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Casadio Enea On Demand Review: A High-Performance Coffee Grinder

Casadio Enea On Demand Review

Coffee – what would life be without it? The fact that for most folks, coffee is what keeps them going through the day, and that you’re reading this to buy yourself (or someone else) a new coffee grinder tells us you feel the same way about this liquid happy pill.

Thanks to advancements in modern technology, no longer do you have to chop wood and start a fire or head on down to your favorite cafe to get this pick-me-up from the capable hands of a barista.

The best part is, you can recreate that same taste and class of coffee as you would enjoy at a cafe or coffee shop, and you wouldn’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.

When it comes to going the DIY route with coffee brewing, most folks tend to focus solely on the quality of the coffee maker. Don’t get me wrong.

While having a solid coffee machine in your kitchen will get you a sweet cup of Joe every morning, that’s not the only piece of hardware you are going to need to get the freshest morning brew.

Of course - we are talking about a coffee grinder and a specific coffee grinder. If you haven’t guessed it already, this is going to be a Casadio Enea On Demand review.

Casadio Enea On Demand Review

Casadio Enea On Demand

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  • Die-cast chrome and painted frame
  • Removable hopper micro-switch
  • Hopper capacity: 2.65 lbs.
  • Programmable single and double dosing
  • Micrometric screw adjustment
  • Flat 64 mm grinding burrs
  • Electronic automatic dosing
  • CE certified
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs.

Design and Build Quality

In the world of coffee grinders, it is difficult to find that one machine that offers the perfect balance between high quality, consistency, and affordability. Well, the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder puts that to rest and does it with style.

This is a top-shelf coffee grinder, which becomes quickly evident as soon as you pull it out of the box.

The Casadio Enea On Demand is proof that it is possible to design a high-performance coffee grinder and add on some fantastic features without having it cost an arm and a leg, which is what most premium quality coffee grinders cost these days.

The Casadio Enea On Demand sits pretty atop its perch above the rest of the coffee grinder brands that want to try something new and unique with their designs and features but fail miserably.

This grinder is all business when it comes to the “grinding” part (more on that later), but for now, let’s take a moment to marvel at its chic, modern design. 

The first thing that you will notice with the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is its robust build quality. The black and silver accents give it that commercial-grade appearance that you would expect to find in a coffee grinder being used at a restaurant or cafe.

But, the best part about the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is that it feels anything but fragile, which is one of the main concerns of folks looking to purchase a coffee grinder for home use.

The Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder sports a premium-looking die-cast chrome body that gives it that premium quality appearance.

According to the manufacturer, only the best quality die-cast chrome and other materials have been used in designing the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder, which means that the machine has been built keeping in mind the demand for longer-lasting grinder machines by the user.

The good news for the end-user who purchases the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is that it has been designed for optimal performance for day to day use, and the combination of design and components that have been used in the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder ensures that it is able to go the distance.

Whether you are a home user or business owner, you will be looking for a coffee grinder that is reliable and affordable, but most important of all, one that will last you a long time. The designers seem to have gone back to the drawing board when it was time to design the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder.

They introduced new parts to the mix, but the addition of the solid die-cast chrome body ensures that this coffee grinder can take a few nicks while shielding the inner parts from the outside world.

The Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is also rather tall for a mainly domestic coffee grinder, but that’s only because of the large storage capacity and motor that’s been included in its design.

The use of transparent glass ensures that users are able to keep the coffee beans in their sight until the beans make their way down to the grinding compartment of the unit. There is also a large digital display that provides the user with user settings that pertain to the grinding process.

The rather large base of the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder ensures that there’s no spilling over of coffee grounds, which is a nice advantage, especially if you tend to buy expensive coffee beans.

Efficient Doserless Grinding

The Enea features the ultimate feature to ensure you always receive the strongest coffee: a doserless mechanism. Simply said, rather than grinding larger amounts into a holding chamber in preparation, the grinder grinds straight into your portafilter.

Because you grind each shot of espresso to order, you can be sure it wasn’t lying around growing stale before you used it to make coffee. This is, by far, one of the best features for any premium quality coffee grinder to have especially because it almost ensures great-tasting coffee every time.

