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8 Best Espresso Machines for Small Business

If you’re a small coffee shop owner, choosing the best espresso machine should be one of your top priorities. In fact, your espresso machine can either break or make your small business. Unlike the bigger coffee shop owners, the smaller ones have little to no room for mistakes.

The reputation of your business can suffer if you offer low-quality or nasty coffee drinks. With the best espresso machine, you can handle even the most nagging customers. The problem is, the best espresso machines cost a fortune and might drain your budget.

However, there are still some incredible espresso machines that are cost-friendly and help small businesses thrive. Take a look at the following espresso machines:

1. Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group

    Are you in search of an espresso machine that offers the latest technology? When it comes to making espresso, a lot of baristas claim that Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group is among the top-ranked 1 group commercial espresso machine available on the market these days. The machine features the thermal compensated and hydraulic systems as well as the innovative infusion system, making the Nuova Simonelli Appia machine an excellent choice for small businesses.

    Apart from the innovative technology, this espresso machine provides great performance, ensuring that your customers enjoy ideally creamy espresso shots without spending too much money. When you start your coffee business, reputation means a lot. The Nuova Simonelli Appia machine is cost-friendly yet it can produce incredibly tasty coffee drinks, depending on your barista’s skills and the quality of coffee beans.

    Due to its compact size, Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group is perfect for places with limited workspace. Just because it’s more compact than other espresso machines though, it doesn’t mean its performance is worse.

    The machine lets a barista program the needed volumes and pulls espresso shots at that volume consistently during the day. A barista doesn’t have to monitor each espresso shot. This means they will have more time to serve another order or simply interact with a customer, helping small coffee businesses grow.

    The features of Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group include:

    • Water level indicator that lets you instantly see the levels of brewing water.
    • Bar pump gauge that helps to ease the process of checking pressure profiles.
    • Manual dosing that starts and completes the brewing process.
    • Volumetric dosing lets you program the needed dosage.
    • A reverse mirror that consists of a backplate, which acts as a mirror. It lets you monitor each detail of the entire brewing process.
    • Soft infusion system ensures a more consistent espresso, making it a great feature for those with poor tamping skills.
    • Push pull steam, which is an improved alternative to the turning steam wands.
    • Cool touch wands help to lower the wands’ temperature during the steaming process.
    • The automated cleanings feature lets you use the digital display to choose the needed group to be cleaned.

    There are a few optional additions that can enhance the performance of the Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group machine:

    1. Water filter

      If you use filtered water when brewing coffee in your espresso machine, you can skip this option. If you don’t, you might want to buy the one for your machine. Not only does poor quality water ruin the taste of your drink, but it can also void your warranty.

      2. Pod adapter kit

        Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group maintains a standard pod kit adapter that you can install left to right and move with a screwdriver unless a certain head is defined.

        3. Auto-steam wand

          The auto-steam wand can be an alternative to the manual steam handle with a button. The auto-steam doesn’t require any input from you to texture the milk, though. You just place the wand in the milk pitcher and the auto-steam wand does its job for you.


          To sum up, Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group is a great espresso machine for small businesses as well as offices with limited space. Thanks to its high performance and productivity, this machine can handle medium sales volumes and help barista make a variety of coffee drinks. It has durable construction and a free, 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

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          2. Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact

            Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact

            Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact is now among the latest high-performance Casadio espresso machines. Many coffee shops and houses use this machine because of its multiple benefits. Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact has also gained huge popularity among ordinary people brewing espresso at home.

            The machine’s functionalities and features include sleek design, compact size, high performance, and innovative thermosiphon system.  It’s low maintenance and absolutely user-friendly.

            Constructed from aluminum and stainless steel, Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact ensures durability and an elegant look, which is also important for a coffee shop. The fixed-nozzle thermosiphon system helps you brew a delicious espresso with little effort.

            Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact comes with hot water dispenser wands, group heads, and restricted boiler capacities. The machine has new plexiglass panels on the high part of it and mechanical button pads with LEDs.

            With this machine, coffee dose programming is easier than ever thanks to a microprocessor. The durable construction ensures the machine will survive a constant customer flow and serve you for many years to come. Its compact size makes the machine easy to be maintained, cleaned, and stored.

