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Casadio Undici A2 Review: High-Performing and Practical

Casadio Undici A2 Review

Many new espresso machine models are getter larger with every new update. Typically, the size increases because of the addition of group heads on the machine. More group heads can result in greater productivity, which is helpful for commercial purposes.

That said, the most significant disadvantage of larger machines is that users who have limited space in their coffee shops or workplaces won’t be able to enjoy a high output. This article, however, is an espresso machine review that will showcase a viable option for this particular dilemma.

The Casadio Undici A2 is a high-volume espresso machine and has a relatively compact size. This particular model comes in two different models. Thus, it has a full or regular size and a compact design.

The official title for the smaller variant is Casadio Undici A2 Compact. On the other hand, the regular-sized model may be referred to as the Casadio Undici A2 (Full Size).

In both cases, the coffee maker is relatively smaller than other devices by other brands. Therefore, this review explains how this machine can be a good choice for your business by going over the following.

  • Features of this particular product
  • An overview of how its brewing capacity, build quality, and so on
  • Who this product is best for
  • A bit of a background on the Casadio brand and how other products by the company have faired
  • Other alternatives of this espresso machine

With that said, here’s a Casadio Undici A2 review with details on both models/variants.

Key Features of the Casadio Undici A2

Casadio Undici A 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Casadio Undici A 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Both models of the Casadio Undici A2 coffee maker have similar features. The only major differences are in the dimensions and the boiler capacity—which is again a result of the size variations. Thus, both variants of this espresso machine have two brew groups.

Therefore, the output is twice that of a small model with a single group. Despite the additional volume of coffee the compact version brews, the size is similar to that of most single-group models.

So, here are some key features of this product and how those features can be great for users.

Compact Design and Dimensions

Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact Commercial Espresso Machine

Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact Commercial Espresso Machine

This article has already touched on the compact design of this product. Thus, here are some specifications of the regular version and compact version:

Specifications for the full-size Undici A2:

  • Dimensions: 22.72” H x 28.19” W x 20.78” D (3.2” is the water tank)
  • Weight: 111 lbs.
  • Boiler capacity: 10.5 l
  • Group heads: 2
  • Steam wands: 2
  • Stainless steel hot water wand: 1

Specifications for the compact Undici A2:

  • Dimensions: 22.72" H x 21.65" W x 20.79" D (3.2" is the water tank)
  • Weight: 104 lbs.
  • Boiler capacity: 7 l
  • Group heads: 2
  • Steam wands: 2
  • Stainless steel hot water wand: 1

The Notable Differences Between the Two Models

The only significant differences in the design and the dimensions between the two models are the width of the espresso machines and the boiler capacity. The approximately 6.5” of additional width on the full size affords 3.5 more liters of boiler capacity.

Therefore, you can prepare more coffee with the full-size model, but you will have a harder time fitting it into tighter spaces. That said, if you’re only limited by vertical space, even the regular model will be a perfect fit.

On the other hand, the dimensions on the compact version are closer to most single-group models than double-group ones. In most cases, an increase in the number of groups results in a subsequently larger machine.

This is not the case with the Casadio Undici A2 Compact. Thus, you can fit this machine in small spaces in your workplace or coffee shop and still be able to brew a lot of coffee at a time.

Semiautomatic Machine Type with Volumetric Dosing Buttons

You should consider various basic features when purchasing an affordable espresso machine. One of those features is the type of machine that the product is.

The Undici A2 is a semiautomatic machine type. What this means is that you must both start and stop the brew cycle on this product. You should note that this process requires flawless timing and skill to produce the best possible coffee for you or to those who you’re serving.

So, you should consider manual espresso machines if you have the knowledge and skill to make good coffee—which is a given if you’re using it in your coffee shop or café.

That said, the Casadio Undici A2 comes with volumetric dosing buttons and a microprocessor. This feature can enable baristas to select between brewing a single shot or a double shot. After that, they can wait for the espresso machine to time the correct dose for each type of shot. It simplifies this entire process.

The Design Is Ideal for Experienced and New Baristas

The addition of the volumetric dosing buttons makes this particular espresso machine operate like a hybrid between a semiautomatic and an automatic device.

Thus, the Casadio Undici A2 is a good option for both experienced and new baristas as the former can set the start and stop times manual to pull shots as long as needed. On the other hand, the latter use the dosing buttons for more accurate doses.

Two Group Heads

The group heads determine how much coffee quantity you can brew simultaneously. This Casadio Undici A2 review has discussed the advantage of the double-group heads with respect to the size. Thus, it’s clear that this product is a good choice for small coffee shops that tend to get many customers at one time.

A single group head (or brew group) can produce two shots at one time. Therefore, you can brew up to four shots when you use the Casadio Undici A2 Compact.

