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The 5 Best 1-Group Espresso Machines You Can Buy

best 1 group espresso machine

Coffee isn’t simply a beverage to us; it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re launching a new cafe, running a large volume roaster, or simply adding espresso serving to your present retail job, you’ll need to have an espresso machine that can consistently produce excellent coffee at high numbers.

Espresso has a tremendous allure that can capture you like no other coffee but creating it at home without a professional espresso machine to give it that barista touch might be difficult.

Furthermore, if you don’t do your research, you can end up with a mediocre espresso machine that produces lousy beverages, ruining the espresso roast you acquired explicitly for this purpose.

Because the espresso machine is the backbone of most modern cafés, it’s no wonder that selecting one for a retail location may be daunting for both beginners and seasoned coffee professionals alike.

If you are looking for the best espresso machine for your small business or home, a one-group espresso machine could be ideal for your needs.

One-group or single-group machines are usually less expensive and let you concentrate on one cup at the moment. In this guide, we will show you the most incredible single-group espresso machines on the market.

How do you determine which commercial coffee maker is best when so many terrific ones are on the market?

We’ll go over some key variables to consider, show you a selection of commercial machines, and ultimately leave you feeling confident in your ability to choose the proper equipment for whatever journey you’re on.

Best 1-Group Espresso Machines

1.    Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1-Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 1 Group Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine

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Nuova Simonelli is the firm behind the famed Aurelia coffee, which is regarded as one of the greatest in the world. Nuova Simonelli designed the Appia 1-group machines to have most of the desired attributes in a more basic, cost-effective packaging.

This machine would be ideal for serious coffee connoisseurs seeking a reliable espresso maker for their house because of its high performance in a tiny package. It provides exceptional value in terms of performance and cost.

The Appia 1-Group volumetric is a desirable alternative for those searching for a high-quality machine for a limited practical scale such as a modest café, tiny restaurant, or culinary business.

It’s built around a steel heat exchanger boiler and a rotary pump. This helps to extract espresso and warm milk simultaneously, which is essential in a busy commercial setting. The device comes with one, two, or three group heads and boiler capacities of 5, 11, and 15 liters.

This model is best suited for a lower-margin business where decent espresso is a beautiful bonus, but coffee isn’t the focus. The Soft Infusion System is included in every Appia Life model. The grounds are gently wetted by this low-pressure infusion, which causes them to settle consistently.

The pre-infusion chamber has been increased in size in the most recent update, extending the saturation duration. The SIS has the advantage of minimizing the necessity of leveling and tamping, which further eliminates the chances of making mistakes.

Nuova Simonelli has revamped the Appia with intuitive, responsive push buttons that make programming a breeze. Users can choose between a single, double or long shot, using the buttons above the group head.

Most espresso machines have a typical cup capacity, which means the group head is small enough only to fit a shot glass or a coffee cup. Nuova Simonelli has created a high group head to fit taller cups, which is an excellent feature if you’re making coffee to carry with you.

Every foam is perfected and consistent, thanks to the auto smart steam system. Even the most inexperienced users may generate a flawlessly silky froth for dairy beverages using the auto function. When the desired temperature is reached, steam is automatically switched off.

In addition, the wand is highly thermo-insulated to avoid the growth of dry burnt milk from encountering the rod when steaming.

The Appia’s standout feature is its simplicity of use. Notably, the volumetric versions are practically flawless to use, but the entire series has several valuable features built specifically for baristas.

The machine is fitted with an ergonomic push-pull steam technology to ensure that you are providing the best quality espresso to your consumers. It’s never been easier to make the perfect decaf latte!

The inclusion of a reverse mirror is both clever and straightforward. This ingenious design incorporates an inclined mirror behind the drip tray, allowing you to view a shot from underneath without having to bend forward.

When you’re producing hundreds of rounds each day, simple ergonomic enhancements like these can make a significant impact.

The Appia does not have a built-in water tank because it is a piece of commercial equipment. Instead, you’ll need to connect it to a water supply and a drainage system. This takes pretty good care of the day-to-day water distribution, so it’s ideal for a busy coffee house.

However, only the Volumetric model has an automated backflushing system, which is important for cleaning. This must be done manually in the Semi-Automatic model. Therefore, when determining which model to buy, this element of convenience is worth considering.

Overall, the economical Nuova Simonelli Appia Life is a good option if you’re searching for a straightforward and ecologically responsible espresso machine for your company, coffee shop, or home.

With additional volumetric controls and automated milk frothing, the model removes the guessing out of making great and consistent espresso.

2.    La Cimbali Junior Casa 1-Group Espresso Machine

La Cimbali DT1 Junior Casa Espresso Machine

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The Junior DT1 is a gorgeous steel home espresso machine made in Italy by the country’s leading espresso machine manufacturer and bundled with elevated brewing characteristics. This well-made, attractive classic would look great in any expert’s house or even a coffee shop.