Compatible Single and Double Portafilters

This might not be a big deal for all those folks who will be using the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder at home, but the fact that the manufacturers thought of including this feature tells us that Enea has been listening to the wishes of its loyal customers.

Having a coffee grinder that’s compatible with both single and double portafilters is a priceless feature to have and just makes the whole coffee grinding and brewing process a lot more efficient.

Since this is one of those features that you are more likely to see in a commercial-grade coffee grinder, it is nice to see Enea introduce this nifty feature for those clients who are looking to purchase a reliable coffee grinder for home use.

Micrometrical Adjustment

There are countless different types of coffee blends and coffee types for users to choose from, which is going to have an impact on the brew quality and taste of the coffee.

That being said, there are multiple brewing processes, and grind fineness levels may be used to bring out the best in each one’s flavor characteristic. That’s why, if your company specializes in coffee, you’ll need a grinder with a wide range of fineness settings.

With the micrometrical adjustment, the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is able to accomplish this quickly and with the kind of finesse you would expect to find in a premium quality coffee grinder.

Furthermore, baristas that use a micrometrical device aren’t limited to the manufacturer’s notched fineness settings. This means that they are able to modify the fineness to any position on the adjustment knob, allowing them to fine-tune it as needed, depending on the demands of the customers.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder offers a level of customization that is second to none for home users.

Perfect Burrs

In case you were wondering, the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder boasts of flat burrs, and for good reason. But before we go into that, beginners need to understand why flat burrs are the ideal option in the first place.

We all know that the main function of a coffee grinder is to grind, and the burrs are the portion that allows it to do so.

The Enea features big, flat grinding burrs in this example. What does this imply for you, though? Let’s start with their dimensions.

The burrs that have been fitted in the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder have a diameter of 64mm, which might mean nothing to the novice coffee drinker, but it does mean a whole lot to coffee enthusiasts and baristas who have years of experience in using premium coffee grinders.

The reason why that’s the ideal size for flat burrs is that it allows the grinder to smash more coffee beans easily.

Also, larger burrs have the advantage of not needing to spin as much as tiny ones. That means less turning friction, which means less heat, protecting your coffee beans from severe burns. Then there’s the matter of the form.

The ability of flat burrs to convert coffee beans to uniformly sized bits is legendary and is something that the Enea coffee grinder has accepted wholeheartedly, and we’re glad they did. And that’s not the only reason why we think that the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder has been fitted with the perfect size burrs.

Using flat burrs translates to having a balanced extraction so that you can enjoy that deep, rich taste that coffee enthusiasts all over the world enjoy, whether they are looking to brew espresso or plain coffee.

Programmable Dosing


Another reason why you should love the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is that it simplifies the entire grinding process. The programmed grinder features buttons where you may save timings for single and double shots.

This is a great feature for any coffee grinder to have because it basically offers a set-it-and-forget-it kind of convenience that not many grinders offer.

Once you’ve set the correct dose for your shots, all you have to do now is click the appropriate button and wait for the exact amount of espresso to be delivered.

In short, what this means is that with the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder, even a novice coffee enthusiast gets to be a pro when it comes to brewing espresso at home.

Large Capacity Hopper

This is definitely one of the features that every professional barista would appreciate. The Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder makes serving espresso to customers at a restaurant or cafe a breeze.

This is only possible with the large-size hopper that has been integrated into the design of this commercial-grade coffee grinder and is just another reason why this is one of the top-performing coffee grinders available in the market today.

Since espresso is prepared quicker, a barista can satisfy more customers and keep business running smoothly. But, the large 2.65 pounds coffee bean capacity of the large-capacity hopper is not only a good feature in a commercial setting.

The Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is also a great option for home users who prefer to grind a large quantity of coffee beans at one go to get the same level of consistency in their espresso the whole day.  

But, that’s not the only reason why the hopper in the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is one of the main selling points of this coffee grinder.

This time around, Enea has also included a nifty safety mechanism for the hopper, which improves the overall safety of the machine, making it safe for use, both in a commercial setting and for home use by novice users.

The safety mechanism that’s been fitted in the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is a great addition if more than one person is going to use your coffee maker and will obviously be using the grinder as well.

