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Top 5 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines for Coffee Shops and Home Use

Do you want to wake up to a flawlessly brewed, flavor-bursting cup of coffee every morning but don't want to make a trip to the coffee shop every day to get it?

Perhaps, you run a coffee shop and want to serve consistent espresso to your customers in minimum time regardless of your barista skills? If you can relate to these scenarios, then a super automatic espresso machine can make your life easier.  

They provide the ease, function, convenience, and taste you need in life. However, keep in mind that these top-class machines often come with a hefty price tag.

This makes it important to research the best super automatic espresso machine that fulfills your requirements. The machine you choose will also impact the quality of the espresso.

Choose the right one, and you'll be off to a great start every day with the ideal cup of coffee in hand. On the other hand, if you pick the wrong machine, you might wind up with a watery, strange-tasting brown goop and a sense of enormous sorrow over the $900+ you just squandered.

Read on to learn more about super automatic espresso machines and some of the best options currently available in the market.

A Bit About Super Automatic Espresso Machines

When you hear the term "Super-Automatic Espresso Maker," you might wonder what makes it so "super." It is, after all, only a machine, right?

But when it comes to brewing espresso, these espresso machines are just incredible. Super automatic espresso machines have built-in coffee bean grinders with automatic functions.

Manual and semi-automatic espresso machines require you to grind your own coffee, attach the portafilter, and occasionally extract your own shot, super-automatic espresso machines require far less.

Super-automatic espresso machines handle everything from grinding, boiling, and brewing to cleaning at the push of a button. All Super-automatic espresso machines ask is that you bring the coffee beans. The rest will be handled by the super-automatic, which will take less than 30 seconds.

These machines also provide you the freedom to produce any espresso drink you can think of. Plus, these espresso makers come with either a steam wand or an automatic milk frothing mechanism, which means adding both heated and frothed milk is a breeze.

In addition, super-automatic espresso machines make the popular café crème, a delectable coffee brew that is similar to espresso but not quite as powerful. For some, the ability to prepare café crème is an irresistible reason to buy one.

There is no doubt that the features of a super-automatic espresso maker will bring value and satisfaction to any espresso enthusiast. Getting the best super automatic espresso machines means more control over your coffee in terms of temperature, volume, and caffeine content. You just have to make sure that you are choosing the right machine for your needs.

Top 5 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Since there are hundreds of machines out there, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices to find the perfect one. To make things easier for you, we have reviewed the five best super automatic espresso machines for home use and coffee shops below.

1.    La Cimbali S30 CP10 Fully Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

La Cimbali S30 CP10 Fully Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

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  • Width: 14.6 inches 
  • Depth: 24.4 inches 
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Drink Selection on Screen: 96
  • Grind doser: 2

The La Cimbali S30 is a multi-beverage machine built for dependability, superior coffee quality, and convenience. The machine can produce up to 300 cups every day, all of which are of the highest quality. Output levels, cleaning status, and maintenance requirements can be monitored via integrated WiFi.

The S30 is ideal for bakeries, restaurants, medium coffee chains, and anybody looking for the perfect espresso. The machine is incredibly easy to use and delivers excellent coffee.

The S30 can make a wide range of coffee beverages because of its boiler system and other features. It makes hot frothed milk and cold frothed milk, which expands the vast choice of recipes available to you even further.

There are two hot water settings, a hot water wand, and a steam wand on this machine. Each wand adds to the menu's versatility. The machine requires a 220V electrical connection.

Here are some of the defining features and capabilities of La Cimbali S30 CP10, which makes it one of the best fully automatic commercial espresso machines.

High-performance Boiler System: It combines two stainless steel boilers with exterior insulation on the machine's hot side. The first boiler generates steam and hot water, while the second boiler aids in preparing other coffee-based drinks.

Additionally, the proprietary Smart Boiler technology guarantees that production is maintained during peak hours, ensuring that all customers receive their orders on time.

Smart Grinding System: It features two 2.6 pound bean hoppers and titanium dosing grinders. The grinders are PVD-coated to withstand high temperatures and provide long-term endurance.