            The thermosiphon system of this model aids in boiling and circulating the water with much bigger efficiency. As a result, you get a delicious shot of espresso.

            The machine also features a selection panel that lets you make a variety of coffee drinks with various doses. With the multidirectional steam wand, you can make coffee beverages with milk faster and easier.

            Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact is easy to operate, making it an excellent espresso machine for beginners. Although there are no accessories included, you can purchase them separately. The accessories available with this Casadio espresso machine include a thermometer, cream charger, pitcher, whipped cream dispenser, grinder, shot glasses, and others.

            Unlike Casadio Undici A 1-Group Compact, Casadio Undici A2 features a boiler capacity of 10 liters, two multidirectional steam wands, and two group heads, making it a better version for small coffee business.

            Due to the LED lights, the Casadio Undici A2 machine is user-friendly. Moreover, it has a mechanical button pad, which making this automatic machine super versatile. It comes in 120 or 208 volts and is good for almost any type of coffee shop.

            Each barista knows that keeping consistent shots is essential for a coffee shop. The machine has programmable temperature and volumetric shot controls (4 options), ensuring consistency.

            The features of Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact include:

            • Fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system.
            • Robust and reliable body thanks to the aluminum and steel construction.
            • Dual pressure gauge that helps to monitor the pump pressure and boiler.
            • Water self-leveling in the boiler.
            • Built-in volumetric pump.
            • 4 buttons for measured selections.
            • A single button ON/OFF.

            At a ridiculously accessible price point, the Casadio Undici A2 machine offers a lot of new features and versatile semi-automatic functionality. The machine features an absolutely redesigned mechanical button pad. The machine features metal buttons for an unobstructed and streamlined look. The new button pad of the machine is amazing, making this machine precise and user-friendly.

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            3. La Spaziale Vivaldi II

              La Spaziale Vivaldi II

              Looking for a double-boiler espresso machine that’s compact enough for small coffee shops yet offers excellent performance? The La Spaziale Vivaldi II machine is one of the best ones to consider. It boasts a lot of incredible features and is durable enough to serve you for years. La Spaziale Vivaldi II is a single group machine that has faced a few changes over the past years and is now loaded with more features without sacrificing its compact size (15” tall).

              La Spaziale Vivaldi II has a programmable pre-infusion system, which lets you customize with the pre-infusion process. It has a myriad of astonishing features, including a 4-hole steam wand, programmable timers, and a dual manometer, among others.

              The control panel of this machine is user-friendly and thus ideal for beginners. Due to its boiler system, La Spaziale Vivaldi II allows you to brew espresso and froth and steam milk simultaneously, speeding up the drink-making process. La Spaziale Vivaldi II is easily programmable and provides 20 shot per hour output, making it the perfect espresso machine for small coffee shops.

              Constructed from durable stainless steel, La Spaziale Vivaldi II is notable for its design with its sleek plexi panels. The machine’s steel finishes are rust- and stain-resistant so you won’t spend too much time cleaning it.

              La Spaziale Vivaldi II has several prominent features that make it a great choice for small business:

              1. Dual manometer control system

                The machine’s front panel has its own dual manometers that ease the process of monitoring and adjusting output pressures. When you have an espresso machine with a dual manometer control system, you don’t have to purchase portafilters with pressure gauges. The dual manometers of La Spaziale Vivaldi II help you gauge the output pressure for the boiler and the pump alike.

                2. LED display

                  The control panel of La Spaziale Vivaldi II features an LED display, letting you easily control this machine’s processes and activities. It has 5 buttons that regulate and program a variety of features on this machine. LED display shows timer feature and temperature settings, allowing you to make a single degree incremental change.

                  The whole system is notable for its temperature accuracy and boasts a lowered delta design that aids in activating the heater as soon as a temperature drops. Therefore, the system ensures the better performance of the steam boiler.

                  3. Temperature regulation system

                    Speaking of temperature accuracy, La Spaziale Vivaldi II has a temperature regulation system that ensures a top-quality coffee extraction. The internal thermometers of the machine help monitor any temperature changes and enable the heater in case the temperature drops.

