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Lelit Bianca Vs Rocket R58: Which is Better?

Lelit Bianca Vs. Rocket R58

Are you looking for a powerful espresso machine that you can add to your home or office kitchen? Well, you have come to the right place!

Today, we will be comparing two strong contenders – Lelit Bianca vs. Rocket R58. Both these machines can provide you with a strong, rich shot of espresso and are well-suited for smaller environments, such as a small office or home kitchen.

They come with dual boilers, which enable you to produce high-quality espresso-based drinks of your liking.

With that said, these machines have some distinctive features that set them apart and some more features that are quite similar to each other. So, how can you decide which one to choose?

Well, let us help you make an informed choice with this comprehensive Lelit Bianca vs. Rocket R58 comparison we have drawn:

Lelit Bianca

Lelit Bianca

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There are various reasons why a coffee lover would be drawn toward espresso machines like Lelit Bianca. It’s a powerful, compact, and unique espresso system designed to offer a customized coffee.

Lelit Bianca is the ideal fit for skilled home baristas and those who love exploring various flavor profiles.

Rocket R58 

Rocket R58

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On the flip side, Rocket R58 features a classic and bold design that enables this unit to fit anywhere. It also has natural antimicrobial copper boilers.

This espresso machine is a natural fit for experienced home baristas and offices that want a quick yet delicious espresso drink.

The Similarities between Lelit Bianca and Rocket R58

Before we dive into the differences between these two powerful espresso machines, let’s take a look at their similarities:

Semiautomatic Machines

Both Lelit Bianca and Rocket R58 are semiautomatic espresso machines, i.e., they don’t automate the duration of the extraction.

Simply put, when using these machines, you will have to start and end the brewing process at the appropriate time on your own. Perfecting the time does require some practice. After all, it’s easy to get distracted.

Plus, you will have to experiment with various durations to find the flavor that hits the right spot for you. However, once you find your ideal duration, you can enjoy your coffee exactly the way you like it every day.

Dual Boiler System 

These machines have two different boilers – a designated brewing boiler and a steaming boiler for steaming and texturing the milk.

Having two boilers enables you to brew your espresso and steam the milk simultaneously. Hence, with these machines, you can get your milk-based coffee quickly.

Single-Group Design 

single group

These machines have a single-group design. The group is the part of the unit from where the brewed espresso comes out.

Having more groups means you can put out more espresso quickly. However, having a single-group model has its distinctive perks.

Both Lelit Bianca and Rocket R58 are less expensive than multiple-group units.

Single-group machines are better for inexperienced espresso makers as they help you focus on developing one or two shots of espresso at a time only, allowing you to hone your espresso-making skills.

Stainless Steel Case 

stainless steel case

The Bianca and R58 are made with stainless steel cases, giving them a sleek, elegant, and attractive look.

Apart from offering a highly polished look, these espresso machines also offer durability. The tough stainless steel coating protects them from harm, boosting their overall lifespan.

E61 Commercial Group 


These machines have an E61 commercial group with the feature of pre-infusion, which entails the unit using a light stream of water to settle the coffee grounds in the portafilter lightly. It enables you to enjoy a well-rounded flavor.

E61 commercial group also offers thermal stability. It circulates water from the group head to the boiler consistently, lowering temperature fluctuations that might otherwise affect the taste of your coffee.

Direct-Connect or Pour-Over Compatibility 

You can use the Bianca and Rocket R58 as direct-connect espresso machines. It means you can connect them to your water line, allowing them to refill their water tanks automatically. It leads to less maintenance and workflow interruptions.

Alternatively, you can use these models as pour-over machines in which you will have to add water to them periodically.

No-Burn Steam Wand 

no burn steam wand

When using a typical espresso machine, you might get a stinging burn if you accidentally brush against the steam wand. However, that is not the case with the Rocket R58 and Lelit Bianca.

Their steam wands are insulated, enabling them to remain cool regardless of how long you run the machine. You can clean and reposition them without worrying about burning yourself.

Water Tank Capacity 

water tank reservoir

If you want to use these units as pour-over machines, you will need a large water tank capacity to ensure that you can brew quite a few drinks before needing to refill.

