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Best Italian Espresso Machines for Smooth, Rich, and Delicious Coffee

best Italian espresso machines

All coffee enthusiasts will agree that the morning cup of Joe can be an important ritual to start the day off the right way. Our personal choices for coffee can be as important to a lot of people as the clothing we have. Some prefer the Keurig brew coffee, while others like the simplicity that drip machines have to offer.

Others may take a more hands-on approach with the pour-over method. If you love espresso shots, then there is a huge selection of espresso machines that you can choose from.

The best Italian espresso machines can offer the most authentic, rich, and delicious coffee drinks that will leave you absolutely delighted. We have reviewed, researched, and tested all the machines we could to bring the best of the best to you. Our detailed reviews can help you make the decision.

We have broken down the reviews between home and commercial use. Since they both have different needs, it will not be fair to judge an espresso machine for both simultaneously.

Let’s take a look!

Home Use

At home, you don’t have to face the coffee shop rush hours. This means you don’t need an expensive model that can churn out hundreds of cups a day since that can be a waste of money for you.

Moreover, beginners at home should look for more automated espresso machines that can make grinding, brewing, steaming, and extraction easier.

1. Lelit Bianca

Lelit Bianca PID V2 Dual Boiler Home Espresso Machine w/ Manual Brew Pressure Profiling

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The Bianca super-automatic espresso machine offers home users amazing control over their coffee drinks.

It has a dual boiler that allows you to steam and brew at the same time, which can definitely make it less time-consuming in the morning to have a coffee drink. If you want rich, delicious coffee at home, this Italian espresso machine is the way to go.

It has a thermosyphon pipe that has quite a wide diameter to keep any temperature fluctuations controlled. Coffee lovers will know how even the smallest shifts in temperature can negatively affect the end results, so this is a great feature.

The E61 version’s group head is designed with a paddle control right on the valve; this offers users even more control over the flow of water. You will be able to brew pressure in your coffee as you are extracting the espresso shot.

The flavor is unmatched due to such add-ons in the machine. It can be hard to find an espresso machine that offers you such features at such affordable prices.

Vibrator pumps are known to be noisier than rotary pumps, which can be irritating to most home users. This is why the machine is fitted with rotary pumps that operate quietly.

The single pressure gauge is adjustable so that you have more control too. You will be able to closely monitor the pressure exerted by the steam and brew boilers with the gauge.

Beginners will find that the Bianca is an intuitive and user-friendly model. The high-res display makes it easy to program and monitor the processes. Usually, boilers can take a lot of time to reach the temperature you need, so a lot of people have to leave them on for the entire day.

However, this can result in plenty of energy costs and is not great for the environment either. The Bianca simplifies that by having a standby mode that sustains the temperature at 158oF while the cup warmer operates at 80%.

The water tank is also quite flexible and versatile. You can move it to either side of the coffee machine, which allows you to fit the coffee machine anywhere on the counter.

You can also completely remove the water tank and add a water line to make the machine even more compact. This can save a lot of counter space in the kitchen for other tasks. The water tank also sends an alert when the level of water is low.

The Bianca offers an amazing milk frothing feature that results in delicious texture and taste. It has a great brewing capacity of 1.5 liters, which makes sense for the home since you don’t have to deal with morning rushes like coffee shops do.

It is one of the best Italian espresso machines since it has wands for steaming and hot water. The wands have cool-touch technology, which prevents burns and injuries during use. You can also add different tips to the wand that offer users greater control over the rate of steaming.

The best part is that the machine has an automatic cleaning feature, which can reduce maintenance and cleaning for you. Lelit makes espresso machines with exceptional engineering, innovative technology, and ergonomic designs.

The Bianca is perfect for homes since it looks quite appealing too, with smooth construction, wooden accents, and lovely rounded corners. You can rest assured that this durable espresso machine will last you for a really long time.

2. Rocket Appartamento

Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine

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The Rocket Appartamento is one of the best Italian espresso machines around. It has the PID control function, which allows users a lot more control over the temperature and heat. Beginners will love that the espresso machine controls the brew boiler and adjusts the temperature to the right automatically.

The team has put a lot of effort into the design of the coffee machine to ensure that the beans don’t burn up. Every espresso shot you get will have a rich taste that leaves you ready for more. It has an E16 brewing head that provides espresso shots with jam-packed flavor since it saturates the shots.

You can also rely on the PID control to heat the water. The steam and brew boilers are separated, which means that you can perform both functions simultaneously. You also won’t have trouble with any overheating in this way.