                    This temperature regulation system maintains both the steaming and brewing boilers working at a high capacity. Moreover, it aids in warding off problems with internal overheating. Not only does it critical for espresso extraction, but for the machine’s lifespan, too.

                    4. Dual boiler system

                      La Spaziale Vivaldi II has an upgraded dual boiler system, which means you can steam and brew simultaneously. This feature is usually present in more expensive espresso machines, so if you want to make espressos and lattes at the same time, the La Spaziale Vivaldi II machine is right for your business.

                      The system’s hot water boiler is about 1.2 liters and the brewing boiler is about 0.45 liters. Both boilers are strongly insulated, protecting the machine’s internal parts from heat damage. Additionally, the dual boiler system helps keep the boiler’s temperature under control.

                      5. Semi-automatic hot water delivery system

                        The hot water delivery during the espresso brewing process is important for small coffee shops. When you can’t splurge on a more expensive espresso machine, La Spaziale Vivaldi II is a win-win solution. It features a semi-automatic water delivery system that provides you instant access to steaming hot water just by pressing a single button.

                        6. Swiveling steam arm

                          The swiveling steam arm that La Spaziale Vivaldi II has is no-burn and covered with special insulation material, preventing the wand’s overheating. The wand’s tip has 4 holes (about 0.9 mm in size) for better steaming and smoother micro-foaming. The wand is made from stainless steel for simpler care and cleaning.

                          7. Commercial grade rotary pump

                            Many espresso machines are very noisy. La Spaziale Vivaldi II has a low noise level, making it an ideal choice for small business. The vibratory pump of the machine doesn’t cause a buzzing noise. Plus, this pump is characterized by built-in safety.

                            8. Professional portafilters

                              This machine is equipped with its own single and double portafilters that are 53 mm in size and have chrome plating. Both portafilters are professional and durable.

                              9. Direct plumbing connectivity

                                La Spaziale Vivaldi II is direct plumbing ready. There are instructions and parts that will help you easily connect the machine to a home water line. This feature saves you time as you don’t have to monitor and refill the reservoir or tank during the brewing process.

                                10. Cup warming tray

                                  Constructed from stainless steel, this espresso machine also acts like a cup warming tray. This feature might not seem to be crucial. However, it’s important if you are doing latte art.

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                                  4. La Cimbali M21 Junior Automatic

                                    La Cimbali M21 Junior Automatic

                                    The smallest commercial-grade espresso machine of La Cimbali, La Cimbali M21 Junior Automatic is an excellent option for small business. Despite the low volume output and restricted space at its disposal, this machine will help you brew incredible Italian-style espresso coffee.

                                    La Cimbali M21 Junior Automatic is a one-group automatic commercial espresso machine that boasts a variety of features and a modern stainless steel design. The machine is remarkable for its programmable volumetric dosing and a rotary pump. It’s quiet and thus won’t disturb or annoy your customers. It can direct drain into the drip tray and works on a 15 amp 110-volt circuit.

                                    La Cimbali M21 Junior Automatic has a new 3-hole steam tip, dual gauges, and passive pre-infusion, making it one of the best espresso machines for small business. The big warming shelf of the machine can accommodate 24 small cups.

                                    Some of the best features La Cimbali M21 Junior Automatic has to offer include:

                                    1. Adjustable feet

                                      The feet of La Cimbali M21 Junior can be individually adjusted in height. When extended halfway, they provide nearly 1½ inches of clearance for the outgoing drain and the incoming water connection while keeping the machine’s height to less than 17 inches.

                                      2. Passive pre-infusion

                                        By holding any button on the machine’s display for a couple of seconds you’ll activate a pre-infusion mode. If you want to make espresso without pre-infusion, simply press and release any button.

                                        3. Retractable "skirts"

                                          The tiny retractable "skirts" on the water tap and rubber-dimpled steam knobs close the space between the knob’s back and the faceplate of the machine. The brass valve along with its stem is invisible whether the knob is wide open or fully tightened down. This means, no splashes can get away from the faceplate.

                                          While this option might not be needed for home use, it’s critical for a commercial venue. The retractable “skirts” ensure easier maintenance and a more efficient brewing process.


