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Top 5 Best Espresso Machines with Built-In Grinder

best espresso machines with built in grinder

Who doesn’t love to start their mornings with a fresh cup of hot coffee to get you ready for the day? The espresso experience can be a completely refreshing moment, but it can be a bit empty without a proper grinder too.

Grinders are a vital part of the coffee-making process. If you want to make the perfect espresso grounds that you a delicious cup of espresso, you need to make sure to get one of the best espresso machines with a built-in grinder.

There are many manufacturers who are now creating amazing espresso machines with grinders built into the model. This can make them vastly more functional, and the results truly speak for themselves too.

If you are spending money on getting your own coffee beans for the home, getting an espresso maker which can grind them for you will improve the experience, taste, and flavor by ten-fold. While it does take a little more time, the results are definitely worth it.

Since there are so many brands out there producing different kinds of espresso machines, it can be hard to narrow down the options to the best few ones. Hence, we did the work for you by extensively reviewing all the machines we could.

Here are our recommendations for the best espresso machines with a built-in grinder.

1. Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Touch Super-Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Nuova Simonelli Prontobar is a super-automatic machine that offers high efficiency. It has cutting-edge technology and intelligent design that offers amazing results with just a push of a button.

It is one of the best espresso machines with built-in grinders because the design incorporates advanced technology.

While traditional machines depend on the barista for grinding, coffee dosing, milk steaming, and tamping, this machine does everything automatically. You still have ample control over all the processes through an easy touchpad system.

Coffee shops will find that their training times cut down all the way from weeks to just mere minutes. You will have consistently great drinks from the get-go.

The display screen is quite intuitive too. There are 6 drink buttons that you can program according to your preferences.

Everything is adjustable, offering you a breezy way to reassign the buttons your way. You can monitor the steam options, tamping force, dosing, group temperatures, and brewing temperature through the screen.

It has two hoppers, so you will be able to get two espressos in one go. The different grinders are crafted with specialty steel that offers high durability. This means you can make regular and decaf drinks from just one machine too.

The coffee beans you add to the hoppers get fed into the grinders as soon as you start extraction. Despite the simple design, it does offer advanced features that allow you to adjust grinding and other processes as you please.

Usually, getting the texture of the milk to the right consistency can also take a lot of skill, which is why the automated milk-steaming feature can be so great. Since you don’t have to stick around steaming the milk, you can spend your time doing other things in the morning or during coffee shop rush hours.

The Prontobar controls the temperature in a precise manner with thermos compensation. There is a mechanism in the machine that helps to keep the temperature quite stable.

As coffee lovers will know, temperature control is essential since even minor fluctuations ruin the taste of your drink. This is why the thermal system works so well. 

It also has an energy-saving option. You can set an on/off timer on it or turn the standby function on too. This can help you save money and is an eco-friendlier option. The best part is that the machine also has an automatic cleaning function that can be superb after a long day.

2. La Cimbali S20 CP10 Fully Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

La Cimbali S20 CP10 Fully Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine


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The LaCimbali S20 CP10 Super-automatic coffee machine is designed to provide a high-quality taste and aroma for your coffee drinks. The espresso machine offers users plenty of ease in function and features.

It has a built-in dosing grinder made with premium titanium for durability and strength. It also has 2.6 lb. coffee bean hoppers to store your coffee in.

The construction of the machine is with premium materials such as the K110 steel. It is coated in PVD to protect it from scratches or dents. This type of high-quality construction ensures that it can handle high temperatures with ease and offers a long lifespan for the machine.

The boiler system is designed to provide high performance with a heat exchanger that can constantly supply you with steam and hot water for drinks.

The Smart Boiler can handle rush hours with surprising ease, making sure your coffee supply is never hampered. The cooling unit also ensures that your machine can handle it when you are making hot drinks one after the other.

The espresso machine can make around 200 cups each day, with a possibility to create up to 96 orders in the day! You can rely on the S20 espresso machine to create many different coffee beverages.

The MilkPS function of the machine creates hot frothy milk for your drinks while the boiler manages water needs. There is a programmable touchscreen display with animations, images, and videos to help customers make their decision or give you some ideas for new drinks at home.

You can connect with the machine through WiFi or USB drives to customize the media displays too. You can program recipes, set a screen saver, update the software, and display menu options on the machine. The display is made with tempered glass for safety and is a full 7 inches for easy viewing.

There are three hot water options that you can choose from: steam wand, hot water wand, and pre-heated group head made of metal. The wands allow you even more flexibility when it comes to your coffee drinks, while the group head makes it easier to produce single-origin coffees and specialty blends.

The consistent extraction ensures that your coffee orders are consistent.

The best part is that the machine has an automatic washing system that can clean everything out after a day of grinding beans and creating brews; it is as simple as pushing a button. The coffee machine sanitizes and cleans up entirely so that next time you are brewing a new batch, it comes out pristine.

3. Faema X30 CP10 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Faema X30 CP10 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

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The Faema X30 CP10 is a fully automated espresso machine that has made leaps and bounds in terms of innovative technical features. It is a cutting-edge product that makes it simpler and more intuitive to create coffee drinks at home or at the coffee shop.

The Faema espresso machine is quite a flexible and customizable machine. It has a 10.4-inch touchscreen display that offers customers a chance to look at the drinks menu while deciding on their order.

