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The Best La Cimbali Machines On The Market

These Are The Perfect Addition To Any Café, Restaurant, Or Coffee Shop That Needs To Up Its Espresso-Making Game. Read On To Find Out Which Variant Of The La Cimbali Line Is Perfect For Your Business.

best la cimbali espresso machine

A lot goes into running a commercial café or coffee shop. However, picking out the perfect espresso machine is undoubtedly the most critical aspect of building a budget for your café and planning the coffee menu in general.

For many businesses in the hospitality industry, espresso machines helps the coffee program run smoothly – assisting in decisions about water, workflow, other equipment and even electric outlets.

How many features you get depend on the machine you buy. And all this happens because people love coffee!

In a survey of 2,199 coffee lovers, one-fourth of them said that they would rather give up showering for a week, instead of trying to live without their morning coffee.

Talk about priorities!

So, why not provide your consumer with the best by buying a stellar machine that delivers outstanding, lip-smacking espresso?

We won't sugarcoat the fact that it is going to be expensive – consider it your biggest business investment after real estate. But there is also no doubt that the right machine will last you a lifetime and deliver brew after brew of exceptional coffee, making it a worthwhile investment with great ROI.

A brand that has been providing rich flavorsome coffee for little over a century is La Cimbali; pick any machine of theirs, and you can thank us later!

La Cimbali’s commercial coffee makers can make hundreds of cups a day, so you can rest assured that your customers won’t have to wait too long to get their caffeine fix. And to top it all off, these machines ensure stellar taste every time so you know that your customers will be returning in flocks for your excellent espresso.

Let’s explore some of the best La Cimbali espresso machines available now.

1. La Cimbali M100 ATTIVA HDA 3-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

La Cimbali M100 ATTIVA HDA 3-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Boiler capacity

10 liters


DT/2 - 32.7 x 22.3 x 24.8 inches

DT/3 - 40.6 x 22.3 x 24.8 inches


Dt/2 - 196.2 pounds

DT/3 - 231.5 pounds


208-240V ~ 60Hz (W)

Steam Wand

Yes 2

We begin our reviews with the best this Milan-based company has to offer. The M100 ATTIVA HAD is a front runner in the espresso industry, and with this machine, you will be making coffee shots that’ll give your customers a taste of real Italian coffee.

This dual boiler unit is backed by LA Cimbali's HD system that lets your program different profiles for consistency in taste, richness, and caffeine ratio.

Once you have programmed the machine for different kinds of coffee, all you need is to press a button on the touchscreen display to get the perfect brew going.

This makes life so much easier for your baristas; they can save the perfect recipes along with the recommended brewing temperature and whip up the perfect cuppa with a quick click every time a customer asks for one.

So even if you hire someone who is a layman when it comes to coffee-making, they too can brew the perfect cup that meets your standards.

Other than that, the La Cimbali M100 ATTIVA HDA 3-Group Commercial Espresso Machine features a self-cleaning mode, which you should run whenever possible. There’s also a convenient reduced power mode, aka economy mode, to conserve energy during those off-peak hours.

Plus, as automatic steam wands are made available, which are also programmable, so adjust the temperature settings per your liking, and store them for later use.

Courtesy of the many features, the coffee maker can switch between pressure profiles based on the selected beverage from the display; also, it performs the infusion stage.

And since this is the 3 group variant, you can serve a record number of customers at the same time, and different baristas can simultaneously handle each group.

Interestingly, this machine makes coffee making an immersive experience thanks to its shortened height. Place it out on the counter and your customers will be able to see the barista as they operate it and brew their perfect cup of coffee.

Overall, the lit touchscreen display and the well-placed buttons provide you with a multitude of controls that are easy to master.


  • Three groups
  • Unique thermal system
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Programmable
  • Backed by La Cimbali's HD system
  • Economic mode


  • Pricy, but worth every penny

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2. La Cimbali M26 Commercial Espresso Machine

The M26 is often called the traditional espresso machine as it doesn’t feature modern options such as group temperature control, separate boilers, and programmable profiles, etc.

This no-frills machine is available in 4 variants - M26 - M26 BE - M26 SE - M26 TE. And you can count on all them to be easy to use and control, giving you the ability to make old-school coffee like it's intended to be.

Additionally, you can also buy these in one group, two-group and three-group variants. But if you need something different, tall cup and compact versions are also available for sale, making this one of the most versatile traditional coffee makers in the market.