The Junior DT1 features a stunning stainless exterior shell that complements black marble, integrates with other steel gadgets, and accommodates under conventional cabinet widths of 17 3/4”.

This machine has many new features, such as active pre-infusion, dual meters, and a new three-hole steaming tip with small openings that make it easy to create a beautiful micro-foam even if using small amounts of milk.

The pump that comes with the Junior Casa DT1 is one of its most notable characteristics. It’s an industrial-grade rotary compressor of exceptional quality.

Rotary pumps are not only more robust but also calmer than vibrating pumps. With the touch of a button, you can make uniform espresso shots.

In addition, the customizable volumetric dosing mechanism allows you to regulate the number of espressos made each time precisely.

An easy pre-infusion system is one of the changes on the most recent edition of this machine.

The device can be switched into pre-infusion mode by simply holding any screen button for 2 seconds. By pushing and releasing any button once you’ve finished making the drink, you may effortlessly move it out of the pre-infusion state.

The manual brewing controls allow you to get the right amount of coffee and milk.

Moreover, the exterior of the machine features LED-lit panels, making it easier for you to make coffee at night. The options are visible and easy to use, which means that even an inexperienced barista can handle this model with confidence.

The steam tip is another major update on the Junior Casa DT1. It has tiny holes, making micro-foam creation easier. The steam wand allows you to work in whichever posture is most convenient for you.

The espresso machine consists of two 58 mm portafilters, either single or double, making brewing the perfect coffee cup much easier and safer!

For fluid intake, this machine is a straight, plumb-only unit. Immediate plumbing eliminates the need to refill and clean a water tank regularly, making the process of preparing your daily beverages much more flawless. The unit features a drain tray, but you can attach it to a drain if your facility or house setup allows.

The machine has four customizable volumetric dosing touchpads that accurately administer each ingredient. You will detect each element when you’re sipping on any espresso that this model produces. As a result, it’s sure to become a favorite in your family.

The La Cimbali Junior is an espresso connoisseur’s dream machine and one of the greatest household espresso machines available. Your money will not be wasted with a plethora of ergonomic amenities and the most excellent pricing.

3.    Victoria Arduino E1 Prima 1-Group Volumetric Espresso Machine

Victoria Arduino E1 Prima 1 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine

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Prima is a newly designed means of obtaining and savoring espresso coffee. It’s for baristas who want to start a coffee business, roasters who want to identify and deliver a relaxing coffee experience to their customers, and the entire international coffee fraternity.

A versatile and diverse coffee machine that introduces a whole fresh idea of drinking and experiencing coffee describes it at best.

Thanks to its modest size and high-end capabilities, the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima is more than simply a residential machine for coffee experts or aficionados.

It is a sustainable option that evaluates the machine’s effects on the environment regarding energy and cost savings. Victoria Arduino’s New Engine Optimization (NEO) system is used, a unique way of heating the water for coffee extraction.

The machine has a small stainless-steel boiler. Users may harvest espressos and boil milk without losing ground at either end because it is distinct from the NEO technology.

New and enhanced ergonomic controls manage this electrical steam-by-wire operation. It keeps high-pressure levels so that more dry and saturated steam may be produced with a higher power ratio, resulting in better cup quality.

The E1 Prima includes an interface that reveals shot time to regulate the extraction, but Victoria Arduino has also designed a mobile app to manage the settings. Users may control the temperature, pre-wet the coffee, program the flow rate, and view the application’s extraction time.

The app allows users to create recipes, exchange them with others, and set recipes their brewer or barista recommends. The app may also be used as a recipe-sharing tool by navigating to the Victoria Arduino app’s ‘Cloud Recipe’ page.

A lever on the machine allows you to control the extraction pump pressure manually. Customers can then extract a shot at their desired pressure. The configured pressure is displayed on the app.

The presence of two steam tips – the WBC variant with wide holes for rapid steaming of vast quantities of milk, and the smaller-holed steam tip is excellent for heating lesser amounts of milk, such as for a solitary cappuccino or latte.

Prima presents a rapid heating method that necessitates lesser amounts and, as a result, shorter boilers because the water is only heated as needed.

The variant can heat water swiftly and efficiently with this technology, resulting in increased energy conservation. In addition, the boilers have much smaller capacities and are sealed to prevent energy dispersal.

The Easy Cream, a handy mechanism that substitutes one or more of your manual steam controls with a button, is another new feature of this machine. The barista may program the temperature and thickness of the milk using the integrated compressor, resulting in a more uniform drink with less scorched milk.

In contrast to other machines in its class, the Prima 1-Group comes with an electronic steam lever.

With a tension of up to 2.5 bar and a high power, the device allows great steam dispensing flexibility. In addition, the equipment ensures improved high-quality dry and soaked steam generation to create an outstanding milk cream quickly.

