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Lelit Bianca Review: Quiet, Elegant, and Durable

Lelit Bianca Review

Making the switch from a regular coffee machine to a good quality one will be a significant investment, so you ideally want to make the right choice the first time.

If you are looking for a coffee maker for your home that offers a robust and sleek design, then the Lelit Bianca espresso machine is probably one name that may have come to mind. It is an Italian-designed dual boiler rotary pump espresso machine that offers both power and quality.

The Lelit Bianca immediately stands out from the rest because of its sleek, modern design. Its smooth curves make the Lelit Bianca easy on the eyes and serve a potent cup of Joe without having to leave your home.

What sets this espresso machine apart is that this is a semi-automatic machine that is packed with new and improved features, which one would expect in a high-end semi-automatic espresso machine.

Some of the main features that the Lelit Bianca espresso machine has to offer include a built-in reservoir, built-in PID and rotary pump, and a built-in dual boiler.

This is going to be a detailed Lelit Bianca review on all of the features that you can expect to find, and more, so stick around till the end.


  • Dimensions: 15.75" H x 11.4" W x 19.1" D (3.2" is water tank)
  • Weight: 58.5 pounds
  • Water tank capacity: 2.5 L
  • Steam power: 1400 watts
  • Steam boiler: 1.5 L
  • Pressure gauges: 3 (steam boiler, pump, and group head)
  • Brew power: 1000 watts
  • Brew boiler: 800 mL


Lelit Bianca

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Lelit Bianca is known for its top-quality design and exceptional features, making it stand out from the rest. The following are some of the main features that you can find in the Lelit Bianca coffee machine.

Direct Plumb

This is one of the most sought-after features when it comes to premium-quality coffee machines. Whether you are getting one for commercial purposes or home use, the direct plumbing feature offers more bang for your buck when it comes to quality.

What the direct plumbing feature means is that all you have to do is hook up the machine to the water line, and voila. You will not have to bother about having to refill the Lelit Bianca coffee machine again.

You can also connect the drip tray to the kitchen drain, which provides added convenience, and is not a feature you find in most home coffee makers. 

Double Boiler

Since this is a double-boiler espresso machine, it has both a steam and brew boiler. This is another nifty feature to have since it allows users to steam milk and pull shots simultaneously, which means making an espresso is quick business with the Lelit Bianca.

Additional features such as the independent temperature control allow you to prepare the perfect cup of Joe every time.

E61 Group Head

e61 group head

The E61 group head has been around for a while (1961 to be exact); however, it was not until the Lelit Bianca that this feature really made a difference in terms of reliability and mechanical performance.

The unique design of the E61 group head that’s been fitted in the Lelit Bianca espresso machine makes for far superior pre-infusion while imitating that much-loved classic style in coffee machines.

Flow Profiling

The flow profiling feature enables users to have complete control over the flavor profile, which ensures a delicious cup of coffee with well-balanced acidity, body, and sweetness that can be tweaked at will by controlling the flow volume and rate of the water flow.

What makes the Lelit Bianca unique is that it comes with multiple options for saving profiles which makes it easy to recreate the same taste without having to keep on making manual changes.

PID Temperature Control

The PID temperature control module on the Lelit Bianca is a great addition since it offers accurate temperature control for the boilers. This is achieved by using the latest technologies to calculate the amount of power that is required for maintaining a precise temperature.

As compared to normal thermostat-controlled technology, the PID temperature control feature offers far more detailed information, which makes it easier to control the Lelit Bianca machine.

Sturdy and Well-Built Reservoir

Lelit Bianca Water Reservoir

The machine draws water from the reservoir in order to fill the boilers. This built-in reservoir design allows the coffee maker to have a smaller footprint that makes it suitable for commercial as well as home use.

Rotary Pump

The rotary vane pump that has been included in the design of the Lelit Bianca espresso machine ensures a surprisingly silent operation, which is similar to what you would expect from some of the high-end coffee machines available in the market today.

This is a great option if you love your early morning coffee without having to wake up others in the house.

Shot Timer

The shot timer feature in the Lelit Bianca basically measures the brew time from when you activate the pump. Ask any espresso aficionado and they will tell you the importance of having an accurate shot timer to get that perfect 25-second 1.5oz shot every time.

Switchable Water Source

One of the highlights of the Lelit Bianca coffee machine has got to be its switchable water source. This basically means that the machine has no restrictions when it comes to plumbing or the water reservoir.

Since you can also get access to bigger water reservoirs that include the plumbing line, switching water sources during an emergency is made a lot easier.


It is always difficult to write a review on one of the more well-known and premium-quality coffee makers available in the market today, such as those from Lelit Bianca, mainly because there are so many great features to talk about that you don’t quite know where to start.