                                          If you’re on the lookout for a contemporary look, accuracy, and consistency in delivery, then be sure you're looking at the La Cimbali M21 Junior Automatic machine. It’s perfect for small coffee shops with extremely demanding customers.

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                                          5. Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine

                                            Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine

                                            Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine is the ideal machine for those looking for simple yet efficient machinery suitable for small coffee shop chains that have a lot of customers or are going to grow into something bigger than just a small coffee shop. This machine is innovative and known for its proven reliability in the kitchen.

                                            Crafted to astonish both baristas and visitors, the Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group machine will help you make top-quality espresso and other drinks for an unforgettable sensory experience. The machine is constructed from stainless steel, this machine is easy to use for novice and professional baristas alike.

                                            The machine is automatic and thus lets you program the needed volumes and pull espresso shots at those volumes during the day. You won’t have to monitor each shot, giving you time to start another order or interact with a customer.

                                            The Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group machine features two separate group heads. Every grouphead has its own set of controls, ensuring faster service during peak hours. The bigger mobility is allowed due to 2 steam lances. You can select the ideal option for a particular coffee beverage thanks to manual and volumetric dosing.

                                            If you’re a novice barista who has poor tamping skills, the Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group machine will fix your mistakes.  It comes with 2 steam wands and features a soft infusion system that optimizes tamping for the best quality espresso possible.

                                            This automatic espresso machine needs a 220V electrical connection and includes a simple push-pull steam system. The water source requires direct connection, easing the entire brewing process.

                                            Some of the most prominent features of Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group include:

                                            1. Bigger pre-infusion chamber

                                              Soft pre-infusion ensures better extraction, enhancing its consistency and flavor. The bigger pre-infusion chamber helps to delay the saturation period before the intensive pump pressure is achieved.

                                              2. Easy programming

                                                The responsive push buttons offer easy programming. The buttons are above the group head so you can choose to make a short single or double shot or a long single or double long shot. With a manual button, you can select the way you want to brew your espresso.

                                                3. Higher group heads

                                                  Lots of espresso machines have a low cup capacity for espresso mugs and regular shot glasses. The Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group machine boasts a tall glass capacity, making it a great espresso machine for small businesses that offer cups to-go.

                                                  4. Direct connect water line with the drain

                                                    If you’ve ever seen an espresso machine broken because of an empty water tank, you’ll fall in love with Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group. This machine can be connected directly to a water source and drain. Not only will this feature help your machine serve you longer, but it will also keep you away from non-stop refilling and monitoring overflowing drip trays.

                                                    5. Push-pull system

                                                      This system is used for hot water or steam. For steam, tap the lever upwards to provide small bursts of steam, keeping the downwards position locked in. For hot water, you need to push the lever down to begin to stream and then stop by pulling it up.


                                                      When it comes to the Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Group espresso machine, a price tag is something that can stop you from purchasing it. If you can afford to buy this machine, don’t hesitate to do it. The features it has are unique and they make a barista’s job easier, helping you attract and serve more customers during the day.

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                                                      6. Wega Polaris Standard 1-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

                                                        Wega Polaris Standard 1-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

                                                        Smash out some delicious espresso with the Wega Polaris Standard 1-Group Commercial Espresso Machine. It has heat exchange and is traditionally shaped and totally reliable. Wega Polaris machines are notable for their durability, volumetric controls, auto cleaning cycle, shot timers, and simple maintenance.

                                                        If you’re looking for a super reliable espresso machine, Wega Polaris Standard 1-Group will wow you with its lifespan. This beautifully designed machine can become a functional centerpiece in your coffee shop. It’s an ideal cost-friendly option, which is capable of producing top-quality espresso drinks while also letting you keep up with a huge volume of customers.