This is a machine that appears to test a few limits in terms of size and performance. The colors are vibrant, and several elements, such as the steam wand location and brew head settings, appear to have been designed with real-world practicality in mind.

E1 Prima strikes a balance between decorative and practical features with an appeal to scientific research and innovation. The final product is a complete artistic creation and a user experience marked by simplicity and great extraction capacity.

4.    La Spaziale Vivaldi II Espresso Machine

La Spaziale Vivaldi II Espresso Machine

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The Vivaldi II, La Spaziale’s best-selling home espresso machine, is loaded with features and created with the most discerning home espresso connoisseurs in mind. If you’re searching for a single-group, dual boiler espresso machine with stellar showing and a stylish design, this could be the solution for you.

For a trendy design, the Vivaldi II is comprised of robust stainless steel and elegant Plexi panels. This machine is available in both red and black.

The steel coatings are long-lasting and rust-resistant, making them simple to clean and maintain. The exterior elements, such as the device’s steam wand, are also composed of stainless steel.

While the machine is equipped with capabilities that cater to business customers, it is small enough to fit in most residential kitchens.

In addition, this appliance has a simple control center on the front that is straightforward to use. On the Vivaldi II, five unique buttons can operate and configure various functionalities.

The machine’s entire system was built with temperature precision in mind, and it includes a lowered delta design that turns on the heat when the temperature drops by half a degree Celsius. It helps in maintaining temperature consistently during the machine’s operation, resulting in improved steam boiler operation.

The equipment is fitted with a dual boiler system that is state-of-the-art technology. Because of the design of these boilers, customers can brew and steam simultaneously with just one unit.

The hot water boiler holds around 1.2 liters, while the brewing boiler holds 0.45 liters. In addition, each boiler in this arrangement is well-insulated, preventing heat damage to the machine’s integral components.

An automated hot water delivery mechanism is provided for home users who want to make their cafe espresso beverages or hot cocoa drinks. Users will be able to receive boiling hot water with the click of a button.

This espresso maker for household use comes with a swiveling steam arm. The arm is coated to prevent the wand from overheating and is manufactured using the firm’s no scorch design.

The end of this steaming wand has four 0.9 mm pores for excellent steaming performance and the ability to make a perfect micro-foam easily.

Vivaldi II includes its own set of professional portafilters. These brass portafilters have a chromium finish and are built to last.

It also consists of a premium rotary pump as standard equipment. While this machine is being used, the rotational pump enables a quieter operation.

This high-capacity home espresso machine is pre-wired for direct plumbing connection. The materials and directions needed to connect this gadget directly to a residential water line are included in the unit. This eliminates the need for small storage tanks and reservoirs to be refilled during the espresso-making process.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of direct piping, the tiny version with an installed reservoir is a good option. The Mini Vivaldi can be customized. You can set single or double shots based on your chosen volume, which is functionality not seen on most micro espresso makers on the market now.

After you’ve programmed the compact Vivaldi II, all you need to do is click the single or double shot button, pick a magazine and let it work its magic.

Each La Spaziale machine comes with a thorough, full-color handbook to help users learn the game and get started experimenting.

The Vivaldi II has a built-in security thermostat to prevent overheating and fault diagnosis notifications for easy troubleshooting, which we appreciate because nothing is more annoying than not being able to make a cappuccino on desire.

This machine was designed for small-scale business use, but it turns out that the same attributes that make it ideal for a coffee cart also make it suitable for home chefs!

The machine pulls you up to succeed with its accommodating 53mm baskets and proportional shot buttons. It’s one of our favorite machines because it offers the best of both worlds – performance and practicality.

5.    Faema E61 Jubile 1-Group Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

Faema E61 Jubile 1-Group Automatic Commercial Espresso Machine

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You can find Faema’s products in some of the world’s most prominent venues. Many specialists have used these machines for over 50 years. The secret to Faema’s popularity may be attributed to complete durability and cutting-edge technology.

Most espresso makers came with a handle and piston system that needed a lot of power and skill to dispense a cup of coffee prior to the E61. With its installed volumetric pump, the Faema E61 completely changed the equation.

Faema substituted the lever mechanism with a volume pump, which ensured that the water maintained the right 9-atmospheric pressure throughout the extraction without any manual work. This was the characteristic that set coffee machines apart and made them widely available.

An automated boiler filling mechanism is also included with the design. This is critical for different reasons.

Espresso machines require both hot and boiling water for the brew and the steam wand. Fluctuating water temperatures can occur if the water level dips too low or there isn’t enough hot water.

The espresso machine’s automated boiler filling mechanism ensures that there is always enough water in the boiler to provide a constant flow of steam for your frothed and hot milk. Because no two coffee grinds are alike, they require a different extraction technique to bring out their most fabulous flavor.