The coffee machine can be single and double espresso shots. It has a huge water reservoir of 84oz capacity, which allows you to make 42 shots at once. This also means that you don’t have to spend every morning filling the water tank for the coffee machine.

As with any automated coffee machine, there is a bit of a curve, but it can be very easy to use once you master the controls. The machine has two knobs at the side that allow you to control the steam and hot water.

The steam wand is made with high-quality stainless steel construction. It has cool-touch technology that limits burns. The coffee machine has a simple design that is perfect for home users with just one brew head, a steam wand, and 4 buttons to make the most delicious coffee ever!

The rust-proof and durable stainless steel is guaranteed to last you for a long time. The copper brew boiler offers a high-level conductivity that keeps the coffee temperature perfect.

The stainless steel cup warmers also retain heat well so that your coffee is at the perfect temperature when you take the first sip. The steel construction makes it easier to clean as well since you just need to wipe it clean to remove spills.

Any residual coffee is caught by the portafilter backflush disk and dumped back into your drip tray. You will be able to steam and brew at the same time, which can be amazing if you want to make different drinks. This also means you don’t have to wait for the temperature to come down to the right one. The steam wand also heats up instantly.

However, make sure that you either use pre-ground coffee or get a grinder separately since it doesn’t have one built-in. But the Appartamento is worth it since it gently infuses water into the coffee grounds so that they settle in a uniform manner. This allows more even and saturated espresso shots while brewing.

3. La Pavoni Europiccola PC-16

La Pavoni Professional 16 Cup Manual/Lever Espresso Machine PCW-16

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The La Pavoni Europiccola PC-16 espresso machine has a unique design and a lever with which you can control the coffee-making process.

The La Pavoni espresso line offers quality, style, and reliability with quality finishes. The espresso machine has a chrome-plated brass that is truly constructed to last. The steel base with triple brass and copper plating on the outside protects the machine.

It has wooden handles that add a pleasant aesthetic to the machine. There is a light polish on the base’s inside to prevent issues with moisture. The boiler is large to make sure that there aren’t any lime-scale deposits.

All you need to do to make coffee is to lift the lever that raises a piston inside the machine. This allows pressurized water to infuse with the ground-up coffee inside the filter.

When you lower the lever, the piston forces the water to pass through the coffee into your favorite mug. You have control over the speed at which you want the water to pass through the coffee.

There is also a steam jet option that can be used to make cappuccinos and other hot drinks. It also has a manometer that keeps an eye on the pressure of the boiler. This Cappuccino Automatic feature offers perfect cappuccinos each time. The 38oz boiler allows you to make 16 two-ounce cups.

Of course, it is considered one of the best Italian espresso machines because La Pavoni takes their coffee very seriously. It comes with a detailed guide that offers insight into every detail of the machine.

It can be worth investing in a machine like this since it offers quality results that will get your morning started the right way. The quality of foam is definitely unparalleled since it offers amazing milk frothing capabilities. 

4. La Spaziale Dream

La Spaziale Dream Espresso Machine

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Chris Nachtrieb launched the La Spaziale Dream espresso machine with a team of coffee experts and engineers back in 2008. The Dream espresso machine became a quick success because it was the first machine to have digital features along with superior grinding, brewing, and steaming capabilities.

Since then, it has definitely been upgraded, and the state-of-the-art machine offers unmatched features.

The high-resolution touchscreen offers complete ease of use. There are programmable settings that you can rely on as a beginner. The machine is so advanced that it even recognizes fingerprints.

You will have ample control of the heat and water flow through the screen, which can make it easier to get coffee beverages that leave you utterly satisfied.

Chris’ Coffee Service offers a warranty for your coffee machine, too, and there are trained customer service experts available to guide you through any issues. You can also ask them about maintenance and servicing that will help you increase the lifespan of the machine. You can expect to be treated right since the business is owned and operated by a family who prioritizes their customers.

The Dream espresso machine has a beautiful look that suits the counter space too. It has red and black panels that are available in different woods like Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, and Sapele. The espresso machine runs at 15 to 20amps, which offers more flexibility to home users while they are installing it.

You can rest assured that the machine will last you a long time since it has solid construction. The large boiler has the capacity to hold 2.5 liters. It offers amazing results with amazing steam power. The makers have paid a lot of attention to the machine details too.

There is a volumetric dose system that allows you to measure single and double shots with ease. You also have manual options where you can tweak the controls and experiment with different functions. The machine has lights that help by illuminating the working area for the machine.

The best part is that it has PID controls that allow you to keep a check on any temperature fluctuations. You can even control it down to 1o Fahrenheit for the perfect results. Any home users will be grateful to have a machine that truly gives them high functionality and quality results.


For coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and hotels, you need proper espresso machines that will churn out drinks while maintaining a high quality of results.

The best Italian espresso machines will offer amazing coffee beverages while providing ease of use. Coffee shops also require the use of different features so that they can get everything from grinding to extraction perfectly.

1. Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1-Group

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Appia espresso machine by Nuova Simonelli had high demand as soon as it launched since it provided many amazing features.

Recently, they have made several improvements that you will absolutely love to have in the coffee shop. Overall, the espresso machine is reliable, easy to use, and quite affordable in terms of the features it offers.

It has a heat exchanger boiler made with durable, high-quality stainless steel for a long-lasting lifespan. It also has a rotary pump that operates quieter than vibration pumps do.

The best part is that it allows you to have extra espresso shots while you steam the milk for the perfect latte or coffee drink. This also makes it easier to manage the morning rush at the shop.

You can get up to 3 group heads, and the boiler comes in 5, 11, or 15 liters as per your needs. Just two group heads are enough to produce 250 cups of coffee in a day. The machine also has quite an ergonomic design. You can get the smaller boiler that is great for small to medium shops to make it even more compact.

Before the coffee grounds are brewed, the machine initiates the Soft Infusion System (SIS). This wets the coffee grounds gently for the perfect infusion.

This makes them settle down uniformly so that when the high pressure of the grinding is added, it can offer quite even results for brewing.  The bigger infusion chamber also helps by making sure the espresso shot is quite saturated for jam-packed flavor.

Coffee shops also cannot afford to have too much training time for their baristas. They should be making complex and delicious coffee right out the gate.

This is only possible when you choose the best Italian espresso machines that offer consistent results to all their customers. The automatic machines can significantly reduce the training time with amazing results.

You just have to push a button to choose between triple, double, or single doses. You have the option to program everything to your preferences and coffee shop popular orders.

There are also manual options where you can tweak around to make any number of beverages you can come up with. This also gives from legroom to the baristas to accommodate requests from customers.

You will be able to take advantage of the automated functions since it does the extraction and pre-infusion for you; you can do other tasks in the meantime.

The espresso machine is great for coffee shops that receive plenty of traffic. It is an efficient machine that can improve the workflow, ensuring that customers leave satisfied.

The ergonomic design of the machine offers small details that can make a huge difference. For example, the mirrors on the cup warming tray make it easier for you to monitor the extraction process. The TFT display is an easy-to-use tool that helps you with programming the machine.

The Nuova Simonelli has produced really amazing steaming wands that will offer outstanding results. The cool-touch technology with the 360-degree swivel option ensures the safety of the user and guarantees great results.

Appia espresso machines offer an affordable function that still gives the quality results that coffee shops need to satisfy their customers. The sturdy and durable machine will keep up with demand by churning out espresso shots easily.

The machine is also energy-efficient, which means that it can keep the energy costs low for your shop. It has Drytex Thermical insulation that improves energy efficiency by 13%.

2. Casadio Undici 2-Group Espresso Machine

Casadio Undici A 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

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The 2-Group espresso machine by Casadio Undici is one of the best Italian espresso machines since it has the much-needed high-end features that can greatly improve the quality of your coffee orders. The only thing that baristas will have to do is switch it on, and it can do everything else for you.

This can be perfect for coffee shops that want to maintain consistent results. The best part is that it does still offer a lot of control over the timing of extraction and temperatures to give you more room to create different beverages.

The machine is designed keeping ease of use in mind. The volumetric dosing functions let you choose between double and single shots of espresso.

This automated feature allows baristas to create consistent results with extraction and grinding made easier. You will be able to program the machine to make sure that you get the quality espresso you want for your customers.

The machine has an LED screen with indicator lights that helps by illuminating the counter. You will be able to monitor the entire production process. The machine has 2 group heads that allow you to make your life easier.

Just one brew head is enough to make two espresso shots at a time, so you will be able to take out 4 espresso shots simultaneously with the machine. Managing morning rush hours will be extremely easy with a reliable espresso machine like this one.

The machine has compact construction that can offer you plenty of space to do other tasks. The machine measures 22.71 inches in height, 20.66 inches in depth, and 21.65 inches in width, leaving plenty of space to work with.

The heat exchanger boiler has a tube that separates the steam and brewing process. You will be able to save a lot of time by steaming and brewing at the same time.

If you are running a coffee shop, you know that excessive wait times just don’t work when you are facing the rush hour. Waiting around for the temperature to adjust for brewing or steaming can be a nuisance to baristas and customers.