You can add your own images to it for screen savers along with videos and audio. The machine is quite intuitive and simple since it offers a clean interface that you can take advantage of.

The touch screen is made with toughened, temperate glass to protect you. It also has RGB lights to make the delivery area more visible. There is a wide range of coffee-based drinks that you can make with this coffee machine.

Faema knows how important it is that you are able to choose between different coffee orders as per your convenience and needs.

The machine offers a superior taste because its features facilitate amazing aroma and taste. The espresso machine has dual grinders made with titanium. The machine is coated with PVD, which offers a very lasting and robust construction that protects it from dents or scratches.

There is also a Perfect Grinding System (PGS) that monitors the delivery of the coffee. It automatically re-grinds the beans if it deems it necessary, which can ensure that you get the perfect blend right away. This can ensure consistency as well as the best possible quality of extraction.

The Faema X30 also has a Smart Boiler that can monitor your hot water and steam needs. It is made with stainless steel as well as insulation on the external areas, which can protect users too. One boiler is dedicated to preparing coffee beverages, and the other generates the hot water and steam you need for the job.

The Smart Boiler technology increases the overall performance of the machine so that you can get steam and hot water at a consistent pace. You will be able to get the perfect cup of coffee even if you are using it at maximum capacity due to the thermal balance of the machine.

The X30 is really the perfect machine for busy establishments that want to make their lives a little easier with technical solutions. It offers a high-quality result that will definitely make it better for users who want delicious coffee-based beverages.

4. Franke A1000 FM CM Commercial Espresso Machine

Franke A1000 FM CM Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Franke A1000 FM espresso machine allows you to make drinks in such an expert way that even your local baristas may be a bit jealous. The machine is developed with Swiss precision and innovative technology that keeps every coffee drink at peak deliciousness.

The automatic machine offers high-quality results and products with the perfect texture of milk for smooth richness. You can take advantage of different milk options, brewed coffee, flavored syrups, cold milk, and hot milk.

There is a display where you can add advertising messages or custom images, which can help customers decide on an order too. The 10-inch touchscreen is easy to use and read. You can make up to 300 drinks every single day, which is perfect for any busy coffee shop or restaurant that needs efficiency.

The entire machine is created with a hand-free approach in mind. This stems from making the drinks to cleaning the machine too.

The Clean Master option offers an easy and quick cleanup of the machine so that you don’t have to waste time after a busy, keeping everything clean. This system is in compliance with the HACCP hygiene needs that can help you manage the coffee drinks.

The Franke machine has 3 separate bean hoppers and ceramic grinders that allow you to increase your coffee menu. You will be able to create special blends, regular, single-origin, or decaf coffees.

The iQFlow feature creates unmatched consistency and flavor as well as provides individual taste profiles for your coffee blends. You will be able to get the most out of your coffee in terms of quality and flavor directly from the beans.

The A1000 offers a well-rounded taste profile and fuller extraction that can really change the game for your coffee.

There is also a FoamMaster feature that offers a frothing system for the milk. You can choose from different options to customize the thickness and consistency for cold and hot drinks. This can create quite a flexible menu for you.

The brewing units in the machine can be removed without any special tools either. You can swap between large or multiple cups, espresso or specialty coffee, or get freshly brewed coffee whenever you like.

You can also keep chocolate or powdered milk in powder containers. There are also additional flavored syrups that you can add to your beverages also. This can save you a lot of time because you don’t need to add them separately.

The machine can prepare drip coffee a cup at a time, so you don’t need to waste coffee on creating a fresh pot every time.

You can also use two milk types in the espresso machine, which allows you to cater to people with different dietary needs. There is also an option to add the Cup Warmer that can keep 120 cups heated perfectly.

5. La Cimbali Q10 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

La Cimbali Q10 Fully Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Cimbali team has been developing amazing coffee machines for more than a century. They have been the key innovators in developing espresso technology that offers memorable taste and aroma.

The Q10 is an amazing, super-automatic, new generation machine. It offers a Bean to Cup approach that ensures that everything is done for you. The espresso machine is compact, versatile, and quite easy to use.

You can make around 8 ounces of coffee per serving and spread it across the day to keep your customers happy. You will be able to serve around 100 cups per day.

There are different configurations that you can choose from to create a huge variety of drinks, all at the push of a button. It has a touchscreen panel that you can use to operate the machine too. The La Cimbali is quite amazing when it comes to High-Quality Brew (HiQB) functions.

The espresso machine allows great extraction for different doubles and beverages. There is a pre-infusion system that can allow you to create a controlled, gentle infusion that can improve the quality of your drinks.

The MilkPS system also provides quite a bit of flexibility so that you can create specialty coffees. The milk and coffee systems can be cleaned out in a really simple way. There are intuitive instructions and messages written out clearly.

In Conclusion

Getting the best espresso machines with a built-in grinder will mean superior coffee taste, texture, and richness.

You will definitely have a great time experimenting with the different blends of coffee right at home since you can brew and grind the coffee with just one machine.

The machines on the list offer different features for different price points, so you should get ones according to your personal needs!

Cafe Last is a one-stop shop for all your coffee equipment needs online. Browse our range of brands and products today!

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