                                                        The Wega Polaris Standard 1-Group Commercial Espresso Machine is compact yet is packed with impressive technology and tons of incredible features, such as:

                                                        • High-quality manual brewing buttons;
                                                        • Customizable 4 programmable doses per group;
                                                        • The automatic group cleaning cycle;
                                                        • Hot water tap that includes programmable electronic dosing;
                                                        • Automatic water level control and boiler filling;
                                                        • A stainless steel steam wand that includes slide lever control tap;
                                                        • Illuminated touchpads;
                                                        • Manual override brew selection;
                                                        • Temperature stabilized groups;
                                                        • Standard group height;
                                                        • Steam knob in joystick or lever-style;
                                                        • Pre-infusion system;
                                                        • The heat exchange system;
                                                        • Standard matt texture rear and black side panels;
                                                        • Removable drip tray;
                                                        • Cup warmer on top.

                                                        The Wega Polaris Standard 1-Group Commercial Espresso Machine is ideal for those who are looking to buy a professional espresso machine without draining their budget.  The machine runs off a plug socket. The drip’s tray waste water might be connected to drain via a pipe to waste container under the counter or a waste upright.

                                                        Despite all the features and options, this Wega Polaris’ machine has to offer, it’s compact and perfect for small coffee shops. Besides delicious espresso, it aids in making a variety of coffee drinks, including cappuccinos, Americano, and lattes. It’s critical to use top-quality coffee beans, though.

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                                                        7. La Pavoni BAR-T 2V Volumetric 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

                                                          La Pavoni BAR-T 2V Volumetric 2-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

                                                          The La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group is a commercial espresso machine, which can instantly boost the efficiency of your small business. Being able to keep up with the busiest amount of traffic, this modern espresso machine can produce consistently ideal shots of coffee with a breeze.

                                                          Due to its temperature stability and volumetric dosing, the La Pavoni Bar T 2V machine is an ideal option for small to medium coffee shops focused on increasing espresso sales. It’s constructed for speed and quality and meets the financial needs of novice entrepreneurs.

                                                          This machine has two groups with an independent radiator hydraulic system. The chance of group dripping is reduced to a minimum thanks to the pressurization system and vertical infusion chamber.

                                                          The La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine has a plethora of features, including:

                                                          1. The heat-efficient 14-liter copper boiler

                                                            The La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine features a huge copper boiler that can help you make up to 200 drinks during the day. If you’re trying to expand your small business, investing in this espresso machine would be a smart decision. 

                                                            The 14-liter boiler is made from copper and therefore is heat-efficient. Plus, it has some antimicrobial properties to fight bacteria. It’s rust-proof and iron-free. When considering the machine’s price, the La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine is excellent in terms of quality and output.

                                                            2. Two chrome-plated and press-forged brass groups

                                                              Oftentimes, small businesses need more efficiency in order to stand out from the hundreds of bigger coffee shops. The La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine has two chrome-plated and press-forged brass groups, which allow you to produce several drink orders at the same time.

                                                              We live in a world where people appreciate the time and don’t want to waste it waiting for a cup of their favorite coffee drinks. Fast yet excellent service helps you attract more customers and build your own loyal customer base.

                                                              3. Independent radiator hydraulic system

                                                                The variable temperature pockets affect the performance of any type of coffee machine and tend to drastically reduce the quality of the espresso. That’s why it’s crucially important to control water temperature in the espresso machine.

                                                                The La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine is equipped with an independent radiator hydraulic system. This system is responsible for circulating the water in the boiler. It ensures stable water temperature, keeping the quality of espresso as high as possible.

                                                                4. A direct feed to a water line

                                                                  Whether you have a lot of customers or just a few people to serve during the day, investing in the most efficient espresso machine should still be your priority. The last thing you want to do when your customers are waiting for their drinks is to stop the machine, check the water reservoir, and refill it. Not only will you waste your time, but you’re more likely to lose your customers as well.

                                                                  The La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine features a direct water feed. Direct plumbing provides the automated water refilling and non-stop performance of your espresso machine.

                                                                  5. A free water softener

                                                                    A water softener helps eliminate magnesium and calcium ions from hard water. It helps improve the taste of your espresso as well as protect the machine from limescale damage. The La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine includes a free water softener in order to meet maintenance requirements for warranty.

                                                                    6. Volumetric dosing

                                                                      This feature is particularly important for novice baristas, albeit professional ones can also benefit from this option. The La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine is programmed with certain water volume measurements to ensure each espresso shot is extracted based on those specifications. This means your customers will enjoy one and the same drink each time they visit your coffee shop.


