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Faema E71 Review: Blend of Tradition and Cutting-Edge Technology

Faema E71 Review

We have witnessed incredible interpreters who have described the unseen world around us through amazing works of music, paintings, sculpture, literature, and even cuisine throughout human history.

When interpreted with passion and respect for the craft, we get marvelous works of art that stand the test of time, like the Mona Lisa or the Parthenon. Each of these works of art was inspired by an idea – an idea of perfection.

The Faema E71 follows in the same footsteps and is more of a victory monument than a piece of modern-day machinery. With the right combination of art and brain, Faema has created the perfect interpreter of the coffee aficionado.

If you haven’t guessed it already, this will be a detailed review of the Faema E71, the coffee maker for the modern barista.

With the premium quality of the Faema E71, the company has not just gone back to the drawing board to build a coffee maker that’s truly exquisite, but they have also built the case for why every true artisan, business owner, and those who know the true art of coffee brewing will only use the Faema E71.

This Faema E71 review will talk about this brilliant machine and why you should make it your first choice.

The Design

Faema E71

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The first thing that strikes you about the Faema E71 right out the box is its unique design, which seems to have blended tradition with innovation wonderfully in a neatly packaged modern coffee maker.

As boasted by the company, the E71 truly demonstrates the best of tradition and modern-day technology that comes in the form of a neat, compact shape that exudes dominance in any bar, restaurant, or cafe.

Being a commercial espresso machine, the E71 is all business when it comes to brewing a wonderful work of art right into your cup. Much thought has been given to the overall design of the coffee machine.

It is easy to see the high level of functionality and efficiency that the Faema E71 and the E71e (more on that later) has to offer. Some of the standout features of the E71 include the innovative cold touch steam wand and the newly introduced soft-touch filter holder.

Of course, the star of the show is the new Faema thermal system with dual controls, along with other design tweaks, which make the E71 stand out from its previous iterations.

This actually isn’t the first time that Faema has had great success with its innovations. The company struck gold with the previous E61 model, which garnered quite the fan following amongst coffee artisans and professional baristas, because of its innovative design, efficiency and functionality.

But, with the E71 designed by Giugiaro, Faema has managed to raise the bar even higher, which is quite the feat in itself. With the Faema E71, we see the natural evolution of the E61 that’s been achieved with perfection. 

The Features

The following are some of the highlights and new innovations that you get to see in the Faema E71 commercial coffee machine:

Hydraulic Circuit with GTI Infusion Control System


An all-new hydraulic circuit with GTi infusion control system guarantees both high-precision infusion along with improved coffee brew-time regulation. It’s easy to see why Faema is pushing this innovation as its main selling point.

The Faema E71 has proven to be far more superior as compared to other commercial coffee makers of the same price point when it comes to having control on brew timing, which provides a greater level of precision and a consistent flavor.

Independent Group Heads

Faema E71 group heads

Another great feature in the Faema E71 is the independent group heads which makes it easier for users to manage multiple coffee blends and especially those that require specific and accurate thermal stability and extraction temperatures. 

Dual Delivery Management

Faema e71 lever

The Faema E71 sports an ergonomic lever that’s been conveniently placed at the top of each of the groupheads and provides the user with complete control over the entire brewing process.

This ensures that each brew meets the expectations of the barista. But, that’s not the only thing that the E71 has going for it in terms of providing control to the user.

You also get a fully digital mode along with a large 4.3” touchscreen display that provides you with just about all the information you need to prepare the perfect brew.

There’s also a nifty “self-learning mode” where the user gets to set up every display button while they manage the coffee delivery cycle with the help of the lever. 

GTI Thermal System


The all-new thermal system that’s been introduced in the E71 is, by far, the most exciting feature of this commercial coffee maker.

The GTI thermal system allows users to have more control over all of the independent groupheads, which almost guarantees superior versatility and better thermal stability.

The barista also gets complete control over all major parameters, such as temperature and duration of the brew, to ensure that the taste and aroma stay consistent.

This is a great feature to have in a commercial space, especially because of the need to replicate the same level of brew flavor, aroma and density when catering to large crowds.

Ruveco Teck

Ruveco Teck

One of the most important components of making good coffee is, of course, H2O - or water.

While regular coffee makers allow the water moving through the coffee machine to come in contact with various components in the machine, each component that’s used in the Faema E71 that may come in contact with water or steam has been coated with Ruveco Teck.

The Ruveco Teck coating significantly reduces the release of metals or other contaminants into the coffee through a process called ‘lead leaching.’ It also certifies the hygienic quality of machines intended for the production of beverages and is also used in the food industry.