The Bianca and R58 have an equal water tank capacity of about 2.5 liters, allowing you to make multiple drinks in a row before refilling the tank.

Low Water Sensor 

Running a dry espresso machine can damage the boilers when it doesn’t have an appropriate amount of water in its tank. So, if you’re worried about forgetting to refill the tank because of a busy schedule or your beginner status, you can rely on these espresso machines to remind you to refill the tank.

Both the Bianca and R58 have a low water sensor that goes off when the water levels in their tanks are low.

PID Temperature Control 

PID temperature control

Temperature is a crucial factor that determines the flavor profile of an espresso shot. You need to eliminate temperature fluctuations to ensure a high-quality brew.

Both the Bianca and R58 offer excellent internal temperature control features. These machines have PID temperature controllers, allowing you to make minor and precise alterations to the brew and steaming temperatures to attain the drink of your liking.

Rotary Pump 

If you’re looking for an espresso machine to add to your office, you will need a quiet unit that will not result in noise pollution.

The Bianca and R58 come with rotatory pumps, allowing these machines to run quietly than espresso machines with vibratory pumps.

The Differences between Lelit Bianca and Rocket R58

Here are some differences between the Lelit Bianca and Rocket R58 that might help you make your decision between these two machines:

Overall Dimensions 

Lelit Bianca

Unlike large restaurants and coffee shops with designated spaces for industrial-sized coffee machines, home and office spaces typically don’t have ample space for large espresso machines.

It is where the Lelit Bianca and Rocket R58 shine. They are compact machines that will fit easily on small countertops.

With that said, their measurements differ slightly. The Rocket R58 is 16.25 inches tall, 12.25 inches wide, and 17.50 inches deep.

Meanwhile, the Lelit Bianca is 15.75 inches tall, 11.4 inches wide, and 19.1 inches deep. So, if you need an espresso machine that you can slide under your low-hanging kitchen counter, you might benefit from picking the Lelit Bianca.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a machine that is more suited for counters that don’t stick out, the shallow Rocket R58 will be a better fit for you.


Lelit Bianca

Even though these machines might appear to be similar with their rounded legs, straight side panels, and shining stainless steel cases, they are aesthetically different.

The Lelit Bianca has a distinctive design due to the walnut accents on its legs and handles. This unique touch makes the Bianca the ideal fit for rustic spaces.

The stainless steel case prevents it from looking dated while allowing it to provide the idyllic countryside comfort with a refined, sleek look.

Boiler Material 

copper boilers

We have already mentioned that both the espresso machines have two separate boilers for brewing and steaming. But the number of boilers isn’t the only thing you must investigate when buying such a unit. You need to also investigate the material these boilers are made from.

The Rocket R58 features two copper boilers. Copper is a classic boiler material in espresso machines for two reasons – it offers exceptional thermal stability and it’s antimicrobial in nature. The thermal stability helps keep the boilers up to temperature, while the antimicrobial nature ensures proper sanitation. 

On the flip side, the Lelit Bianca contains stainless steel boilers. These boilers also offer great thermal stability, especially when they are insulated like the Bianca boilers.

However, stainless steel does not have copper’s microbial nature. With that said, it isn’t vulnerable to scale buildup either.



Rocket R58 Accessories

The accessories you get when you buy these espresso machines will typically depend on the seller you purchase them from. With that said, most stores provide different sets of accessories for these two machines.

For instance, in some stores, you get a microfiber towel along with your Lelit Bianca, making it easier to clean the exterior without scratching it.

You might also get a triple basket to brew more espresso simultaneously. Plus, you might get a water softener, which will help when you’re using the pour-over technique.

On the other hand, the Rocket R58 often comes with a user manual and a DVD. You might also receive a coffee scoop, ideal for pouring pre-ground coffee into the machine.

Additionally, the store might give you direct-connect plumbing kits, portafilters, cleaning brushes, tampers, and steam tips with either of the machines.

Other Distinctive Features

Here are some other features of the Lelit Bianca and Rocket R58 that will help you make the right decision:

Rocket R58 Guard Rail for Cup Warmer

guard rail

Even though both the Lelit Bianca and Rocket R58 come with cup shelves on their top that function as coffee mug holders and a way to preheat the machines to keep your espresso warm, the shelves vary.