If you have a coffee shop business, your baristas can make drinks for your customers faster. Therefore, the additional efficiency means that they can serve more clients at once and improve the overall customer experience without any compromises to the drinks’ quality.

In turn, you can expect better revenue from your coffee business. That said, you should note that skilled baristas will be able to create more shots of espresso from this machine simultaneously. So, when quantity and efficiency are a concern, it’s best to hire skilled professionals.

LED Light Indicators

Every espresso machine’s design is unique in its own right. So, each may require a bit of a learning curve to use it optimally, especially if you’re operating a device by a brand you haven’t used before. The Casadio Undici A2 aims to reduce this by including LED indicator lights.

These lights highlight every function of this compact espresso machine. Every button on the device has an LED light to illuminate it, and the lights also indicate which operation you select, such as a single or double shot.

Therefore, you can learn to operate the machine with greater ease and also take full advantage of some of its subtle features.

Heat Exchange Boiler

If you’re running a coffee shop, you’ll want your baristas to provide your customers with their drinks as possible.

On the other hand, if you’re making coffee at your workplace, you would be more productive if your coffee maker produces your drink quickly. Therefore, the Casadio Undici A2 has a heat exchange boiler that further reduces the waiting time than just what the dual group heads offer.

A heat exchange boiler is similar to a boiler, except it has a tube that runs through it. Therefore, this coffee maker can steam water and brew the coffee at the same time because the tube separates the water for both of these functions.

The result of this feature is that the time to produce coffee is about half of what a coffee machine without this feature would take.

The Benefits of the Heat Exchange Boiler Are Readily Apparent When Making Lattes

Without this feature, you or a barista would have to give some time between brewing espresso and steaming milk whenever making a latte. This delay would allow the coffee machine to adjust to different temperatures.

Therefore, this feature is particularly beneficial when running a busy coffee shop where efficiency is paramount to the success of the business.  

Overview of the Benefits of the Casadio Undici A2

While it’s essential to understand the features of an espresso machine before purchasing it, you should also be aware of its benefits. Therefore, in this Casadio Undici A2 review, we have provided an overview of some benefits that are worth noting.

Good Build Quality

Despite the relatively affordable price of this compact espresso machine, the build quality is nearly similar to premium models—if not as good as some. The entire device is made of stainless steel. So, none of the parts feels flimsy or low quality.

In addition to that, the Casadio Undici A2 also can run for several hours straight without compromising the quality of the drinks. This characteristic is excellent for cafés and coffee shops as the one-time investment can significantly benefit your business.

The build quality is consistent with both models, and they are also made of the same material.

User-Friendly Design

This Casadio Undici A2 review has already covered the benefit the dosing buttons have on simplifying coffee-making. However, the addition of a mechanical button pad makes this machine even more user-friendly. This pad contains metal buttons that are placed on the body of the device.

Overall, the pad’s design is neat and easy to read, and there are only a few buttons. Therefore, you won’t waste time and effort trying to find the correct function.

The machine further simplifies the design by providing text or a clearly printed icon on the button. So, you can expect new baristas to begin using this machine with maximum efficiency in very little time.

Great Value for Money

It’s safe to admit in this Casadio Undici A2 review that this espresso machine offers excellent value for money. This fact holds true for both models of this particular espresso machine.

Its compact design, high coffee output, good build quality, semiautomatic features, general ease of use, and affordable price make this a great contender for some of the best compact espresso machines in the market.

You can also get the machine in four different color options, including:

  • A stainless steel finish
  • Black
  • Red
  • White

Thus, you can get your machine in whatever color that fits the overall aesthetic of your coffee shop or workplace. The Casadio Undici A2 Compact is priced lower than the full size due to the smaller design and lower boiler capacity.

Depending on the vendor from where you purchase the espresso machine, you can expect the price difference to be about $700 to $900. So, you can also pick one of the models based on what fits your budget.  

Comes in Different Voltage Options

The Casadio Undici A2 Compact comes in two voltage options:110 V and 220 V.

    Therefore, you can choose yours based on your outlet’s requirements and location. Make sure to do your research about the voltage output of your office or outlet. You can short circuit your espresso machine if you insert a 110 V device into a 220 V outlet. The range for 110 V is 100 V to 120 V.

    The Casadio Undici A2 (Full Size) only comes in a 220 V option. That said, the voltage can range between 208 V and 240 V.

    The Difference in Power Output

    Due to the varying voltage options in the compact version, the power consumption (in Watts) is also different.

    • The power consumption for 110 V: 1200 W to 1700 W
    • The power consumption for 220 V: 2600 W to 3400 W

    On the other hand, the full size of the Casadio Undici A2 has higher power consumption. Larger espresso machines (in this case: more boiler capacity) need more power to heat the water effectively.

    • The power consumption for 220V: 3400 W to 4500 W

    Lower Electricity Costs

    The biggest advantage of the lower power consumption of the Casadio Undici A2 Compact espresso machine is that your electricity bills will be lower than that of full size.