The Perfect Grinding System, or PGS, constantly analyses how the coffee is prepared and adjusts the grinding, regrinding, and re-dosing as needed for maximum results.

High-Tech Controls: The machine's customizable touch screen displays graphics, animations, and even videos of the menu. The smart machine also offers bidirectional telemetry, remote control options, and integration with the CUP4YOU app. The 10.4" touch screen makes the user experience much easier, more practical, and fun.

Sophisticated Self-Cleaning System: At the touch of a button, the machine's automatic cleaning system takes over after a long day of grinding beans, brewing brews, and assembling orders. It thoroughly cleans and sanitizes to provide a perfect batch of espresso the next morning.

Advanced LCD & Custom Media: Menu options range from a foamy latte to a robust ristretto, with custom media transferable through USB or WiFi. With the integrated bidirectional WiFi, you can create recipes and update software.

Each panel is easy to view thanks to the backlit display, which is 10 7/16" in size and includes toughened glass for safety. For further visibility, nearby lights illuminate the supply area.

Red Dot Award for Design: The LaCimbali S30 was awarded the highly coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design.

A committee of over forty qualified design specialists from around the world decided on the prize. The jury was convinced by aspects such as innovation, quality, functionality, and environmental compatibility.

2.    Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

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  • Width: 13 inches 
  • Depth: 21 inches 
  • Height: 24 inches
  • Drink Selection: 10 coffee-based, 5 milk-based
  • Grinder: Double grinder

The Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Touch is designed keeping in mind the commercial coffee needs in cafés and restaurants. It creates excellent coffee for an amazing experience every time and impresses baristas and customers alike.

Thanks to the machine's simple technology, the barista will be able to create the perfect cup multiple times throughout the day.

The commercial espresso machine can help you boost your business as serving consistently smooth coffee is a key step in securing repeat business. You will require a 220V electrical connection to operate this machinery.

Nuova Simonelli Prontobar is available in two models: Step 1 and Step 2 super automatic espresso machines. Both machines deliver high performance. The main difference lies in the coffee preparation methods.

Let's look at some defining features of these amazing machines and why they may be the perfect choice for any commercial setting.  

1-Step vs. 2-Step: The 1-step machine will automatically add milk to your drinks when linked with a compatible milk cooler. This machine requires the milk cooler to function properly.

On the other hand, the 2-step machine relies on Auto-Steam, which is built-in for milk steaming to make great lattes, cappuccinos, or flat whites.

Both machines utilize a metal thermo-compensated supply group that ensures precise temperature control, resulting in dependably excellent espresso cups. Customers can trust that their first cup of high-quality espresso is merely the first of many.

Compact Design: Running low on space in your commercial kitchen? No problem – This machine is quite compact, allowing you to save room at your business without sacrificing excellent features.

Significant attention has been taken to keep the size as small as possible while keeping features and brewing technology. The body is designed using stainless steel abs for high durability. It also features a built-in USB connection and height-adjustable spouts.

Grinding System: Two grinders lie on top of the machine, with a decaf chute. Each grinder is constructed using cutting-edge technology and unique steel to ensure that they last for a long time. They're made to be tough, so they can grind effectively. They are also flexible enough to absorb operational vibrations.

Easy to Use: In super-automatic machines, simplicity is a highly prized trait. The good news is that Nuova Simonelli Prontobar is extremely simple to use. Every employee in a fast-paced atmosphere will be able to operate the equipment to its maximum extent without trouble.

The same goes for maintenance. While maintenance is often a complex and time-consuming operation that results in downtime, this machine features a clever design, making even the most difficult maintenance as quick as possible.

Smart Touchscreen: While preserving a sleek and polished appearance, the touch screen display is convenient and straightforward to operate. The alphanumeric LCD display has programmable menu settings and is an easy-to-use addition to your espresso-making routine. Using the display to set the tamping force has never been easier!