If there are coffee beans leftover from the previous grinding session, all you have to do is turn the screw at the back of the hopper to empty the beans before starting a fresh grinding session.

But that’s not all. The Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder also comes with a safety mechanism that kicks in when the hopper is off so that the grinder will not start without the hopper being attached to the grinder and is screwed on properly.

This offers an extra layer of safety for even novice users who can now grind their favorite coffee beans in the comfort of their homes.

Sturdy Drip Tray

Cleaning is an important aspect of a barista’s employment. As a result, after brewing, they will rinse the portafilter, cleaning both the portafilter and the group head at the same time.

However, if you need to grind a new shot of espresso immediately after completing another, the portafilter may be leaking. Since the drip tray has been neatly attached to the front side of the base of the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder, the kitchen counter will not get messy after each grinding session.

This also means spending less time cleaning up stray ground coffee from around the kitchen counter at home or at a restaurant or cafe. Speaking of mess-free grinding, the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder is also right up there with the top coffee grinders that are also extremely easy to maintain.

Easy Maintenance and Upkeep

The Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder makes quick business of maintenance and upkeep, which is something that will certainly be appreciated by those who are always on the go and just don’t have the time to carry out general maintenance.

Whether you are an experienced barista who is familiar with working a coffee grinder or a beginner who is just getting started with their coffee brewing, the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder takes the guesswork out of maintenance and upkeep.

This ensures that you will get to enjoy a delicious cup of Joe for many years to come. But, that doesn’t mean the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder just needs to be set up and left alone. 

Ask any coffee enthusiast or barista, and they will tell you that cleanliness is key for getting a powerful brew, mainly because it helps the coffee grinder perform at an optimal level. In fact, it doesn’t really matter how much you have paid for the coffee machine sitting in your kitchen.

If you have a coffee grinder and do not maintain it properly, it will harm the overall quality of the brew. To make sure that never happens, you should clean the coffee grinder and the coffee bean container at least once a week to get rid of any greasy coating left by the beans during the grinding process. You can easily do this with a clean towel. 

If the grinder is used in a café, coffee shop, or restaurant, you should do this multiple times a day. It is critical to keep the machine clean at all times because the fragrant oily component of the coffee may develop rancid, causing bad effects on the coffee. Moreover, a lack of cleanliness may endanger the dose’s regularity. 

The same goes for home use. If you tend to use your coffee grinder often, it’s best to make sure that it is cleaned after every use to ensure optimal performance.

And don’t forget the base of the unit. You can use a clean, damp cloth to clean the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder base. Another important tip is to use a brush and a vacuum cleaner to clean the dispensing spout as well as to make sure that the coffee grinder has been thoroughly cleaned.

Ending Note

Even if you’ve paid top dollar for a coffee maker, the quality of your morning coffee is all going to depend on the quality of the beans you’re using, and even more importantly, the quality of the grind.

Few would deny that the best way to enjoy the freshest cup of Joe is by grinding the coffee beans fresh, mainly because you get much better results as compared to using pre-ground coffee bags.

However, if you decide to grind the coffee beans yourself, you will need a very capable and reliable coffee grinder. This is where the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder comes in.

This coffee grinder is a worthwhile investment for the serious espresso drinker at home mainly because it comes with all the bells and whistles that one would look for in a premium quality coffee grinder.

Not only has the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder been considered the ideal choice for home brewing, but its commercial-grade build has even resulted in many professional baristas taking it for a spin at their establishments.

If you are looking for a coffee grinder that’s reliable and gives you a fast, consistent grind every time, then you really can’t go wrong with the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder.

Apart from the robust build quality that makes it look like it belongs in the kitchen of a restaurant or cafe, the Casadio Enea On Demand coffee grinder also sports a modest footprint, which makes it an ideal choice for those who do not have enough space in their kitchen.

Furthermore, this premium quality grinder hits the sweet spot between versatility and affordability, which means that you get to enjoy a delicious espresso with minimal morning fuss.

Cafe Last is the premier destination for all of your espresso machine and coffee equipment needs. We carry products from top brands, including Casadio. Check us out!

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