So, in this Lelit Bianca review, let’s start with the basics.

Brewing Capacity

Lelit Bianca Dual Boiler

The Lelit Bianca is a dual-boiler espresso machine that is featured with the classic E61 group. The espresso maker boasts of a proper dual-loop PID, which independently controls the temperature of each of the two boilers.

While the Lelit Bianca is not the best in the market when it comes to temperature stability, its wide-diameter thermosyphon pipe does result in minimal fluctuations in temperature.

However, the best-kept secret of the Lelit Bianca is its paddle-controlled value that comes with the E61 group head and allows users to control the flow of water along with the brewing pressure whenever your pull a shot.

You can also keep track of the temperature with the pressure gauge, which is also known as flow profiling, to make sure each cup of Joe is perfect. The pressure profiling of the Lelit Bianca espresso maker is far superior to what we’ve seen for the same price point, which alone makes it a steal.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to have another tool for you to tweak the espresso shot to get the most bang for your buck? And while it doesn’t offer automatic controls for the flow profile, it makes up for it by giving you better control over the flavor of your coffee.

Quiet Functionality

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Lelit Bianca espresso machine is quiet as a mouse. That’s mainly due to the rotary pump that’s been integrated into its design and is far superior to the traditional vibratory pumps that you find in most coffee makers today.

The result – a quiet operation that is again testament to the superior engineering that Lelit Bianca is capable of.

Milk Frothing

Lelit Bianca Milk Frothing

A coffee maker that can offer excellent milk frothing is just icing on the cake for any coffee enthusiast, and we are glad to say that the milk frothing system in the Lelit Bianca is second to none. In fact, this is another area where the Lelit Bianca is oftentimes compared to machines that are at a much higher price point.

The Lelit Bianca features a 1.5-liter steam boiler, which is admittedly smaller than many other espresso machines that are available in the market today; however, you can still expect to see the same charged-up steam pressure as you would in the more expensive espresso machines.

The Lelit Bianca coffee machine delivers a full 1.5 bars of steam pressure when it’s on factory settings, and that can be raised to full 2 bars for more super-charged steam.

This makes it easier to froth just enough of that silky microfoam for a large latte or two in a matter of a few seconds.

While espresso machines that offer higher power steam are considered uncontrollable, especially for home use, the Lelit Bianca coffee maker balances out the range of steam nicely with two steam wand tips.

Homeowners are more likely to use the steam wand tip with the smaller hole, while commercial users will use the one with the wider opening at the tip.

Build Quality

Lelit Bianca High Quality Materials

The first thing that home users check when it comes to espresso machines after the price is their build quality. Since premium quality espresso machines often come with a fancy price tag, it pays to choose one that delivers in terms of durability.

The Lelit Bianca coffee maker offers all that and a lot more. This high-end coffee machine has been built keeping the user in mind, which means it does not only offer a sleek, lightweight, and classic design, but it has also been built to last.

Apart from the well-rounded corners and the wood accents that give the Lelit Bianca its signature classic appearance, you also get a coffee machine that will go the distance.

The sturdy materials used in its design also means that the Lelit Bianca is at the higher end of the weighing scale, measuring at around 60 pounds, but it’s all business when it comes to making espressos. In fact, it does so with a relatively smaller footprint as compared to many others at the same price point.

In the box, you’ll get high-quality stainless steel components along with a cup warmer and a drip tray. You also get the patented coffee slide spouted portafilter, which sports a unique design that will take your espresso game to the next level.

Another nifty accessory that the Lelit Bianca espresso machine comes with is the sturdy steel tamper, which is required in espresso machines, but few bother to include it, except those that are in a much higher price range.

Other accessories that come in the box include a water hose, drain hose, water softening filter, cleaning cloth, stainless steel cover, an extra steam tip, portafilters, a filter basket scoop, cleaning brush, and grate platform.

Lelit Bianca Review Verdict


If you love enjoying an espresso at home, then the Lelit Bianca espresso machine should be right up your alley.

This particular espresso machine does not only deliver when it comes to taste and flavor, but also scores full points in the design department by blending modern and classic accents to its design, which gives it a truly unique appearance.

Overall, Lelit have always put their best foot forward when it comes to designing coffee makers, and the Lelit Bianca is no exception.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you are certainly going to appreciate the amount of time and effort it has taken to design this coffee machine.

You also get some great accessories that come in the box that you would otherwise have to purchase separately. This not only helps you save money, but you also get to make sure you enjoy every espresso shot that comes out of the Lelit Bianca coffee maker.

Cafe Last is the premier destination for all of your espresso machine and coffee equipment needs. We carry products from top brands, including Lelit. Check us out! Thank you for reading our Lelit Bianca review.

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