Sophisticated Groups: Prontobar has a metal thermo-compensated delivery group that ensures optimal temperature control and consistent quality. Additionally, fine-tuning the geometry of specific group components improves operability and durability.

The electronic Prontobar has been enhanced with additional features that give you more control over the group's movement and make it even easier to manage.

Smart Controls: The Prontobar has six buttons, each of which can be reprogrammed to the drink of your choice. The control panel may be set up to make specific drinks, and reassigning buttons is simple and straightforward.

The dose, brewing temperature, steam temperature, and group temperature can also be programmed using the LCD display.

Auto Schedules: The automatic washing schedule helps you save time, especially at the end of a long day at work. You can also use the machine's automatic on-and-off timer and standby mode to preserve energy and the environment.

Other High Tech Features: To give a meaningful experience, the Prontobar is made up of a profusion of functions, settings, and high-performance elements. 

With the addition of the new pump to the Prontobar, it now provides quiet delivery while also enhancing production. The machine may also use the pump to fine-tune the texture of the crème as well as the volume delivered.

3.    Franke A1000 FM CM Commercial Espresso Machine

Franke A1000 FM CM Commercial Espresso Machine

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  • Width: 13.3 inches 
  • Depth: 23.6 inches 
  • Height: 31.3 inches
  • Bean Hoppers: 3 

Franke A1000 FM CM Commercial Espresso Machine is a microprocessor-controlled fully automatic coffee machine with one precision coffee grinder. It features two powder dosing systems for coffee, hot chocolate, milk, and mixed beverages.

You can prepare multiple beverages, including cappuccino, latte macchiato, and milk coffee with warm milk and hot milk foam in Barista quality. It is also a great option if you are a fan of specialties made with cold milk or cold milk foam.

Here are some of the features and in-built functions that make Franke A1000 FM CM one of the best super automatic espresso machines in the market.

Powerful Dosing System: The machine comes with one hot water dispenser providing dosed or non-dosed hot water output through a separate spout parallel to the coffee output. It also features an auto-steam dispenser with dosed or undosed steam output for manual milk heating and foaming or cup preheating.

The temperature sensor turns off the heating process when the programmed temperature is attained. It is feasible to produce steam in tandem with the brewing of coffee.

Coffee Grinder: Franke A1000 FM CM has a single noise-reduced precision coffee grinder with ceramic discs for direct coffee bean grinding. You can also use the transparent single-chamber bean jar with a capacity of up to 2000 grams.

The bean container can be readily removed utilizing the front of the machine's central unlocking mechanism, which also acts as a bean hopper shutter. If the container or beans are missing and the items are locked, a notification will be displayed on the touch screen.

FoamMaster System: A high-performance FoamMaster mechanism is built into the coffee machine to make sure that the correct amount of milk is dispensed every time. The milk is foamed and heated with the FoamMaster system and the built-in milk foamer in the coffee outlet. It is dispensed at the same time as the coffee in a single process.

The double-cappuccinatore permits the simultaneous dispensing of two coffee products with milk, such as cappuccino or latte macchiato, in addition to single products. You can also choose from a variety of foam consistency options.  

CleanMaster Cleaning System: CleanMaster, an integrated automatic rinsing and cleaning system, makes equipment maintenance a breeze. The unique system cleaning chemicals ensure the highest level of hygiene and product consistency.

Plus, all manual cleaning processes are shown on the touchscreen for visual operator direction. After starting the cleaning program from the cleaner cartridge in the cooling unit, the coffee machine doses the needed amount of water automatically.

Reduced Cleaning Time: The cleaning solution is all set to go. Meaning, the amount of time it takes to clean is also greatly reduced. The starting time for cleaning the milk system and the coffee outlet can be set to immediately after each product or 3 minutes after the last one.

Inside the cooling unit, the milk system will be rinsed as well. During the cleaning operation, LED lights illuminate the output area for further convenience.

Brewing System: Thanks to the high-quality brewing insert, the brewing system featuring a plastic brewing unit with a capacity of up to 22g and pre-infusion is suitable for the preparation of classic Espresso, brewed coffee, and other coffee specialties.