The machine may have a slight learning curve for amateurs, but the build quality is top-notch. The machine lasts for years, providing thousands of shots, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, etc.

This is all thanks to the new electromechanical buttons, long steam wants, and a service display that offers up to date info on the machine’s condition.

Despite having a single boiler, the featured "smart boiler" technology ensures an adequate thermal balance between steam and water — you will get the right amount of steam, and the water will be at the right temperature at all times.

Thanks to this balance — coffee-makers can change the temperature on each group head without the need to reboot the system.

And as an expert, you already know how important this feature is to get that divine taste and aroma.

Furthermore, the unique boiler can help you lower your power bill thanks to the standby function. It can significantly reduce the boiler pressure, and when you want to start brewing again, the pressure will rise back to the correct level within one and a half minutes.

The M26 can connect with a Bluetooth grinder letting you automatically adjust the grind settings.

One of the most distinctive features is that the water within the canister always stays fresh, made possible by the ruveco teck coating. This coat prevents water from infusing metallic properties.

Here are two marketing leading coffee machines from the M26 range:

La Cimbali M26 BE Commercial Espresso Machine

La Cimbali M26 BE Commercial Espresso Machine

Boiler capacity

10 Liters


31,3 x 20,8 x 23,5 inches


165 pounds


208-240V 60Hz (W)

Steam Wand

Yes 2

This is a basic variant with a standard steam wand. But, despite lacking modern features, it offers terrific coffee that’ll wow your customers with the first sip.

The La Cimbali M26 BE Commercial Espresso Machine is a regular height coffee maker that is easy to use. It features a cup warmer, a larger than average wand, and has a comprehensive display.

The model we have featured is a 2-group variant, so the machine can be operated by two baristas simultaneously when need be.

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La Cimbali M26 TE Commercial Espresso Machine

La Cimbali M26 TE Commercial Espresso Machine

Boiler capacity

DT/2 - 10 Liters

DT/3 - 15 Liters


DT/2 - 31,3 x 20,8 x 23,5 inches

DT/3 - 39,1 x 20,8 x 23,5 inches


DT/2 - 165 pounds

DT/3 – 192 pounds


208-240V 60Hz (W)

Steam Wand

Yes 2

TE is the top-rated model in the M26 series, and it’s preferred by baristas who want a traditional yet straightforward brewing experience.

This machine is essentially a tall cup coffee maker with a turbo steam wand as well as the standard manual wand. The Turbosteam wand can deliver exceptional froth, with minimal effort.

There’s also an eco-friendly mode, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a smart boiler, as well as a well-lit digital display that makes it easy to use. It also has a USB slot that lets you program recipes and run updates using a flash drive.

Again, we have featured a 2-group machine, which allows for more espresso production.


  • Turbo steam wand on TE
  • Comprehensive display
  • Thermal balancing
  • Smart boiler
  • Quality build
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity on TE


  • Not programmable
  • Single boiler

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3. La Cimbali M39 TE DOSATRON 3-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

La Cimbali M39 TE DOSATRON 3-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Boiler capacity

10 Liters


41.5 x 22.4 x25.4 inches


229 pounds


208-240V-60Hz (W)

Steam Wand

Yes 2


Next in our best La Cimbali review is the famous La Cimbali M39 TE DOSATRON 3-Group Commercial Espresso Machine — a top pick by most baristas.

The smart boiler technology keeps the boiler at constant pressure, so not only do you save energy, but you also get optimal steam production. This leads to thermal balancing, so you get a perfect espresso without any compromise in quality or taste.

When there isn’t much traffic in the café, you can further lower energy consumption by setting the machine to the Energy Saving Mode — the boiler pressure can be reduced by up to 0.2 bars.

And when you want that signature cup again, the boiler pressure can reach back to its optimal level in 2 minutes flat, depending on the pre-configured pressure.

You also get:

Four buttons to program and set milk preparation

LEDs that enhance the machine's aesthetic appeal

Dosing buttons for each group

A separate button to power up or switch off the machine


  • Programmable features
  • Smart boiler technology
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Beautiful design


  • The reviewed option doesn't feature a milk cooler

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4. La Cimbali M21 Junior Commercial Espresso Machine

La Cimbali M21 Junior Commercial Espresso Machine

Boiler capacity

2.5 liters


12,6 x 18,5 x 19,9 inches


72.7 pounds


100-120V~ 60Hz (W)

Steam Wand

Yes 1

If you run a commercial establishment with space constraints, like a small café with very little counter space, mall kiosk, a donut shop, or a pop-up shop, etc. — you need to up your espresso game by using a machine that does a bang-up job but without taking up much space.