    Therefore, you can save more money on overhead costs, and you can use those savings on re-investing in your coffee shop or other related business. If you’re getting this in your office, then lower overheads can result in more revenue overall.

    High Boiler Capacity

    As mentioned above in this Casadio Undici A2 review, the boiler capacity is different between the full size and compact models. The boiler capacity on the full size is 10.5 l and 7 l on the compact design. In both cases, the capacity is relatively high compared to other coffee makers available in the market.

    You can expect the high boiler capacity to create more coffee at once, and it also ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed, and the high-performance fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system helps with that. The result of these features is that every coffee shot will be consistent in terms of flavor and texture.

    12 Months Parts Warranty

    This warranty package is undoubtedly not the best out there. You only get replacements on some of the parts of the espresso machine. However, it’s always best to purchase a product that has at least a year-long warranty. This way, you can save money on repairs if you receive a faulty piece.

    You should also note that you will need to install a water softener if your water supply doesn’t meet the water specifications detailed in the product’s documents. If you don’t do so, you will void the warranty.

    So, make sure to check with your water supply company when you install your Casadio Undici A2 to keep the warranty in play.

    Also, make sure to replace your water filters at the appropriate time to avoid damage to your espresso machine. When you must replace your filter will depend on the water quality and drinks quantity.

    Who This Product Is Best For

    In this Casadio Undici A2 review, it’s best to clarify who this espresso machine will serve best. This way, you can determine if you should invest in this product. You should only purchase covers your needs without crossing your budget.

    This particular product is a semiautomatic coffee maker. What this means is that you have the opportunity to rely on its programing for pulling espresso shots or take full control of it yourself. Therefore, the following can take full advantage of this coffee maker and create drinks that are well-made and suited to their preferences:

    • Experienced baristas (typically, they prefer to use their own estimations over automatic systems)
    • Inexperienced baristas (the automated dosages can enable even people who don’t know how to use an espresso machine to make coffee)
    • Small to medium volume coffee shops, bars, or restaurants
    • Offices with limited counter space that have employees who drink coffee daily
    • Hotels
    • Bakeries
    • Cafés

    Who This Product Is Not Best For

    While this product can prove advantageous to many, it may not be the best option for the following:

    • Home use (despite being an affordable product, it’s still too expensive for most people’s homes)
    • Large-scale coffee shops (2 group heads may not be sufficient when serving several customers at once)
    • Lunchrooms in large-scale offices or other establishments (such as colleges where there are high volumes of coffee drinkers)

    About the Casadio Brand

    Casadio is an Italian brand, and many of the best espresso machines in the world are manufactured in Italy. Casadio was founded in 1950 in Bologna, so it has decades of experience manufacturing espresso machines. As a result, their product quality is fantastic, and they’re known for being reliable.

    Casadio is Part of the Cimbali Group

    Initially, Casadio used to produce bar equipment. However, it eventually joined the Cimbali group and began manufacturing high-end coffee and espresso equipment. The several years in the coffee gear industry have enabled Casadio to continue implementing new technology in its products and at affordable prices.

    The Cimabli group has garnered a loyal customer base over the years. Many customers pick brands under this group because they are known for manufacturing some of the best products in the market that are based on what customers want.

    Other Alternatives of the Casadio Undici A2

    Even though this is a Casadio Undici A2 review, you should know about some other similar products available before making a purchase. The following two products have somewhat similar features as the Casadio Undici A2 models.

    La Pavoni Bar-T 2V 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

    La Pavoni BAR-T 2V Volumetric 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

    Check Current Price

    The specifications for this product are as follows.

    • Dimensions: 21" H x 29" W x 21" D
    • Weight: 125 lbs.
    • Boiler capacity: 14 l
    • Group heads: 2
    • Steam wands: 2
    • Hot water wand: 1

    The most notable difference is the higher boiler capacity. However, this product is priced at about $1000 dollars more than the Casadio Undici A2.

    Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Compact 2 Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine

    Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Compact 2 Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine

    Check Current Price

    The specifications for this product are as follows.

    • Dimensions: 21" H x 22" W x 22" D
    • Boiler capacity: 7.5 l
    • Group heads: 2

    This product is very similar to the Casadio Undici A2 Compact, but the most notable difference is the price, which is about twice that of the Undici.


    Whether you purchase the Casadio Undici A2 (Full Size) or the Compact, you won’t be disappointed by what it has to offer. What makes this even better is that the cost is significantly lower than some of its competitors without any compromises to the quality.

    Moreover, both new users and seasoned baristas can use this espresso machine to produce drinks to their specifications.

    Cafe Last is the premier destination for all of your espresso machine and coffee equipment needs. We carry products from top brands, including Casadio. Check us out!

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