To extract their maximum taste, some kinds of coffee require a higher temperature, while others require a lower temperature. Therefore, with the E61, Faema includes a temperature balancing system.

This gives you more freedom in terms of coffee extraction. If you have different group heads, you can configure them to use varying water temperatures and, as a result, produce the best brew for the coffee you’re using.

Aside from the technical advantages, the E61 is also appealing to the eye. It has a vintage vibe to it and is designed in a retro style.

It does, however, have a solid construction that will last you for years or even decades. The body is created entirely of stainless steel, with some backlighting for a stylish appearance.

Moreover, the pre-infusion mechanism in the E61 Legend promotes efficient extraction when it relates to the aroma features of the espresso by extending the time available between the water and the coffee beans before extraction.

The way things work is that you press the lever halfway after you’ve connected the group head to the coffee beans. This permits some water to enter the coffee tank inside the group head, allowing the coffee to be thoroughly soaked. This lengthens the duration the coffee is in contact with the hot water.

The E61 additionally includes two pressure gauges, one for controlling boiler pressure and the other for controlling pump pressure. While using the steam or draining your espresso brew, this enables you to keep a consistent temperature.

Because the E61 has a heat exchanger mechanism, you must cleanse the system to control the temperature. Aside from that, the pressure gauges help explore various brews.

Overall, the E61 is an excellent instrument for enhancing your coffee enthusiasm. It’s also a terrific alternative for individuals who want a more hands-on approach to brewing and appreciate becoming more engaged in the process.

Ultimately, one thing is sure: It can create a fantastic shot of espresso, whether for a Macchiato or a cappuccino. It has a rich history, which contributes to its allure, as well as a great structure.

Things to Consider When Buying an Espresso Machine

For those who wish to enjoy coffee in several ways, an espresso machine provides several alternatives. While the promise of an energizing morning espresso or a relaxing afternoon Mocha is alluring, buying an espresso machine will probably be intimidating.

Here are some important traits and features to consider when purchasing a machine that is right for you.

Type of Machine

espresso machine

There are four primary types of machines on the market today: semi-automatic, manual, super-automatic, and completely automatic. Selecting one of them can assist you in narrowing your search.

Manual machines aren’t popular today as they are more difficult to operate than most machines available today.

Semi-automatic espresso machines introduced electronic pumps to instruments, resulting in steady water pressure, and have since become the most extensively used traditional espresso maker.

Completely automatic machines are like semi-automatic machines, but they feature an electric nanny that regulates the amount of water that runs through the espresso.

Super-automatic espresso machines come with all the frills and conveniences, but they are on the more expensive side of the scale.


Espresso machines are available at different prices depending on a number of factors. In some premium models, for instance, you spend more on durability and quality control. The higher price is sometimes attributed to the added features.

Sometimes, you trade price for convenience, and you pay for a stronger coffee that takes a few minutes to prepare that morning cuppa. Some high-end models come with all the bells and whistles to take your coffee brewing experience to the next level.

But, if you don’t drink a lot of coffee and only need a simple machine for home use, those might not be a good option. Instead, a low-end model would serve the main purpose of making coffee without putting a dent in your wallet.

It is up to you to select the most suitable espresso machine for the budget you have set forth.


Several of the espresso machines are enormous. If your kitchen is small, it can be hard to find a suitable location without jeopardizing the accessibility of another kitchen appliance.

Many larger models can produce multiple espresso shots at once or have other useful features, which may make the extra space worthwhile. You must consider the size carefully and make sure that the machine fits in your space before you decide to invest in it.


It isn’t practical if you wind up with a simplistic design that is tough to clean. When purchasing an espresso machine, consider what servicing entails so you can estimate how long the process will take.

The more features and elements a machine boasts, the more time it would take to clean it.

Customer Service

The majority of espresso machines last long. You would want them to work well for years, and you may have to get in touch with customer support for upkeep.

When it comes to reviews, keep an eye out for customers’ queries, complaints, and experience with leading manufacturers. Then, after properly inspecting everything, make your choice.  

Final Verdict

Espresso machines can be an ideal choice for any homeowner or café owner who wants to remove the hassle of making coffee. People generally associate espresso with luxury, which means that serving it can improve your image in the eyes of clients.

With a high-end espresso machine in your arsenal, you won’t have to wait too long to make up a cup of coffee, nor will it require any extra effort on your part. All you will have to do is press the buttons on the machine, and it’ll take care of everything for you.

This detailed guide provides information about some of the best one-group espresso machines currently available in the market. The ball is in your court now.

Consider your needs and budget before you make the final decision to ensure that you don’t regret it later. Choosing one of the models listed above will guarantee that you get a reliable machine that allows you to prepare coffee with ease.

Check out for all of your espresso machine and coffee equipment needs!

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