The best espresso maker to fit this profile is the La Cimbali M21 Junior Commercial Espresso Machine, as it just has a 43-centimeter footprint.

Out of the box, you receive a single group machine featuring two wands, one for hot water, one for steam. Both these wands play a part in frothing and steaming milk, to create outstanding infusions and specialties.

The wands direction can be changed as you please, and the chances of it developing milk and hard water deposits are minimal as it is made from solid stainless steel.

The La Cimbali M21 Junior Commercial Espresso Machine has an electronic dosing system; you get shot-to-shot precision as each dose is controlled via an auto-recording.

To make things even better, the espresso maker also features an automatic valve, a boiler with an auto-level setup, and a volumetric pump — this configuration ensures that the heated liquid never reenters the boiler.


  • Volumetric pump
  • Small size
  • Two-wand system
  • Multi-directional wand
  • Auto-level boiler


  • Not the best option for bigger establishments

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5. La Cimbali Q10 Fully Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

La Cimbali Q10 Fully Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

Boiler capacity

1 x 0,9 + 1 x 1,1 Liters


13.8 x 25.6 x 26.4 inches


107 pounds



Steam Wand



Another top choice for small establishments is the La Cimbali Q10 Fully Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine – an easy to maneuver automatic espresso maker.

You get 8-ounce servings per cup, and the machine can flawlessly deliver 100 cups a day – which is not that bad for a small coffee shop.

It comes with a multitude of configurations so you can easily make Cappuccino, Lattes, as well as several other types of coffee. Controlling it is relatively straight forward by using the touch screen.

And all drinks are made to perfection, courtesy of the featured La Cimbali High Quality Brew (HiQB), which ensures that you get ultimate extraction from the grounds and beans.

Also, the Q10 has a pre-infusion system, which leads to a balanced infusion and you get quality cups, consistently, and you also get perfect foam, with the help of the patented MilkPS systems.

Cleaning the espresso maker is also quite easy; you get on-point information on the display regarding when to clean what. Plus, the self-cleaning option keeps this machine fresh, and you don't need to pull it apart and clean each part that often.


  • MilkPS systems
  • High Quality Brew System
  • Smart boiler system
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Ruveco Teck coating


  • The recommended 100 cups a day is not a good option for more prominent food-based outlets

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About La Cimbali

best la cimbali espresso machine

Gruppo Cimbali ranks alongside some of the biggest and most celebrated manufacturers in the espresso machine market. Their commercial units are guaranteed to provide you with brilliant coffee with each shot brewed to perfection!

Their espresso makers and grinders fall under three brands — Casadio, Faema, and the star of the show, La Cimbali.

There is something for everyone here, from basic baristas to advanced aficionados of coffee. You are sure to find something that meets your budget and requirements.

With them on your countertop, you will have a powerful machine capable of sufficing in those rush hours and serving perfect beverages every single time.

The many features, striking good looks, and exceptional coffee is the reason that you will see La Cimbali machines sitting tall in many cafes and restaurants all over the world.

Things To Consider When Buying A Commercial Espresso Machine

best la cimbali espresso machine

When shopping for your high-end espresso machine, these are some of the many things you should look for:

Type Of Machine

Gone are the days of making Espresso the old-fashioned way, by pushing a lever on steam-powered machines with tons of force.

These days you can easily get semi-automatic or fully automatic machines to make your coffee-making experience all the more amazing.

Let's consider the options we have:

Manual Units: You’ll need to pull a lever to pump out coffee, making this the most authentic coffee-making experience known to mankind.

Semi-Automatic Units: The machine may not grind the coffee, but that gives you the chance to perfect your signature blend for your cafe.

This allows you to have more control over the brewing process, ensuring that the flavor and caffeine extraction are exactly how you like them.

Automatic Unit: If you serve coffee 24/7, an automated, volumetric system can be the perfect solution. It grinds, brews, serves, and self-cleans, all at the touch of a button.

