump which is smaller and easier to fix in case any repair is needed and does the job of inserting pressure reliably.

It also has single and double baskets to fit your espresso needs according to your liking. You can make use of the single basket when you’re up for 7-12 grams of coffee, and for days when you need to pull a nightcap, you can easily use a double basket.

This model is just the thing one needs to possess if they have a small nook at their kitchen counter reserved for something which will make their work easier and coffee tastier. You will not regret buying this one!

6. La Pavoni EPC-8

La Pavoni Europiccola 8 Cup Manual/Lever Espresso Machine EPC-8

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As coffee enthusiasts, we do love a good cup of brewed coffee goodness, but we also appreciate a machine that is elegant and fits beautifully on the kitchen top.

With La Pavoni, this is exactly what you get. This is a traditional lever espresso machine and is one of the most classic of its kind, with features way beyond its age and price.

This machine has a chrome-plated brass boiler which is triple plated to make it sturdy and aesthetic while explicitly ensuring to deliver the best-tasting espresso shots you’ve ever heard of. It also has several other features which make the customers go wild with glee and keeps them coming back for more.

One of the best parts about this machine is that it has a water gauge so you can see what the water level is and don’t have to keep checking the machine by opening the lid and releasing steam unnecessarily. Heat is preserved, and the resulting coffee is nothing but strong, roasted, and incredibly fresh.

It has also been graciously equipped with an automatic milk frother which is undoubtedly a standout feature, considering that La Pavoni is one of the traditional and manual machines on our list but contains the features and components of any high-end luxurious variant.

This machine is not limited to one single size of portafilters but instead has several portafilters of many ranges and sizes. This may seem odd, but it eventually allows for a good tamper and easy, effective holding of coffee grounds, making it work flawlessly.

It also comes with a plastic tamper which is very important for a good espresso shot and is also the reason why this machine has already been winning our hearts since the start.

La Pavoni EPC-8 also has a light polish interior to prevent moisture, which is quite a rare quality to be possessed by a manual espresso machine, indeed.

A commercial steam wand has been incorporated by the manufacturers, which is just the right thing you need to make your coffee perfectly delicious and brewed with grace, love, and delicacy, all in one.

Alongside all these fancy features, this machine also comes with an indicator light so that you don’t go too overboard with the temperature and burn your coffee or either leave your water too cold such that your coffee tastes meaningless.

If in case you do end up overheating the machine and ignore the indicator light, it still has you covered with a safety thermoprotector so that you don’t end up burning and scorching the coffee or yourself. With taste and safety hand in hand, La Pavoni has surely raised the bar for all espresso makers!

With all these qualities and features, who would want to miss the opportunity of purchasing espresso machine? It’s adaptable, versatile, and just the right thing to opt for if you’re willing to work a little harder for that caffeinated goodness, which makes tiring mornings seem a lot better.

7. Izzo Alex Vivi

Izzo Alex Vivi Espresso Machine

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If you want something proven and renowned to get you an amazing cup of coffee, well, Izzo Alex Vivi is just the machine to invest in. It’s reliable, efficient and it undoubtedly gives you the best tasting coffee that you’ve had in a long time.

This machine has several mind-blowing features, each one better than the other. First off, it comes with a built-in PID, which is an essential component as they stabilize the temperature and give good consistency, making your brew even throughout and tasting supremely delectable.

It also has a rotary pump, which, as we are all aware by now, is the better one to exert pressure on the coffee to make the extraction process easier and hassle-free. They are also quieter, allowing you to be at peace in the morning and not having to listen to the constant whirring of the machine.

They are also better because they provide consistent and higher pressure, ensuring a stable mechanism and a longer lifespan, making sure that your machine does not wear out soon and your money is well spent.

Alongside that, this machine also comes with a shot timer. This is important as you don’t have to toil continuously because the equipment practically does all the work for you and lets you know the shot time without even batting an eyelid.

Some more features which make this machine a customer favorite, are its single and double spouted commercial-grade portafilters. These portafilters help in holding the ground coffee and are equally useful in layering out the coffee beans evenly, making sure that the grounds are tampered well, without any trouble.

Another component that made us a fan of this machine is the stainless-steel base tamper. As we all know, products with stainless steel are a definite grab, so the fact that it comes with this machine makes it a winner already.

Moreover, tampers are quite important for a delicious cup of coffee, and this tamper will ensure that all the grounds are packed perfectly, implying that your shot will taste as good as you wanted it to be.

With single and double baskets, you can obtain any quantity of espresso shots as per your needs. It caters to every quantity and quality of coffee, giving you value for money and a powerful workhorse.

Last, but not least, we all know that cleanliness is the way through our hearts, and Izzo Alex Vivi being equipped with blind basket certainly does the trick for us.  So, what are you even waiting for? Go get your hands on this reliable and pocket-friendly espresso machine at your earliest!

Final Verdict

Now that we have discussed several espresso machines and all the features in these machines, you should be aware of which one is the right fit for your house. The ball is in your court now, and you can choose to invest in any offering that you think would be the right option for you.

Each machine has its own individual specialties and complexities, making it stand out in this huge pile of many outstanding brands.

Whether you choose to go for Lelit Bianca with its excellent flow control, Rocket Appartamento with its rocket tampers, La Pavoni with its pressure profiling, La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi with its dual boilers, or Izzo Alex Vivi with its built-in PID for temperature, you can see each machine is amazing on its own and will give you the best coffee you can dream of using the special features that virtually all espresso machine offer in one way or the other.

Whether you want a rocket tamper, a water softener, a double basket, or a backflush machine, these espresso machines have got you covered. This is why there is no time better than now to grab your desired machine quite instantly and be the star barista you always dream of being!

Cafe Last is a one-stop shop for all your coffee equipment needs online. Browse our range of brands and products today!

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