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9 Incredibly Creative Coffee Shop Happy Hour Ideas

coffee shop happy hour ideas

Are you looking for ways to boost your sales at your coffee shop? The quiet hours, which typically happen between 3 and 6 pm, can drastically reduce your profit.

How about turning those hours into happy hours full of fun and visitors? If you have no idea where to start or your coffee shop already has happy hours that don’t attract visitors, check out the following creative coffee shop happy hours ideas.

1. Happy Hour Specialty Drinks

coffee shop happy hour ideas

Americans love coffee, and when one of their favorite drink is on sale, they’ll never miss it. The Classic Latte is the most popular coffee order in America. Since there are plenty of latte types, you can host a happy hour that will allow your customers to try out different drinks on sale. 

Think about hosting Macchiato Monday, Lavender Latte Tuesday, Caramel Latte Wednesday, Espresso Thursday, and Frappe Friday.

The name of a daily happy hour depends on the coffee your shop serves, so get creative and let others know about your special offers. 

2. Share Their Wildest Dreams

coffee shop share dreams

The idea is to provide your customers with the opportunity to share their wildest dreams while enjoying a cup of their favorite drink.

You can create a vision board or arrange a little scene where everyone can speak out and share their wildest dreams. 

Not only will you increase your sales and draw more visitors, but you might also help people make new friends during your happy hours.

If your customers love this idea, you can host this happy hour weekly and come up with new themes and discussions. The idea might sound risky, but it can rocket your coffee shop to fame.

3. Holiday Cheer Happy Hour

Each holiday has its spirit, and you can create a unique atmosphere in your coffee shop by hanging up some decorations and serving special drinks during happy hours.

If there’s no memorable holiday to celebrate this week, consider offering some fall-inspired beverages like apple cider or pumpkin spice latte or winter-inspired hot chocolate or peppermint mochas at a reduced price. 

Both decorations and drinks will make your customers experience memorable and touching. They’ll want to visit your coffee shop over and over again just for those feelings and emotions. 

4. Affordable Pastries

coffee shop happy hour pastry ideas

Just like restaurants offer meal deals at a particular time of the day, you can offer similar discounts, as well. Chances are, you have a lot of pastries that aren’t selling.

Why not include them in your coffee deal? When a customer buys a drink during your happy hour, they get any pastry at a reduced price.

You can also sell pastries in bundles during happy hours. Office workers will be your first loyal customers. 

5. Healthy Happy Hour

healthy happy hour coffee shop green smoothie

Show your customers that you support healthy living by hosting a healthy happy hour. One of the reasons why people stay away from coffee shops in the afternoon is caffeine.

It’s not recommended to drink coffee after 4 pm, and those who lead healthy lifestyles usually follow this rule. 

Healthy happy hour is a wonderful way to draw customers who love matcha tea or latte or freshly squeezed juice.

During these hours, focus on selling healthy drinks with lowered caffeine content. You can go further and sell post-workout smoothies. People often visit the gyms after 4 pm, so try arranging healthy happy hours between 5 to 7 pm. 

6. Contests And Giveaways

winning free drink coffee shop

Statistics show that about 34% of new clients are gained through different contests. A giveaway is another great idea for a happy hour.

Coffee shops rarely offer contests or giveaways, but it’s an effective way to welcome more customers. 

You can randomly choose one customer who will receive a drink or pastry (or both) for free during a happy hour.

You can do it daily or weekly and change the way you choose a winner. For instance, you can ask a question about your coffee shop or coffee in general and the first person to give the correct answer wins a prize.

A giveaway is a fantastic happy hour idea to try. For instance, if one customer brings their friends, this customer gets a free drink or any prize, like a mug or T-shirt with your coffee shop logo.

7. Late-Night Happy Hour

coffee shop cheers

Although happy hours are generally held in the afternoon or early evening, you can stand out from the crowd by offering a late-night happy hour – depending on your schedule.

During late-night happy hours, people will have an opportunity to relax after a hard workday and save money on their favorite drinks and pastries.

Consider serving some relaxing drinks like Lavender latte or tea. Adding something sleep-inducing might be a win-win solution, too.

8. Lavish Gifts 

small gift coffee shop giveaway happy hour

This happy hour idea isn’t cost-friendly, yet it can help more people learn about your coffee shop. During a happy hour at a specific time, give a small present to each customer.

Ideally, it can be a small notebook or pen with your logo. If you can afford to gift mugs or lunchboxes with your logos, it will become an excellent advertisement. People love gifts.

Hosting a happy hour where you lavish your customers with gifts will instantly bring new ones into your coffee shop.

9. Music Hours

Make each day’s happy hour special by playing different music in your coffee shop. For instance, play classical music on Monday’s happy hour and rock music on Friday’s happy hour.

It’s an excellent way to attract customers who love specific music. However, ensure you announce which music you’ll be playing on a particular day.  


Happy hours will help you experience sales growth if you host them successfully. Don’t afraid to think outside the box.

The more creative happy hours your coffee shop offers, the more sales you have around your slowest times, allowing everyone to feel amazingly delighted at your coffee shop.

For all of your espresso and coffee needs, be sure to check out!

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