Smart Boiler

The E71 commercial coffee maker comes with an efficient and smart boiler which according to Faema uses patented software to increase the performance of the hot water and steam used during the preparation of the brew.

This is another great feature for any commercial coffee maker to have since it not only increases the coffee machine’s functions and performance, but also prevents production drops during rush hour.

Auto-Steam Cold Touch Wand

Faema E71 cold touch wand

One of the main complaints of many baristas and home users when it comes to using coffee machines is the increased risk of getting burned while handling the coffee maker.

This issue has been put to rest with the E71, which boasts of an auto-steam cold touch wand. The insulated, non-stick outer coating on the wand ensures that the surface remains cold to the touch, even when you’re working overtime.

The non-stick outer coating on the automatic steam wand keeps it safe to touch both during and after steam delivery, and when the milk is frothed, which is a great advantage.

Furthermore, the auto-steam cold touch wand in the E71 also ensures safer cleaning that can be carried out as soon as you’re done for the day.

Enhanced Connectivity


One of the features that professional baristas look for in a coffee machine is the amount of flexibility the unit is able to provide in terms of connectivity.

The Faema E71 has been designed for remote communication with its built-in Wi-Fi system. This allows the users to receive valuable information along with important statistics on the various functions of the coffee machine, along with consumption statistics as well.

Soft-Touch Portafilters


It is easy to see why the Faema E71 has been hailed by professional baristas as the go-to choice when streamlining the process of serving high volumes of espresso and other brews to large crowds.

The ergonomic design of the E71 would be incomplete without the soft-touch portafilters, which feature an open-spout design for better visibility and control. But, the E71 goes a step further in its portafilter design by introducing a specially designed grip angle for more efficient delivery.

The Faema E71 coffee machine is also customizable to a great extent. But, if that’s not for you, then you can just opt for its cousin, the E71e coffee machine.

The hydraulic circuit with a GTi control system ensures users can make a variety of coffee-based beverages with complete temperature control and excellent coffee extraction.

The redesigned filter holders also help to extract coffee as efficiently as possible. The user can easily input all commands and operate the machine thanks to the ergonomic and simple display.

A hydraulic circuit with a GTi control system, as well as an ergonomic and straightforward display, is rounded out with other impressive features.

These include new steam wands, range steam lever, redesigned handles, new spray heads, new filter holders, and the adjustable pressure setting, which may not give the Faema E71 a run for its money, but comes pretty close.

Like the E71, the E71e also focuses on giving complete control to the barista, and like its larger cousin, it succeeds in providing that high level of efficiency.

The E71E comes with a Faema espresso machine handbook, which contains all you need to know about the machine, including operating instructions.

You may pay extra for extras like Americano and Cappuccino mugs, shot glasses, and a coffee tamper, among other things. Aside from the Faema espresso machine manual, the package contains no additional accessories.



Faema offers a standard one-year warranty on all Faema E71E components repair and replacement. This implies that if your coffee machine stops operating or any of its parts becomes broken within one year of purchase, you may have it repaired or replaced at no cost.

The E71 comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor. Customers get to avail unlimited after-sales support services provided by Faema.

If you’re new to the Faema E71 or E71e, no problem. The company offers onsite training to teach novice users how to operate their coffee machines the right way. And as if that wasn’t enough, you also get custom features and maintenance packages available.

The First True Green Commercial Coffee Maker

Faema E71

The Faema E71 is a “Green Machine,” which means that it boasts of the latest innovative features and follows DIN 18873-2 regulations (the industry’s gold standard when it comes to efficiency and sustainability), which makes it extremely energy efficient.

Speaking of the energy efficiency of the Faema E71, according to the company, the E71 daily energy savings amounts to 40% higher than as compared to standard models.

Final Verdict

Faema E71

The new FAEMA E71 is a top-of-the-range professional espresso machine. One of the highlights is that the choice of working manually or via the smooth digital control system, with its integrated touchscreen display, adds to the versatility of this machine.

The Faema E71 is also available in multiple color options, which include Matte Black and Glossy White.

It also sports some of the most innovative features in any coffee machine, such as the improved dual delivery system, smart boiler, enhanced GTI system, and an auto-steam cold-touch wand thrown in, making this a real steal for commercial use or coffee aficionados.

For those of you who don’t know, Faema E71 has also won the Barawards 2016 Innovation of the Year award in the bar equipment category. This is testament to the brand’s commitment towards designing and building commercial coffee machines that have always been ahead of the curve.

Overall, this is a great commercial espresso machine that delivers in spades when it comes to offering the latest in technological advancements in espresso machines and innovative design.

Cafe Last is the premier online destination for all of your espresso machine and coffee equipment needs. We carry products from top brands, including Faema. Check us out!

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