You can also create single or double cups of specialty coffee on demand. The powder cover for hand dosing of coffee powder is lockable. The dry coffee grounds are collected in the built-in drawer with level monitoring (up to 80 cakes). The brewing group can also be quickly replaced without the use of any tools.

High Ease & Convenience: Franke A1000 FM CM Commercial Espresso Machine is all about creating a convenient experience. As a result, it is loaded with thoughtful features and capabilities.

For example, the machine features lockable containers and a coffee grounds chute that can dispose of coffee grounds directly into a waste bin under the counter. The machine also has a cup warmer for preheating and storing up to 120 cups.  

4.    Faema X20 CP10 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Faema X20 CP10 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine (MilkPS)

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  • Width: 14.5 inches 
  • Depth: 24.4 inches 
  • Height: 30 inches
  • Bean Hopper: 2
  • Coffee Grinder: 2 

FAEMA X20 CP10 is a great addition to the FAEMA super automatic espresso machines portfolio. The machine can produce 100+ every day. It is intended for use in cafés, restaurants, hotels, and offices.

It will also allow you to offer a large number of drinks on the menu thanks to the built-in hot chocolate system, and the metal coffee group ensures that the beverages are always of the finest quality.

When the super automatic coffee machine is turned on, it checks all components for readiness. It also monitors the presence of waste cake and water, informing with a sound signal on display.

Take a look at some other reasons why FAEMA X20 CP10 has made to our list of best super automatic espresso machines.

Ease of Use: The Faema X20 CP10 coffee machine is a modern, extremely intelligent super-automatic coffee maker that allows you to configure the amount of coffee, milk, and water required for a portion and prepare various types of coffee beverages.

It features a 7-inch touch screen for easy machine operation. The drink contained in the program will be made with one touch of a button during this process.

Smart Coffee-Making Process:  The brewing unit connects the grinder to the holder. It loads the exact amount of ground coffee into it to forms a "tablet" from the coffee under pressure through which hot water passes, sending the spent coffee to the waste container and rinsing the coffee path with water. 

The machine also has unique Smart Boiler technology, Teflon-coated hot water, and no steam stick.

Advanced Grinding System: The machine has 2 PGS (Perfect Grinding System) grinder dispensers with high-performance titanium-coated grinders. Chopping adjustments are minimized with the PGS technology.

During the coffee-making process, the machine continuously analyses all process parameters and, if necessary, adjusts the grind and dose of ground coffee, as well as the WiFi Bi-directional connection and USB port.

MilkPS System: Milk Precision System (MilkPS) is a patented system that allows you to specify different milk temperatures for each drink separately. It is designed to administer precise milk dosing, setting the milk flow sequence for best results. For each selection, you can set the temperature of the milk, thanks to Faema patent technology.

It is also ideal for creating layered cocktails. The milk cooler can be placed under the counter, while unused milk is automatically dumped back into the chiller at the end of each brewing cycle, ensuring perfect hygiene conditions. All functions of the coffee machine are controlled via a touch screen. 

5.    Astra Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine, Single Hopper with Refrigerator

Astra Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine, Single Hopper with Refrigerator

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  • Width: 13 inches 
  • Depth: 23 inches 
  • Height: 38 inches

Looking to expand the menu and offer a variety of beverages to your customers? Astra's completely automated, commercial-grade Super Automatic Espresso Machine can make up to 14 drink selections with the push of a button, allowing anyone to generate barista-quality results.

It comes with an integrated dairy refrigerator and cleans and rinses components automatically every 15 minutes and after each drink. Take a look at what we love about Astra Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine.

Smart Controls: The machine is made up of modular pieces and intuitive features that make installation, operation, and maintenance a breeze. It includes pre-infusion choices, programmable power cycling, management reporting, and troubleshooting capabilities, as well as Astra's Intelliprogram (TM) smart features.