                                                                      These are just a few of the best features the La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine boasts. Other features are an internal electric motor, one single or two double shot portafilters, spring taps, mounted gauge that aids in monitoring boiler pressure, an anti-vacuum valve that stops liquids from back-flushing into the steam wand, etc.

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                                                                      8. Synesso MVP Hydra 1-Group Espresso Machine

                                                                        Synesso MVP Hydra 1-Group Espresso Machine

                                                                        Synesso has been making lots of coffee enthusiasts worldwide happier by producing fantastic espresso machines. Being in the tune of modern technology and innovation, Synesso is famous for designing the most responsive, dependable, and user-friendly coffee-related equipment on the market. Synesso MVP Hydra 1-Group Espresso Machine is one of those handcrafted machines that offer quality performance and stylish design.

                                                                        The price bites yet it deserves its place on the list of the best espresso machines for small business. The features of this machine are unbelievably unique, making the espresso brewing process easier and the drinks tastier.

                                                                        Synesso MVP Hydra 1-Group Espresso Machine offers more ways to simultaneously enhance repeatability and control in espresso making due to the tools provided by the MVP. The machine features water count control, universal group heads with changeable brew modes, new standard timer displays, six program positions per group. Moreover, this machine allows you to take your espresso recipes to the next level by enabling as many programs as you need.

                                                                        The original Synesso Hydra espresso machine was crafted to figure out the impact of the pressure on espresso extraction.  The water inlet system was redesigned to add separate motors and pumps per group. Therefore, every group has its own independent brewing system. This means a barista can handle multiple orders simultaneously – even during the busiest hours.

                                                                        There are 4 programmable stages of pressure profiling, including Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Full Pressure (9 bar extraction), and Pre-infusion. A barista can set any or all of these stages to increase the texture and acids of your espresso. Each of these stages provides a greater opportunity to control espresso shots and also provides a barista with the opportunity to get the most of any certain roast profile.

                                                                        The new timer display is larger but doesn’t function as a digital shot timer anymore. Now you can see which brew mode you are in and the program position you’re running. It’s also possible to monitor every pressure stage of your drink via a recently developed brew graph.

                                                                        Synesso MVP Hydra 1-Group Espresso Machine’s features include:

                                                                        • Adaptable total water count;
                                                                        • 4 magnet flow meters for better accuracy;
                                                                        • Individual lower side panel for quick access in case of repair;
                                                                        • Innovative timer display;
                                                                        • Modern low profile brew handles;
                                                                        • 4 stage pressure ramping;
                                                                        • Black nickel accents;
                                                                        • Separate motor and pump per group;
                                                                        • Interchangeable brewing functions, such as M, MP, and VP;
                                                                        • A convenient drain tray that’s easy to remove;
                                                                        • Water-resistant cup warming tray;
                                                                        • Safari rack;
                                                                        • Wired handheld display;
                                                                        • Automatic backflush option;
                                                                        • Exceptional stainless steel steam tips;
                                                                        • Ergonomic lever-operated steam handles;
                                                                        • Cool touch steam wand;
                                                                        • Programmable PIEZO hot water tap;
                                                                        • Removable heat exchangers for easy cleaning, maintenance, replacement, or repair;
                                                                        • Mirror polished digital shot timer;
                                                                        • Programmable pre-infusion option;
                                                                        • Group head with no-wear parts;
                                                                        • Programmable temperature for each group head;
                                                                        • Separate brew boilers.

                                                                        Besides these astonishing features, Synesso MVP Hydra 1-Group Espresso Machine astonishes its owners with its fantastic design and durability. This machine is also helpful for those who are trying to expand their small business as it aids in producing high-quality espresso drinks.

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                                                                        The Different Types of Espresso Machines for Small Business

                                                                        Before you make your final choice, it’s useful to know the types of espresso machines and the features of each of them. Small businesses don’t require extremely expensive machines.