Daily Output Of The Espresso Maker

Espresso units come in a variety of sizes, styles, and profiles—some can serve several hundred people and work non-stop; while others are good if your client base isn’t a big fan of coffee but you’d still like to serve the absolute best to those who ask for it.

What's right for you depends on how big or small of an establishment you run. Ask yourself:

Will I be serving hundreds of cups a day?

Do I serve a distinctive audience who depends on me for that special cup they can't get anywhere else?

Will more than one barista use the machine at a time?

How much counter space do I have to host the espresso maker?

These questions will help you decide how many group heads should the machine have and what the size of the boiler should be.

The more the groups, the more baristas can operate simultaneously, and the bigger would be the machine's footprint.

Though bigger units tend to cost more, but the efficiency and exceptional customer service make them worth every penny.

Cleaning and Upkeep

Since commercial espresso machines are a significant investment, you have to ensure that the espresso maker is adequately cared for so that it lasts a lifetime.

Regular clean up after each use and occasional deep cleaning cycles are a must to use your machines towards their full potential.

Also, if any technical issues require part replacements, you should be able to get them from the manufacturer or on the market.

Quick after-sales service and replacement ensure that you always have a fully-functional coffee-maker.

That said, many espresso makers, especially the automatic ones, come with self-cleaning options; a click of a button will begin the cycle and thoroughly clean your coffee machine.

At the end of the day, your espresso maker should have clean filters and no instances of milk, hard water deposits, or contaminations by other mineral buildups.

Quality And Taste

best la cimbali espresso machine

Once you have narrowed down to a few exceptional espresso makers, check on how good is the flavor, quality, and richness of the brewed espresso.

That is the sole reason customers will be coming back for more, and it would be pointless to buy a high-end machine that looks great but lacks in performance.

Ask around, check online reviews, try using the unit to help you narrow down to the best espresso unit out there.

Also, compare what the machine can do to your current menu; can it flawlessly create all beverages on your menu and more?

That said, if you are planning to buy an espresso machine made by La Cimbali, do it without giving it a second thought because these machines are some of the best espresso machines on the market.


Since you, your staff, and customers are dealing with hot beverages here; a low-quality machine can be dangerous to use. Make sure you pick a coffee maker that abides by all regulations in your area.

A variety of certifications and documentation back commercial espresso makers, but you need to make sure these are at par with the food safety laws in your region.

Price And Warranty

Commercial espresso makers don't come cheap; you can get one for a few thousand to tens-of-thousands of dollars.

This vast variation is because of the features offered, the brand of the machine, the build quality, the output capacity, the efficiency, and several other variables!

With that in mind, find something that will ensure that the coffee tastes great, and the machine is easy to use and clean.

Also, check for the amount of warranty and coverage that comes with the unit; not only does that safeguard your investment, but it also shows how confident the brand is about their product.

Type Of Boiler

Boilers not only heat water, but they also deliver it to the group heads. You get two choices when it comes to boilers, a multi-boiler, or a heat exchange machine.

The heat exchange mechanism features a singular boiler that keeps the water heated above boiling temperatures to create pressurized steam.

This water is sent to the group heads via a copper-based line, so you always get the right temperature while brewing, which leads to a consistent taste.

However, the pressure may subside with time and continuous use, so single boilers are not ideal when you need to serve many customers.

On the other hand, multi-boiler espresso makers have two boilers — one for heating brew water, whereas the other produces steam.

This distinction ensures consistent coffee-making at the right temperature, and in turn, you get an exact shot-to-shot blend for hundreds of cups.

The La Cimbali machines mentioned above, even the single boiler ones, maintain the right amount of temperature at all times. This is because they feature the Smart boiler system, which offers exceptional thermal stability.

Simply put, if you are a 24/7/365 establishment or have to serve a lot of customers on a given day, it would be best to go with a dual-boiler espresso maker. Whereas, if you serve a hundred or so people, the heat exchanger system will do well.

Durability And Longevity

Expensive coffee makers are meant to last for years. Therefore, they need to be made from quality material that stays strong, no matter how the machine is used.

Food-graded stainless steel units are known to last longer than coffee makers made out of plastic. Plus, they are further reinforced with a zinc, nickel, or copper coating to ensure longevity and good looks.

The machines by La Cimbali are made from quality material that will keep them functional for a record number of years; plus, they are quite easy to maintain. Many top-of-the-line variants have self-cleaning options whereas others can be pulled apart so each component can be cleaned to perfection.