The machine's programmable 'on/off' feature guarantees that it turns on and off on time every day. When the milk reaches the required temperature, the automated steam wand with a self-regulating temperature sensor switches off.

Pre-Infusion Capabilities:  Pre-infusion is the process of putting water into the coffee puck at a lower pressure than usual. Pre-infusion pressure is usually between 0.5 and 4 bars, while the common number of bars ranges from 1 to 2. Because it reduces channeling, pre-infusion is an important element that allows you to grind finer for espresso.

Astra Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine features built-in pre-infusion capabilities, allowing you to create strong and smooth espresso shots throughout the day.

Programmable Dosing: Programmable dosing plays another important role in ensuring high-quality espresso. Owing to this feature, the machine administers a precisely determined amount of water and stops the extraction at the set time after you press the brewing button.

This method allows for more consistency and ease of use. As a result, you can produce cup after cup of delicious coffee even if you are a novice in the world of brewing.

Simple Milk Foaming: Simplifies milk foaming. There are three essential processes to foaming milk. You can start by pouring a third of a gallon of chilled milk into a 32-ounce steaming pitcher. Place the steam wand's tip 1/2" below the milk's surface.

Slightly open the steam valve to create turbulence and foam. Insert the wand into the milk when the froth reaches the top to bring the product to the right temperature, and VOILA… you have the perfect foam.

Keep in mind that milk foams up better when it is cold. So, return wasted milk to the refrigerator as soon as possible after making drinks.

Programmable Features: All Astra Super Automatic machines allow the customer to change the factory-programmed settings. In other words, you can create your very own perfect espresso drink.

The factory has pre-programmed the machines to make a 2-ounce espresso and an 8-ounce small or 12-ounce large cappuccino or latte. However, you can reprogram the settings to enjoy personalized beverages.

You can tweak portion programming, steam programming, decaf factory settings, and other pre-loaded settings from the programming submenu at any time.

Energy Saving: One of the best qualities of the Astra Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine is that it allows you to conserve energy. You can schedule automatic On/Off times for every day to stop energy wastage.

Furthermore, you can set your machine to "Energy Saving" settings to further reduce energy consumption. However, it is generally advisable to avoid "Low Consumption" energy-saving settings. Setting can be altered via the Energy Setting Submenu.

Automatic Temperature Control: One of the most important factors affecting coffee extraction is the temperature of the water. An analog temperature control system is a thermostat or pressure switch.

Specific values are usually not marked, so the settings are altered haphazardly. Controlling the temperature and sensing the optimum moment to begin extraction takes some practice in this scenario.

On the other hand, an automatic temperature control system employs a sophisticated algorithm to regulate the heaters' functioning to maintain the desired temperature. This technology maintains a constant temperature and saves energy because the heaters run for a shorter period of time than in the analog version.

The Bottom Line

Even though super automatic espresso machines handle all of the work for you, many devices still provide a variety of settings or pre-programmed options. You may want to customize the grind size, temperature, or shot strength with super automated espresso machines.

Keep in mind that some super automatic espresso machines allow you to customize practically every detail, while others are designed to follow a set of instructions – so choose wisely.

If you prefer your coffee to be customized, go for a super automated espresso machine with a high level of programmability. This way, you can still have a say in how it's made.

Many super automated espresso machines feature built-in steaming or foaming mechanisms for making lattes, cappuccinos, and other beverages. However, in some of them, you'll still have to use a standard steam wand instead.

Choose a machine with a built-in mechanism for heating and frothing milk if you're short on time or just want the machine to do this for you.

The bottom line is that the perfect machine for you is the one that fits your requirements. If it's for home use, a smaller machine will suffice.

On the other hand, it is best to choose something with a considerable capacity if you wish to brew for your family or office. Some super automatic espresso machines may barely manage a few shots at a time, while others can easily handle a dozen or more.

The best super automatic espresso machines mentioned in the list above are some of the perfect options, depending on your personal needs and preferences.

Cafe Last is a one-stop shop for all your coffee equipment needs online. Browse our range of brands and products today!

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