                                                                        A semi-automatic or even manual machine can help you thrive and grow. If you have a small coffee shop in a big city, automatic and super-automatic espresso machines might be required. Here are the 4 most popular espresso machines, which are used by small coffee shop owners:

                                                                        1. Manual espresso machine

                                                                          A manual espresso machine, also called a lever machine, isn’t as popular as automatic ones, yet it can be used to attract picky coffee lovers. With a manual machine, you should grind, tamp, pressure, and perform other processes manually. When you start a small coffee business on a budget, you can gain more customers without spending a dime. The key is to learn how to use a manual machine properly.

                                                                          2. Semi-automatic espresso machine

                                                                            This machine uses a manual pump rather than a manual pressurized force. It simply heats the water and pumps it through. Many small businesses choose semi-automatic machines because of their budget-friendly price tags and functionality.

                                                                            3. Automatic espresso machine

                                                                              There are situations where small coffee shops have a bigger customer flow throughout the day than the bigger ones. In order to handle that flow, you might need an automatic espresso machine. It functions faster than manual and semi-automatic machines. However, an automatic machine can be costly. Plus, there are still some processes that you should perform manually like grinding and tamping.

                                                                              4. Super-automatic machine

                                                                                Small coffee shops rarely have super-automatic espresso machines, but if you can splurge, why not? This machine does everything for you – grinding, tamping, extraction, etc. All you should do is just fill the bean hopper.


                                                                                What to Know Before Choosing an Espresso Machine for Small Business

                                                                                There are many things to consider when choosing an espresso machine for a small coffee shop. When compiling this list of the best espresso machines for small business, we’ve taken some of the major ones:

                                                                                1. Power

                                                                                  Each espresso machine runs on a particular volt range so it’s critical to find out what your coffee shop is capable of running. You don’t want to leave your customers without their favorite drink just because your coffee machine stops working in the middle of the process. The majority of espresso machines run on a 208V to 240V range. Ensure you power yours in the right voltage.

                                                                                  2. Boiler

                                                                                    Choosing an espresso machine with a single boiler seems to be the most advantageous decision. While it’s cheaper than the machine with two boilers, it can’t brew and steam at the same time. If you need to speed up the brewing process, look for the machine with two boilers.

                                                                                    3. Espresso faucet (a group head)

                                                                                      This is the area in which the drink leaves the espresso machine, filling the cup. The more faucets, the more customers you can serve. The machine with one group head isn’t the best choice even for small coffee shops. If you’re planning to just open a small coffee shop, you can consider the machine with one group head like Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group or Wega Polaris Standard 1-Group Commercial Espresso Machine.

                                                                                      4. Size

                                                                                        Check out your counter space and find out the dimensions for your future espresso machine. Try to have enough counter space for the machine with at least two group heads. If you have little space, consider compact models like Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group. Have more space? The La Pavoni BAR-T 2V Volumetric 2-Group machine might be something you want.

                                                                                        5. Capacity

                                                                                          The capacity of your espresso machine should meet the scale of your small business. The machine’s capacity is determined by the size of the boiler and the number of group heads. If you serve hundreds of to-go cups each day, it’s better to opt for the machine with two group heads like La Pavoni Bar T 2V Volumetric 2-Group or Casadio Undici A 2-Group Compact.

                                                                                          6. Maintenance

                                                                                            The last thing you want to do when opening or growing your small business is spend your time on maintenance. The ideal espresso machine for small business should be easy to use and maintain. Cleaning it shouldn’t take a lot of time and effort and repair shouldn’t cost a fortune. All the above espresso machines are low maintenance yet they’re known for their durability and high performance. 

                                                                                            The final word

                                                                                            Running a small business is tricky – especially when you have a restricted budget or space. One of the major tools in your coffee business is an espresso machine. It can either break or make the workflow of your business.

                                                                                            With a wide range of espresso machines available on the market these days, the choice might be really difficult. The aforementioned espresso machines boast features that meet the requirements of small business so each of them can help you flourish, attracting more customers.

                                                                                            However, there are certain things to consider before making your final choice. Your budget and the number of loyal or random customers play a critical role. Once you figure out how many people you'll be serving espresso shots to, you'll have to find out what kind of budget you’re going to work with. Plus, you’ll know which model of the espresso machine to purchase in order to meet your specific requirements.

                                                                                            For all of your espresso and coffee needs, be sure to check out

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