This espresso machine is flexible and simple to use. It has a clean interface that has simple buttons to create the most delicious end results.

You can rely on the button panel to make it easier to follow different coffee drink recipes and maintain consistent results. Even new baristas won’t be overwhelmed in the coffee shop if they have this machine to work with.

3. Nuova Simonelli Aurealia Wave 2-Group

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave 2 Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Nuova Simonelli Aurealia Wave 2-Group is a state-of-the-art espresso machine that brings functionality to the coffee shop. The features are known for their high usability that makes it perfect for baristas.

It has many automated functions that ensure that you don’t have to worry too much about consistency and reliability of taste.

The espresso machine does offer manual control so that you have more legroom to work with the different orders and requests from customers. The espresso has a smart wand that can make sure the steaming process is absolutely perfect every time.

If you get high volumes at your coffee shop, you will find that the espresso machine will definitely assist you. Coffee shops with high-to-medium traffic will find this machine perfect.

There are many helpful functions that even beginners can take advantage of. The high-quality espresso extraction results in many delicious types of coffees. The premium features this machine offers don’t usually come at such an affordable price, so you should definitely take advantage of it.

Before the coffee beans are ground, the machine gently infuses water with the beans so that they settle evenly. You will have more consistent results this way. The high-resolution touchscreen offers control over the entire coffee production process from grinding to extraction.

The Smart Water Technology ensures that there aren’t any issues with the temperature and pressure of the water. It sends you alerts if there are any changes so that you can keep an eye out for them.

All baristas know the pain of using a hot wand while steaming and accidentally burning themselves. It is important to make sure that you have secure measures in place to prevent this. The machine has cool-touch technology that offers protection to the baristas.

Since the outer edge of the wand stays cool, it also prevents any milk from crusting on it. This vastly improves the cleaning process and increases the lifespan of the machine.

4. La Cimbali M26 BE 2-Group Compact Espresso Machine

La Cimbali M26 BE 2-Group Compact Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine


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The M26 BE 2-Group Compact Espresso Machine by La Cimbali makes the lives of baristas easier by offering many versatile functions that can be a game-changer in coffee shops. The stainless steel construction looks sleek and is definitely long-lasting.

The ergonomic design of the espresso machine ensures that you don’t have to do too much maintenance to ensure a long lifespan. The La Cimbali machine offers technical advantages that can guarantee a delicious cup of Joe.

It comes with a thermal system that regulates the temperature so that it stays consistent. Since even minor temperature fluctuations cause a huge impact on the taste and texture of coffee, this feature can be quite reliable to have around.

Both group heads can be individually controlled, offering baristas the flexibility and versatility to make delicious drinks of different varieties.

Some espresso machines don’t have the option to brew and steam at the same time. This can mean that the barista has to wait around for the temperature to shift to the right one before performing each process. This can take up valuable time and leave customers frustrated.

This is why you need the best Italian espresso machines like the M26 BE 2-Group. The smart boiler will only take 90 seconds to get to the right temperature and save you a lot of costs in terms of time and energy.

The machine really makes a huge difference in the workflow of any coffee café or shop since it provides quality results at a consistent and quick pace. Baristas won’t need a lot of time to keep up with this item either. You can rest assured that you can churn out quality drinks one after the other with ease.

The machine has stainless steel wands that are extra long to make it easier for two baristas to steam simultaneously. You will be able to take out multiple drinks at the same time to manage the rush hour properly.

You can even get the high-quality microfoam that customers are looking for. You can create tall cups of coffee, so all the grandé orders are easier to complete.

There are volumetric controls on the machine that offer automated functions that are easy to take advantage of too. It can start automatically brewing your coffee orders with just a button, but you also have the option to change up the drink production with manual options.

It offers a turbo steaming option that even allows baristas to make irresistible and Instagram-able latte art. The steam wand also turns off when the set temperature has been reached.

You are able to set the steaming wand for cappuccinos or lattes, depending on what you want. There are automatic and programmable steaming arms to ensure that the quality of the coffee isn’t impacted.

In Conclusion

When you are getting the best Italian espresso machines, you need to make sure that you assess your needs properly. Homeowners shouldn’t invest in expensive espresso machines that have a coffee capacity of hundreds.

Since they don’t have as much use, it is more energy-efficient and cost-effective to get one that is more suited to the home setting. Likewise, coffee shops should get espresso machines that can keep up with the demands of customers.

Cafe Last is a one-stop shop for all your coffee equipment needs online. Browse our range of brands and products today!

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