Machine's Footprint

Always get the right-sized machine for your commercial operation; it should be big enough to meet demand and fit the available space on your countertop.

That said, if you run a big service and are blessed with a good customer base, you can choose a bigger unit such as the La Cimbali M100 ATTIVA HDA 3-Group Commercial Espresso Machine.

On the other hand, if you have a small café, restaurant, pop-up shop, or kiosk, go for a smaller unit like the La Cimbali M21 Junior Commercial Espresso Machine.

Built-In Grinders

To gain more control over espresso-making, it is always best to grind beans instead of using store-bought grounded coffee.

You can buy commercial espresso makers with built-in grinders that let you dictate the size of the grind.

For instance, espresso and Turkish coffee need finer grinds, whereas for others, you may want it to be coarser.

So you can either go for an automatic unit with a built-in grinder or have a separate grinder and espresso maker setup.

That being said, serious coffee experts and shop owners always opt for a separate grinder in order to have maximum control over their espresso.

Filtration Capabilities

Depending on where you live and the profile of tap water, you may have hard or soft water. Plus, the water may need some additional cleanup. To achieve this, good coffee makers have a filter to keep water free of any impurities.

Programmable Settings

Once you have perfected a recipe, no need to remember it. Instead, popular espresso makers like the ones from La Cimbali, allow you to create profiles and store these settings.

You can get the same results every time with a push of a button. This is also an excellent option for shops with huge labor turnovers; even if you hire baristas that are not at the top of their game, they can still provide the same taste you customers know and love, with a click of a button.

Froth and Foam

Whether you love to decorate your coffee cups or your signature drink needs some foam on top, it will be best to have an espresso maker with a steam wand.

It would be best if the wand is multi-directional and easy to clean.

Thermal Stability

Serving espresso with consistently good taste is the mark of a great barista. This is made possible if your machine features thermal stability to ensure that temperature remains constant.

La Cimbali units have a Smart boiler system, which ensures that steam production and temperature always remains on the pre-configured levels.

Energy-Saving Mode

There are always times when your traffic is slow, or there simply isn’t any demand for coffee. So, it would be an advantage if your espresso maker can go to an energy-saving mode, leading to lower power bills.

Luckily, many La Cimbali units have such a feature that allows you to reduce boiler pressure so the machine consumers very little energy.

However, in case there is an order, the boiler temperature can be raised back to normal in less than two minutes flat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a delicious cappuccino

Can La Cimbali Espresso Machines Do More Than Just Shots?

Top of the line espresso makers like the ones from LA Cimbali can do more than just prepare shots. With the many features and capabilities, like wands, adequate steam production, thermal stability, etc. they can create milk-based specialties like:

Cappuccino — your standard espresso shot, filled with steamed milk

Macchiato — for a bitter-sweet drink, an espresso shot is sweetened with some hot milk

Mocha — a cappuccino with a chocolate topping

Latte — a cappuccino with additional milk and froth topping

And many more!

It may take some time to master a few recipes, but afterward, you will have endless queues of returning customers who are in love with your coffee menu.

How To Clean A La Cimbali Espresso Maker?

It’s only natural for machines to develop a mineral build-up after prolonged usage, so cleaning is essential to get that same tasting espresso you are used to.

Polish away those stains with a non-abrasive cloth along with a good cleaning detergent (make sure it is not too strong).

Experts also recommend rinsing the unit after each use and monthly descaling to rid it of stubborn stains.

Also, many top of the line La Cimbali units have self-cleaning options, so use that regularly.

Which Coffee Grinder Best Compliments My La Cimbali Commercial Espresso Maker?

To get fresh-tasting coffee every time make sure you DIY the coffee grinding instead of buying pre-grounded coffee.

If the machine in question does not feature a built-in grinder, there are many grinder options on the market.

For instance, the La Cimbali Elective with Autotamper Commercial Coffee Grinder and the La Cimbali Elective Commercial Coffee Grinder are both excellent choices.


There are plenty of units out there, but for a great taste that tempts people to show up at your café again and again, you need something beyond exceptional.

The coffee makers by La Cimbali, are right up your alley if you want to up your esspresso-making game.

They have a variety of commercial and home-based options, so take your pick. We promise you’ll love it and so will your customers. 

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