The Rocket R58 features a cup shelve that has a guard rail around it to secure your cups to the machine. This rail will keep your cups protected from your pets, especially cats who love to jump on the counter or explore small spaces. The guard rail will keep your mugs from sliding off.

Rocket R58 Non-Compression Hot Water and Steam Valves 

No one likes spending money on costly repairs and maintenance. It is where the Rocket R58 might be the best fit for you because it is specifically designed while keeping longevity in mind.

It features non-compression hot water and steam valves created to move seamlessly. This way, the machine becomes a bit easier to use. But it also ensures that the valves are easier to replace if you ever need repairs.

Hence, the repairs needed on the steam and hot water valves in the Rocket R58 are typically less costly.

Group Pressure Gauge of the Lelit Bianca

group pressure gauge

You will find that both the machines have pressure gauges. However, the Lelit Bianca comes with a better pressure gauge design.

This machine features a third pressure gauge on its group head. This extra gauge makes it a lot easier for you to keep a close eye on your brew pressure while allowing you to adjust it on the fly by using the machine’s unique flow control paddle.

Not only does the Lelit Bianca notify you when the group’s brew pressure is off, but it also makes it abundantly easier to achieve uniform brew quality in your coffee drinks. It’s because you can check the pressure you prefer by glancing at the third pressure gauge.

Flow Profiling Paddle of the Lelit Bianca

flow profiling paddle

The flow profiling paddle is the feature that truly makes the Lelit Bianca an attractive espresso machine. It’s situated on top of the unit’s group head.

You can use this paddle to make adjustments to the flow of water while you’re brewing your drink. 

This aspect of the machine makes espresso lovers enthusiastic to try this unit because the increased customization ensured by the flow paddle provides you with more power to experiment with new flavor profiles. All you have to do is play with the water pressure to find the flavor profile that works for you.

Once you find a position on the paddle that works best for you and produces high-quality espresso, make sure to glance at the group head pressure gauge and note where it is resting to recreate the drink in the future.

Lelit Bianca Vs. Rocket R58 – Which Espresso Machine Should You Buy? 

Now it’s time to decide once and for all which coffee machine will win your love in Lelit Bianca vs. Rocket R58! Even after reading the aforementioned technical features, let us help you if you’re confused between these two brilliant espresso machines.

Here are some factors that will help you decide which espresso machine will suit your specific needs the most:


One of the topmost concerns for people buying an espresso machine is their price point. At this point, the Rocket R58 is certainly a bit expensive than the more affordable and accessible Lelit Bianca.

With that said, the price difference is only a couple of hundred dollars, which might or might not matter to you, depending on your budget.

The Overall Look

Lelit Bianca

Another important deciding factor for most people is the overall aesthetic appeal of the machine. After all, most people want their home or office kitchen to have a pleasing and attractive look. You don’t want to buy an espresso machine that will clash with the overarching theme of your décor.

Moreover, when you’re investing a large amount into an appliance, you want it to look a certain way as well. It is why many individuals prefer the Lelit Bianca for its unique design with distinctive walnut accents.

However, some people prefer the classic, sleek, and elegant appeal of the Rocket R58. Plus, the latter can blend well with a wide variety of environments, while the Bianca is more suited for a rustic aesthetic.


Rocket R58

If you’re looking for a more durable machine, you might want to invest in the R58. As mentioned earlier, it features durable valves that are also easier to replace, which means you will save a lot on the repairs.

Moreover, the copper boiler provides you with microbial protection, which also keeps any buildup at bay.

Espresso Customization

If you want your espresso machine to provide more customization options, the Lelit Bianca will certainly be a better fit for you. Its flow paddle will give you more chances to experiment with the brewing pressure and different flavor profiles.

The Bottom Line


At the end of the day, both the Lelit Bianca and Rocket R58 are excellent espresso machines for at-home baristas and anyone who wants a good cup of espresso at their office.

These units might vary slightly in terms of their features and prices, but they offer more or less the same excellent results.

Now, it’s up to you to make an informed decision and choose the machine that suits your needs perfectly!

Cafe Last is the premier destination for all of your espresso machine and coffee equipment needs. We carry products from top brands, including Lelit and Rocket. Check us out!

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