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Coffee Shop Supplies List: What Do You Need To Open A Coffee Shop?

coffee shop supplies list

Opening your own coffee shop may be a dream come true, so a quick coffee shop supplies list can help you turn this dream into a reality.

Coffee is quite a popular drink (actually the second-most in the world) since it is part of our daily routines and social lives. It is a good time to enter the coffee-making industry, since, by 2025, the global market for coffee shops is going to be worth around $237.6 billion.

You need to have proper research into coffee trends, great wholesale partners, and the best equipment in order to be successful. Here is the coffee shop supplies list to follow.

1. Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

automatic drip coffee maker

You want a drip coffee maker that will excel at making black coffee, which is one of the most popular drink orders at coffee shops. It needs to be a durable machine that can produce high-quality coffee at a quick pace to meet the busy times of the morning.

You should also be looking for a coffee maker that can handle making sizable amounts of coffee at a time so that you don’t end up brewing coffee continuously.

2. Espresso Machine

espresso machine

You need a high-quality machine because a lot of coffee drinks have espresso shots. You need to get an espresso machine to get the best value out of the machine. Before you go shopping, just ask yourself about the features that you absolutely need from the machine.

3. Industrial Coffee Grinder

coffee grinder

A coffee grinder definitely needs to be on the coffee shop supplies list because all shops need to bring the freshest grind possible. The right kind of industrial coffee grinder will provide you with different flavor profiles and delicious aromas out of the coffee.

4. Website and POS System

POS system

POS systems are important to ring in the sales, track inventory, monitor profits and analytics, take payments, and manage employees.

It also allows you for some integration possibilities and streamlining capabilities. By setting up a website and building email lists, you can bring your coffee shop to new heights.

5. Curbside Pickup Equipment

curbside pickup

While curbside pickup started out during the pandemic, almost 60% of customers want to keep using the curbside pickup even as things start to go back to normal.

You will need paper bags and drink holders to make sure that your customers will be able to carry their coffee orders back home or to work.

6. Water and Milk


Of course, two of the most important items on the coffee shop supplies list are water and milk. It is important to have different kinds of milk with dairy-free substitutes for people.

You also need a great filtration system that can improve your coffee’s taste and increase the lifespan of the espresso machine.

7. Industrial Blender


38% of customers order blended drinks, so you need to have an industrial blender to make sure you are meeting demands. You need a blender that can survive hundreds of yummy frozen drinks every single day.

8. Toasters and Ovens

oven toaster

If you are serving hot food in your coffee shop, you need to make sure you have reliable equipment to prepare food quickly. Around 60% of coffee cafes serve hot food, so why not take advantage of that trend?

You can offer pastries, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and more. Having a toaster and oven can help you expand your selection.

9. Freezers and Refrigerators

Faema Refrigerated Unit

When you open a coffee shop, you need refrigerators and freezers to keep any dairy products and food fresh. You may want to invest in counter fridges or even refrigerated display shelves that are absolute must-haves.

The fridges are a huge part of the overall design, so they should match the general aesthetic and vibe of the shop.

One fridge will go near the counter, and the other one goes in the back, where you store the inventory. Any frozen food you store can be flash-backed inside the oven that should be easy to access for your baristas.

10. Proper Storage  

coffee beans container

You need different types of equipment for storage, including shelving. Crates and boxes can be handy for storing your coffee beans and other such inventory.

Containers and pumps also need to store the toppings and syrups. Make sure to have an organized system for storage so that everything goes smoothly.

You need to make sure that you have a reliable supply retailer so that your inventory is all systematically organized.

Since you have to use large amounts of drink toppings and coffee beans, proper hardware is needed to store everything effectively. This means you need to get pumps that will store your syrups, crates, and boxes near the coffee makers.

If you don’t have effective and organized storage, everything can go wrong as soon as customers start to come in. Make sure to plan the system so that it doesn’t drive your employees crazy when rush hour occurs.

11. Security System


Every coffee shop needs security systems to make sure that their customers and employees are safe as well as to deter crime.

You can have security equipment like burglar alarms and cameras for security. You will be able to find different types of security systems depending on your coffee shop plan.

In Conclusioncoffee shop

You have to find the perfect tools that will help to bring the coffee shop to the next level. When you are opening a coffee shop, you need to make sure that you have the floor plan for the shop down and all baristas and cashiers are hired.

Creating a brand that can be recognized immediately is the goal. Make sure to organize your supplies properly.

Thinking of opening your own coffee shop? Check out for all of your espresso and coffee needs!

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